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  1. Welcome to Cruise Critic. As with most everything in the Cruise Planner, there's no pattern to when the various items become available to reserve. Keep checking.
  2. You're welcome. Here are the terms, except ignore the part about the extra $100 OBC if booking 6 months in advance: http://www.royalonboardsales.com/content/assets/2015/05/17056269_NextCruise_Core_Flyer_Final-6.pdf
  3. Yes, they will normally allow that, but you have to get approval from the cruise line in advance.
  4. The concierge can make both CK and specialty restaurant reservations for you.
  5. Did you see any drink cards for sale, and if so when did they appear and what was the cost?
  6. I've not seen the level of detail you desire published by the cruise line. However, there is a detailed route map onboard the ship. Perhaps you can use one of the upcoming Roll Call threads and prevail upon some kind person to take a photo of the onboard map.
  7. Booking onboard gets you OBC on the future cruise and a reduced deposit if you opt for non-refundable deposit. You also get a much higher OBC if you opt for non-refundable deposit. The onboard booking must be a new booking, so you would have to cancel the existing booking (and possibly lose the lower price and/or perks). The onboard booking can be booked directly with your TA, or you can own it yourself and transfer to the TA within 60 days.
  8. They should be able to make that work, but I admit, I have not tried that. I would be concerned if the cake was to be delivered on a night when you have a different wait staff.
  9. We have found deck 5, away from the center, to be the quietest.
  10. Yes, I think they should be able to see it on the TA website if it is really available, i.e., not held back in some way.
  11. Main bed by the bathroom, so the sofa is by the balcony.
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