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  1. Awwwwwwwm Thank You Ladies :) SO very kind.. I have Learned soooo much from here, and hope I help some people out too.. Take Care ladies.. Super Busy Must go to bed, Plus My PT gurl QUIT Two Days ago, so I have been working over time... Lol, It's all good though,.:D..:p

    I haven't been on here as much since my wedding in May, but GOOD LUCK SHATIMA!! I know you're gonna have a BLAST on the Breeze and I hope your day is nothing short of amazing!! You were so helpful to me and many others on these boards!! Can't wait to see your pictures. :) much love

  2. Good evening and congratulations! Your pictures are AMAZING! Me and my fiance are considering getting married on a cruise next yr. If we do, we definately want the Carnival Breeze. How many people attended your wedding? Which package did u choose? And what room did u have the reception? Thank u!!

    Thank you!! :) As I mentioned we had 50 guests total, we went with the deluxe package and our reception was held in the disco automatically since we booked the DJ. I definitely recommend the Breeze for a wedding, they did an awesome job all around. Good luck to you and your fiance!! :)

  3. Thanks for your reply - we were worried that we would only be able to have 20 non sailing guests and I think we may be a few over that so I am happy to hear that you had 38 :)


    What room was the wedding held and was the reception in the disco? I was told by our planner that since we had the DJ it would be in the disco


    I cant believe how fast this is coming up and how ill prepared I am :confused:

    Our ceremony was held in the Limelight Lounge which we loved out of all the possible ceremony location options. Yes, with the DJ the reception will be in the disco which you will love! They did such a awesome job with the layout of everything and it was a fun environment. :)

  4. OMG I cant believe I missed this post.. those pics are great I love the white flower for your hair. I am going to be searching for a similar clip for me..


    Our face "page" group for the Cruise Bride Reunion Cruise made me get lazy about coming here to the wedding board we all actually met on.. Glad I came today so I could see this post.. I am getting married on the Breeze on 10/27/13.. and your pics and review will help me get a little more prepared and excited.. Thanks.

    Thank you so much!! :) I got my hair clip from the bridal shop where I bought my dress. Happy plannning to you and I'm glad my review can be of some help!

  5. Hey my wedding ring twin! LOL I must say I loved your review! It was so detailed and I'm so happy for you! You were a very beautiful bride! I loved your bridesmaid dresses where did you pick them from? Also did you provide the accessories for your cake? Did you make your bouquet? I love your reception room, kind of makes me wish I picked Breeze lol Great Review!

    LOL! Hey ring twin! Thank you so much, that is very sweet of you! The bridesmaid dresses are from a small local bridal shop, unfortunately I cannot for the life of me remember who makes them :( Yes, for the cake accessories I bought both the gumpaste flowers and the beautiful topper from sellers on Etsy.com. If you go on there and search you will find tons of awesome options at great prices. Yep! I did make my bouquet and I had fun making it and loved the results. I bought my supplies from Hobby Lobby and the memorial charm for my parent's picture from a seller on Etsy. It saves HUNDREDS of dollars making your own bouquets if you don't mind it. My bridesmaids made theirs.


    Hope all your planning is going well!! :)

  6. Great review! Thank you for sharing. I stopped looking for Breeze reviews for a while, and I got lucky tonight!


    Your pictures are gorgeous. Now I need to get pictures as a wedding gift somehow!


    A) Thanks for clarifying the music issue. Good to know that I can burn songs (instead of finding original cds). It never occurred to me to put 1 song on each cd. Sounds like an opportunity for me to lose something.


    B) How long did you take pictures after the ceremony and before the reception? And how long after the reception? Photographer waited until AFTER the reception, right? I don't want to miss that expensive hour and a half!


    C) Did you get a special rate for your guests at that hotel?


    D) Were they really strict about the one carry-on and a garment bag rule for the bride and groom?


    E) Which cake flavor did you pick? Was it good?


    That's all I can think of now. Between your review and your answers to Shatima's questions (VA!!!!!), I am more informed. Thank you again.



    Thank you for your kind words!!:D Sorry I've been away from the boards for so long, trying to catch up on questions!

    A) LOL I had a box with all the wedding items I needed to carry on and once in the waiting area before boarding, I gave both labeled CDs to the coordinator and she handled it well from there so that I wouldn't lose them!

