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  1. 13 minutes ago, madmedic said:

    Thanks Jon we're flying into Barcelona on the same morning so a hotel would not be an option. I have a health condition so anxious to avoid a lengthy queue and boarding process. We have asked Virgin for port assistance. 

    Hopefully you’ve considered where you are you flying from and what what happen if your flight is delayed or cancelled of course, flying in the same day even though I’m only in the UK is something I don’t want to risk.

  2. 13 minutes ago, madmedic said:

    We have a 4pm check in time because we booked late. Is it possible to get them to take our luggage off us if we arrive at the Barcelona port around 11 am then go and have lunch or will they expect us to wait till nearer our check in time? 

    Yes you can drop luggage early, but you might find it easier to ask your hotel to hold it if the hotel is nearer sites you want to see. From what I’ve read they often run early for the later arrival times so you should be fine arriving to the port for around 3pm even with a 4pm slot. 

  3. 9 minutes ago, notme2012 said:

    Did you not read what I wrote? I stated exactly that!!!

    You responded to the post stating that Virgin was the first cruise line to have a show made for a cruise ship go on and tour and you stated that was false. But it’s actually true, the show made in collaboration for VV for their ships did go on to tour. 

  4. 2 hours ago, notme2012 said:

    We were on the Resilient Lady tour with passengers from a Royal Carribean ship, in Wellington, NZ. The tour director started to ask questions about the former President. One of the RCI passengers told the tour director to stop talking about politics. They were so rude to that guy. All of us, VV sailors were shocked, and most of us are LGBT+... 

    not sure what the issue is? If someone is meant to be giving me a tour of Wellington NZ, I wouldn’t want them talking about US politics either.

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  5. 1 hour ago, notme2012 said:

    7 Fingers Theatre Company, the creators of "Dual Reality", are land based in Montreal, Canada. They created the show for Virgin Voyages. 5 of the 6 artistic directors have previously worked for Cirque du Soleil. 7 Fingers also created "Ships in the Night" for VV. 7 Fingers is also touring "Dual Reality", not Virgin Voyages. 


    It really bothers me that people publicly post falsehoods. A little thing called a Google search reveals a lot of facts.

    That wasn’t false though, the show was made by 7 Fingers specifically for Virgin Voyages, it was designed for VV. The credits for the touring version state “Originally produced and created with Virgin Voyages”. 7 Fingers have gone on to tour the show, therefore making it the first show designed for a cruise ship to go on to tour.

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  6. 12 hours ago, corona_gorda said:

    Hi, Since we'll be sailing to many European ports during Irresistible Med, I was wondering if announcements & staff were more multi-lingual than Miami-based sailings ? On MSC, we heard French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German; is Virgin mostly (if not only) English ?

    The VV ships are the same no matter where they are, everyone speaks in English, they are an American cruise line. As others have said there are almost no announcements, it’s all done via app notifications.

  7. 24 minutes ago, The_Big_M said:


    The line is just the length of people, regardless of what time it is.


    If the line is 100 people long at 30 min before, and 200 people long at 15 min before, it doesn't mean that it's not 200 people long at 15 min before because they've all waited at bars at 30 before and then joined on the spot at 15 to.


    The only difference is the crowding in the halls at 30 before - but this is a function of the lack of reservations and show allocations as managed by VV, not because of the passengers. Maybe VV should open the doors earlier. Or VV should put reservations back. Or have a different design that allows overflow areas that don't cause congestion. 


    Not a passenger fault, but a VV issue.

    I think doors opening 30 minutes before is plenty. It’s people choosing to line up an hour before the show despite being asked not to that makes the lines. If they arrived five minutes before doors open it wouldn’t be as much of an issue.


    I don’t think the old reservation system worked well either, often shows were sold out in the app but maybe a third of the seats were empty when the show started.

    I would probably allow one reservation for each show once per trip but also stop scanning the reservations fifteen minutes before and switch to first come at that point. So doors open 30 min minutes before for those who reserved and they make it very clear you need to be there 15 minutes before show time or the reservation is useless. Also as they have been doing now have staff in the Red Room making people move down the row and fill every available seat.

  8. 2 hours ago, KKB said:

    Yep, I was able to book dinners & brunch, but not disembarkation day.

    Feels like A LOT with 4 dinners & 2 brunches!

    Guess we can cancel brunch if it feels like too much.

    I'd like to try the casual venues as well, but gee, hardly time!!

    The Pizza Place closes at 2am so it’s great for a late night meal after going to the club. The Dock and Dock House are good for late afternoon snacks, especially if you’ve been in port and want something.


    Most of the Galley food is more “functional”, the burgers aren’t anything special and a turkey & Swiss or pastrami sandwich is pretty much the same anywhere. The choose your own salad is good, but again similar to on land. So if you are on a sea day it’s good to get lunch, but not worth making special time for. 

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  9. 2 hours ago, KKB said:

    Other than what I have read on the VV website, and a few comments online, I can't find much info.

    Wondering if anyone has experienced it.


    We did it last September, there was a fun food market tasting thing in the Galley around 5-6pm, each counter had a small plate item to try. I assume that will be the Asian market this time.


    there are also extra paid for drink tasting and food making classes. Plus the Seven Seas Sippers drinks you can collect stamps to try and win a cruise.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Cloud9 Bob said:

    Choice of Shrimp or Lamb. What should I try? What did you try? How was it?

    I had the lamb and it’s pretty good lamp chop. My husband had the shrimp and it’s a small portion, it’s interesting as it’s like pasta made from shrimp, but it’s not fulfilling.

