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  1. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=711764 

    This is the review I did.  I LOVED being back on Carnival again. Last year I did a Cunard cruise around Japan which I loved.  It was a totally different crowd and feel.  Cunard was a mostly older Japanese couple cruise.  Not a single night of loud music on the deck.  There was loud music constantly on Carnival.

    Sharing some pictures of the incredible food I had. 








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  2. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=711764 

    This is the review I did.  I LOVED being back on Carnival again. Last year I did a Cunard cruise around Japan which I loved.  It was a totally different crowd and feel.  Cunard was a mostly older Japanese couple cruise.  Not a single night of loud music on the deck.  There was loud music constantly on Carnival.

    Sharing some pictures of the incredible food I had. 


    IMG_6643.HEIC IMG_6642.HEIC IMG_6631.HEIC IMG_6598.HEIC IMG_6533.HEIC IMG_6502.HEIC IMG_6488.HEIC

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  3. 7 hours ago, deladane said:

    It only took about 10 minutes for everyone to take their photos, then we were on our way around to the Pacific Ocean side of Cabo.




    The middle rock was the backside of Scooby Doo:




    We went around the corner to see Divorce Beach.  It was much longer than Lover’s Beach, but also much less crowded.  Looking closely, we could see off to the far right side where there was a break in the rocks and the sand connected back to Lover’s Beach.




    A view of the arch from the Pacific side:




    Jupiter said lots of famous people have stayed at this hotel, and he named a few people but I don’t remember who he said.  I should have taken better notes!




    The pictures of the rocks are gorgeous!!  I won't do that excursions but glad to live through you 🙂 


  4. On 1/12/2024 at 9:49 AM, deladane said:

    We had 10 minutes to kill before they opened the doors to the MDR, so we found a couch in the lobby to sit and watch the patterns on the funnel.  I loved this feature of the atrium and looked forward to seeing what new designs and themes it had each time we passed through.








    At 5:30pm, the doors opened for dinner, and tons of people walked in, so I guess they got the memo about the earlier dinner time.  We still had the shared table assigned in the Hub app, so one of the waiters greeting us as we entered the lobby escorted us to the table and we met our assigned table mates.  It was an older couple and their middle-aged daughter, and they said they thought they were sitting with the rest of their family.  I’m guessing they didn’t know to link their dinner reservations because obviously they were assigned to different tables.  I went back to the Maitre’D, and this time there was a different man there.  I explained our situation and he looked at his screen for a minute and found us a new table.  I’m not sure why no one did that for us earlier in the afternoon to avoid the awkwardness of going to our original table, but oh well.  One of the waiters escorted us to our new table, all the way at the back of the dining room, right near the doors to the midship elevators.  It was one of the dreaded long banquettes where the tables are all inches apart from each other, and they pushed all the tables closer together to squeeze Ian’s high chair to the side of our tiny table for 2.  The table next to us was 2 tables for 2 pushed together, which would be enough space for 4 people, but they had 3 chairs along the outside of the table, making it a table for 5 people.  The waiter looked at it and said no, that is the wrong way to set their table, and he pulled one of the 3 chairs to the far side of the table, thus needing to push the other tables down on that side of the banquette even closer together because now both Ian and one of the people from their table had to fit in the space normally used for walking between the tables to sit on the banquette.  Honestly, this was ridiculous and there really wasn’t space to do this, but at least it meant we sort of had our own table.  I just realized I never got a photo of our set up, so hopefully my description gives you a good enough idea.


    Once we were seated, we requested a kid’s dinner menu.  I did think it was weird that they didn’t bring it automatically when they brought over the high chair (In fact, we had to ask for it every night as they never automatically gave it to us.  By night 3, we realized the kids menu never changes, so we just referred to my photo of it.  Ian is still too young to care about coloring or the activities in the menu, but if he enjoyed it, we would have had to ask every single night for him to have a paper copy of the menu.)




