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  1. Well, boarding has gotten earlier. 8-9 years ago, boarding in San Juan was probably around noon, sometimes later.
  2. Could be that their RoyalUP software has a bug.
  3. At the Emerald C&A level and above, you have a choice of a welcome aboard beverage. Contact C&A to make your choice.
  4. You cannot make one reservation for 10 people in advance. I'd make two reservations pre-cruise and then go to Chops once you are onboard and request that they put everyone at one table.
  5. Book two now, you can change the name up to 24 hours before the cruise.
  6. In the past, transatlantics have come out at various times, no reliable pattern.
  7. Generally less expensive to purchase pre-cruise. Be sure to check the price of 2 one-device packages vs 1 two-device package. Sometimes 2 one-device packages are less expensive.
  8. Agree, I shudder to think of installing RC software on any of my devices.
  9. And it's not July or August or a holiday sailing.😊
  10. It's free, how can it not be "worth it"?
  11. The reason for the Roll Call thread is to discuss the upcoming cruise with others on the same sailing. The reason for the Meet & Mingle is to meet the folks on the Roll Call thread in person once onboard.
  12. That link is for signing up for the Meet & Mingle onboard. The Roll Call thread here on CC is not the Meet & Mingle.
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