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  11. 1 minute ago, rebeccac said:

    Definitely ask for extra sauce as some of the items are a bit plain.  Also, you can combine parts of different entrees.  I usually get the vegetables and add just the shrimp.  To me the best parts are the stuff before the entree.  I could fill up on that.  

    Yes I find it’s better to order individual meats too as we want the marinated beef but the platter stuff isn’t. Also agree it’s easy to fill up just on appetisers and bibimbap.

  12. I love the Korean fried chicken (dakgangjeong) which by default is spicy but you can ask for no sauce or on the side. Also the seafood pancake is nice (but one is enough for the table to share). Then bibimbap (rice and veggies) is nice and the server add the spicy sauce at the table so you can decide how spicy. 

    For mains the marinated beef (kalbi) is fantastic, pork belly OK but needs the dipping sauces and the shrimp are good. Don’t need more rice if you have a bibimbap, but there is the option to order fried rice on the side. 

    dessert is soft serve ice cream.


    9 hours ago, Cloud9 Bob said:

    Is it very peppery?

    i don’t taste any significant black pepper on it. The kalbi beef is more sweet, soy sauce and brown sugar. As above other dishes use chilli spicy sauce (gochujang) but you can get it on the side.

  13. If you like dancing to 90s/2000s music like Britney Spears and Spice Girls it’s a fun party. It’s normally outside on deck 15 so can be possible to stay on the quieter edges if you wish. There will be a brief “show” from the diva drag queen and the hostess at some point around 11.30 to midnight. There will be a wide range of people so I doubt anyone should feel out of place, as long as you know to expect loud music.

  14. 1 hour ago, cot427 said:

    As a side question, are they still doing no reservations? I am going on a 4-night Valiant with new Virgins in July and want to make sure they see the shows without waiting in lines. 

    On Scarlet last month most people in line half hour before for popular shows like Duel Reality got in, the box office staff made sure every single seat was filled and moved some groups around to ensure there wasn’t gaps. For less popular stuff like Untitled there was no issue and a line didn’t form.

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  15. 17 minutes ago, Russiamomm said:

    Thanks!  I guess we can navigate that.  Will miss the dedicated shuttle though.  😢

    We generally leave luggage with the hotel for the morning, explore the area near the hotel and then get an Uber/Lyft to the terminal.

  16. 7 hours ago, neverendingcruising said:

    Back in the day (Oct 2021), the ramen place was open late night, like you I wish they would bring it back. I think the burger bar is now the late night option. 

    For some reason now they had ramen closed at 3pm so it didn’t do dinner at all. But yes on my recent cruise burgers were now to midnight instead of 10pm, they also now had cookies and limited desserts to midnight.

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  17. 1 hour ago, jcarter4551 said:

    It does seem terrible to board at 3 pm or so but...

    Given earliest non-rockstar boarding is 1.45pm, 3pm is only halfway, it’s not that late overall.


    1 hour ago, Essiesmom said:

    Yes, but I am never one to try to be the first onboard.  Especially when I traveled with my sister, I had to work to get her up in time to eat the free hotel breakfast.  Take the latest shuttle bus.  But I like to get onboard in time to get a nap before sail away.  Old lady here.  Now I will be sitting around in the hotel lobby, using their internet while I wait for a time to get a taxi to port.  I can live with it.  EM


    we leave luggage with the hotel and use the morning to explore Miami or Barcelona, then collect bags from the hotel 12.30-1pm and get an Uber to the terminal depending when our arrival slot is.  

  18. 14 minutes ago, gumshoe958 said:

    Age is just a number, it’s all about attitude.

    Virgin is very much aimed at the young at heart, unlike certain lines which can feel like floating nursing homes with activities to match.


    If you like good food, slightly risqué entertainment and an upbeat vibe you’ll love it.



    Yes I should have added that earlier, even though there might not be loads of younger people, most people are there for a good time.

  19. It’s not really a younger crowd, most people are 30-60 with a lot of 50-something. Generally the people younger than 25 are there with parents and I would guess that a lot of 30-somethings have kids so they can’t make a no kids trip happen so easily. But the energy on the ship is usually pretty fun, so if people want to party they can often find it. 

  20. 22 minutes ago, CineGraphic said:


    I believe they have quite the recycling program on board, and Virgin has either already eliminated or is working on eliminating all single-use plastics.

    Having done the behind the scenes tour, I’m pretty certain that plastic ducks will just go into the incinerator as they are probably not a recyclable plastic. As you say though they’ve eliminated most single use plastics, I think food wrappers (for ingredients) are the main thing they still have.


    Also most of the ducks aren’t single-use, if people do collect them and take them home then they have a purpose, hence throwing them away being the worst option if there are others who would rather have them as a keepsake. 

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  21. 3 minutes ago, 1025cruise said:

    I saw a duck on my cruise last year. While I understand that people enjoy this activity, I personally believe that the cleaning crews should be removing them and properly disposing of them.

    I think removing them regularly is the worst of both worlds, it’s just making plastic waste. Allowing them to be collected for a short time makes sense as those who like the collection game and will keep them can get them. But taking 700 with you is just stupid. 

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  22. 50 minutes ago, Wildcatllamas said:

    But the service back then was impeccable for suite passengers. Many times we would order from a restaurant of choice for in suite dining. Our butler would set it up and then staff would come to set the table and provide the service.

    You can pretty much get that service now too, but on Virgin it’s only for mega rockstars who get the full butler style service from their agent, regular rockstar agents are more like a concierge.

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