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  1. You will have to talk to the fitness center people on board. From what I've heard, the bikes can only be used during a class. I don't know if they make exceptions.
  2. I think redeeming points for OBC gives a better chance for retention in case of cancellation. They have always allowed me to move OBC from Visa points to another booking, as long as I don't cancel the booking before I call to move the OBC.
  3. How about Barcelona, Civitavecchia, Southampton?
  4. I don't think you an insure the value of the B of A points redemption, so I'm pretty sure you would lose that value if you had to cancel.
  5. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2551846-current-hotel-directors/?do=findComment&comment=55003304
  6. Realize that "warm" and "cold" are very subjective. Some parts may feel warm, some parts may feel cool. My wife always brings a light sweater no matter the itinerary because some parts of the ship feel cool to her.
  7. Correct, but before the OP posted the itinerary, you made a statement that said something to the effect that open loop / closed loop does not make a difference. So you expanded the discussion to something beyond the OP's itinerary and I thought it was important for others that may read this thread that the distinction was clear.
  8. The temperature inside the ship wil be the same as when the ship is on the Caribbean.
  9. You are absolutely correct. However, you keep skipping over the problem of entering that country. You may not be able to enter that country if the passport does not have 6 months of validity. The cruise line has a responsibility to make sure you can enter the country where the cruise will end. If the cruise line sees that you don't have the documents needed to enter the country where the cruise will end, they will deny you boarding.
  10. That's correct, but before you can fly back to the US, you have to enter that foreign country and are therefore under their rues for entering their country.
  11. I believe open loop is meaningful if the cruise is ending in a foreign country that requires 6 months on the passport.
  12. Yes, unless you are also the travel agent that holds your booking.
  13. Not sure about that. If the ship is ending the cruise in a foreign country, then the passengers are legally entering that country, as opposed to simply being "in transit". I believe that foreign country can require 6 months on the passport.
  14. Forgot to mention that if your 19-night cruise is two or more consecutive cruises, then you get to take on two bottles of wine for each cruise, and you can bring all those on at initial embarkation of the first cruise.
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