    Our head waiter, Raf, took Ian’s dinner order and asked his assistant, Eva, to run down to the galley right away and grab Ian’s food.  This was the single best act of service that we received for the entire cruise.  Every single night, Raf prioritized Ian getting his food ASAP and made sure Ian was happy and well fed.  We really appreciated this, because when he gets hungry, he gets HANGRY and everyone else in the MDR would know it!  It also meant we could feed him and get him settled before our food came out, so when we did get our food, we could eat it while it was still hot.  Unsure of the portion sizes and if Ian would like the food, we ordered Ian both the cheese pizza and the chicken nuggets with fries.  It came out on two plates (obviously), so we combined them to save space on our tiny table for 2.




    Ian loved both entrees, and he couldn’t decide what to eat first!  





    Parenting disclaimer: We designated one of Jason’s old android phones to be Ian’s phone.  It doesn’t have cell service anymore, but we load videos on the microSD card and only take it out in restaurants to keep Ian calm.  We understand that we have certain things we like to do, but those things aren’t always the most exciting for toddlers.  Ian has joined us at restaurants since he was 2 months old, and he is usually well-behaved, but after a while, he gets bored of watching all the people nearby, being contained in a high chair, and playing with whatever toys I packed in his diaper bag, and he needs some extra stimulation.  That’s when we take out the phone.  We allowed Ian to watch movies during dinner every night of the cruise because we know MDR dinners are long, and we didn’t want to be forced to eat in the buffet every night of the cruise when we usually enjoy the MDR experience.  Ian does not have nearly this much screen time at home, but it’s his vacation too and we wanted him to be happy.  I know screen time can be a controversial parenting topic, but this is how we chose to handle the situation.  **end disclaimer**

    Totally understand this and you should not have other people "shame" you.  I've got twins and sometimes it was necessary to use the electronic babysitter.


  5. On 1/11/2024 at 4:01 PM, Guest said:

    I've been on Panorama a few times, but doubt I'm on her again soon since she's leaving Long Beach. I have never heard of the ramp being semi-closed due to winds. The seas look flat, but I believe you. I've heard nothing but complaints about the Long Beach cruise terminal, but I guess I've been lucky. We've cruised out of there a couple dozen times and, knock on wood, nothing horrific has happened. Looking forward to the rest of your review.


    On 1/11/2024 at 1:47 PM, deladane said:

    There was enough storage for the 3 of us, but it was a tight fit.  I imagine we will have more struggles putting all of our stuff away as Ian gets older and his clothes are bigger.  I forgot to take a photo of the empty closets before we unpacked, so this is from later in the week… don’t mind all our messy clothes!  One of the closets has 4 shelves, 3 drawers, and the safe:




    There are 2 closets for hanging clothes.  One of them has a removable bar in the middle so you can have an upper and lower hanging bar, or just remove the bottom bar, lift up the shelf, and it becomes another closet with just the one upper hanging bar.  I bought this hanging shoe rack a few years ago, and it works great as extra shelves on a cruise:




    I also bought an over the door hanging shoe rack to hang on the inside of the bathroom door.  This is one of my favorite things to bring on a cruise to keep all the little odds and ends organized:




    There was one nightstand with a lamp on each side of the bed.  It seemed like a missed opportunity that such a new ship did not have USB ports near the bed.  If the nightstands had a lamp, they had a power source nearby, so in a world where people are never more than inches from their phones, there really should have been USB ports in the nightstand.  One great feature of these nightstands was that there was a door to access the space inside.  This was the perfect laundry basket for the week!  Jason put all his dirty laundry in his nightstand, and I shared mine with Ian.  This kept our smelly, dirty laundry out of the closet full of clean clothes, and made it very easy to pack at the end of the cruise because all of our laundry was in one spot.




    Our cabin steward left us a little message on the mirror:




    That is neat to come into your room and see this 😄 

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  6. 11 minutes ago, deladane said:


    We didn't go outside much at night, but I can tell you it was FREEZING on our last night as we were coming back towards Long Beach!  For the days we were down in Mexico, I don't think it was that bad, but north of Cabo, it was definitely cold.

    uh oh that is scary. Though I guess ultimately nighttime doesn’t matter that much. My girls want to be able to swim during the day. Our plan is not to even get off the boat most of the time and just be at the waterpark. I hope it is warm enough to do that or we’re in trouble. 

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