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  1. Was on the Caribbean Princess a week or so ago, and did the Chef's table.


    The Chef, is no longer allowed to create the menu.  Corporate decided that the meal should always be the same dishes, on every ship, at every Chef's table.


    The main was a choice of veal oscar or salmon,.  No steak. No Lobster, nothing special.


    The desert was a lemon (made of chocolate) with something unremarkable inside. 


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  2. 3 hours ago, Wildcatllamas said:

    I just booked that one on Tuesday. I have never been outside of the Western Hemisphere or gone from home as long as this one will be, but have to take that jump at some point in life. I was complaining about airfare from airports in Colorado to Miami. Well never again after pricing to Europe, although there are many sources that feel airfare to Europe will be coming down over the next few months. I am going to plan on going into London about 4 days early to do some sightseeing.


    When I look back to the day I started this thread it has been a strange road we have all traveled on. And now that we all know "What Happened to Brilliant Lady?" do you think we could sell the movie rights?

    I am on that one as well.. Just got it arranged today.

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  3. Just now, DrSch said:

    If you are on a canceled cruise, you can choose any other cruise, for any amount of days and will be put in a similar cabin with no additional cost.  This is what my regional sales manager just told me


    the only exception would be if they didn't have the cabin type you bought available, in which case you would be refunded something... that's how it was explained to me.  So I can take this TA and save it for an Iceland cruise when they announce them

  4. Just now, CanadianCruiser21 said:

    it won’t be double, but you might get a lift and shift with bonus loot, which would be better for you in this case. 

    If you are on a canceled cruise, you can choose any other cruise, for any amount of days and will be put in a similar cabin with no additional cost.  This is what my regional sales manager just told me


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  5. 1 minute ago, tbmrt said:

    Couple of questions .... Forgive me if I'm sounding crazy....Dealing with a few cabins/family. 


    Should we expect a call for email from VV directly or our TA if we are currently on the BL San Juan departures? I have a call into her, but know she probably has a huge headache today and don't know how quickly she'll be able to respond.


    Wondering if we will be switched to the same or similar location cabins on VL that we have already booked on BL? Would we have priority over people who were cancelled on VL and want to rebook for the San Juan trips.


    Do you think we will be offered any extra perks for having to cruise on the VL from San Juan instead of the new BL??







    As a TA, I can tell you we know nothing more than you do at this point. 
    I doubt there will be perks for the change of ships


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  6. 3 minutes ago, jon81uk said:

    It states Scarlet moves to Barcelona. 

    The press release from Virgin says
    After a short period in dry dock for general maintenance, enhancements, and recalibrations, Scarlet Lady will spring back into action with a 16-night Transatlantic voyage from Rome to Miami. This new itinerary boasts calls in Funchal (Madeira, Portugal) as well as Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain).   So it looks like it may turn into a 16 night.



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  7. This is a much better portion of the offer for me as I booked a sea terrace solo for 1700.


    Change of sailing: Passengers have the liberty to choose any other sailing in the same cabin category without worrying about the price difference. In cases where the new sailing is priced lower, the difference will be refunded.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Lustate said:

    People would get back everything paid except the deposit which would be FVV. BUT.... What happens if you use a MNVV voucher that has the deposit built into it? hmmm. 



    Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 13.06.22.png

    odds are you would get back the value of the mnvvv.. but not the obc that goes with it.

  9. 7 minutes ago, Lustate said:


    If I was a gambler I would be tempted to book a voyage right now, knowing its going to be cancelled, and see what I would get back. I mean in theory I could spend $3k, and get up to $6k future credit, and use that on another 2024 voyage to upgrade cabins.  

    I made sure I paid off all of my sailings.  They only give you the bonus based on what you have paid.. not what you owe.

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  10. 3 hours ago, Lustate said:

    The charter company can basically charge what it would like to make a profit, or loss on the core voyage price, but the drinks prices at the bars for example remains fixed. I cannot comment on virgins policy, but when Atlantis book other ships, they often continue to sell drinks packages, so a bar tab bonus might operate. Atlantis Events are the charter company, and even as a gay guy, I would not book them myself, as seems to be a non-stop party, they throw a lot more entertainment on board, and a theme every night, but that’s joked about in the community as “which colour harness and jock night”, as that’s what every theme turns into. 

    as a charter you would not gain benefits as it’s not a booking to them, it’s a booking to Atlantis Events who in turn pay VV. no DBE, gaining “points” or adding to your total VV spend. 

    I did one of their cruises years ago.. the first 3 days were fun. After that it was like being stuck in a gay bar for a week.. Would not do one again.


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  11. 2 minutes ago, Lustate said:

    A couple of cancellations going to hit RL. 

    4-13 of Aug 2024 they have a charter booking of Athens to Barcelona

    13-23 of Aug 2024 a charter Barcelona to Portsmouth.


    the routes are being sold by the private company as an LGBT+ event. 

    That just reminded me... Virgin already sold a charter date to Atlantis on the Brilliant for March 16th, so maybe there is hope that it will be here by January

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