    B) After the ceremony we only spent probably not even 10 mins taking pictures as we wanted to get on to the reception! After the reception I'm not even sure because I was truly in such a happy daze that I didn't really have good perception of time lol I think it really depends on the flow of the day and how many pictures you want after as well as the muster drill and all that lol Yes the photographer took several pictures during the reception (not disturbing you) and after.

    C) We didn't have everyone at the same hotel as some people were staying with family and coming at all sorts of different times/days so the only group we had for sure in the same hotel was our wedding party. Everyone else did their own thing for what worked for them and it was one less thing for us to stress about and worked out great!

    D) We didn't run into any issues with our carry-ons at all. If you do, just have your bridal party assist with carrying items on. We made sure everyone had a job to help us out and to not lose items.

    E) We picked vanilla cake with strawberry filling and it was delicious!

  7. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this detailed review. I will be getting married on the Breeze on July 30th and only made the decision to do so just 4 months prior. We found out my fiance will be deploying to the Middle East in September, so we basically decided so quickly to do a cruise wedding with our nearest and dearest (i.e. the people who would be willing to spend the $$$ and time to join us - LOL)


    This review has helped me understand the ship better and thus help me with my planning so much! :p

    Aww congrats to you both!! I'm so glad my review was helpful and I hope your wedding is amazing and that you all have a blast! Thank your fiance for me for their service and may God protect them while they are away :)

  8. First of all CONGRATS!!! You were a beautiful bride and looks as though you enjoyed your special day.


    We are getting married on the Breeze January 4th - would you mind sharing your invitations, response cards or directions that you provided to the guests; I am struggling here


    Can you tell me how many non sailing guests you had -


    Did you do the all inclusive alcohol and appetizers; we chose this package as well as the DJ


    Anything you wish you had done but didn't


    Thanks and again congrats to you





    PS - Shatima, I have seen your threads throughout the wedding forum and you make me chuckle (in a good way) I have learned a lot from you ;)



    Thanks so much!! Sorry I've been away from these boards for too long...trying to catch up on questions to help as much as I can! For my invitations I went with weddingpaperdivas.com and ordered the matching response cards for the invitations we loved. For directions, we provided the address to the port on our invitations and instructed them to look for signs for the specific ship to see which terminal it's at upon arrival. That seemed to work well and everyone made it there no problem! lol

    We had 38 non-sailing and 12 sailing guests (we had a blast with our sailing friends!)

    Yes, we did the DJ and the deluxe package with open bar and lite bites and it was perfect! Everyone loved the food and drinks and had a great time!

    I made a photo list and forgot to actually give it to the photographer, but he still did an awesome job so it worked out well :)

  9. Ok ladies! Here is a link to some of our wedding pics! We received well over 200 pictures but I just picked some of the highlights to share ;)


    OMG!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! I finally got the link to open on a reg desktop computer, my BB wouldn't open it, dang phone lol anyway you look stunning, you and hubby look so happy! Congratulations again!!





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    Awww thank you!! Congrats again to you and your new hubby as well!! :)

  10. Thats amazing!! I cant beleive you made those!! you are so creative! I just ordered mine got a good deal so i cant complain! got everyones for the whole wedding party for 300!! i Think that is awesome! considering i have 6 bridesmaide and 6 groomsmen LOL

    LOL thanks so much!! The bridesmaids actually made theirs and I made mine. Yes, for that many people you definitely did get a great deal for ordered bouquets & bouts!

  11. I was trying to follow your threads maybe you have already posted this. Did you make your bouquet?

    Yes, I did make my bouquet and I loved it!! Saved hundreds of dollars by making all of our bouquets and they turned out great. I will upload a close up picture of it later and post a link to the youtube video where I got my method from. I bought the materials from Hobby Lobby and found great quality there.

  12. Your photographer did an amazing job! Your pictures turned out gorgeous.


    FWIW--Dreams Photography is available on the three Dream class (Dream, Magic, Breeze), the four Spirit class (Spirit, Pride, Legend, Miracle) and a two others (I'm not sure which ones though). Our wedding photog was a Dreams photographer in training.

    Aww thank you!! Also, thanks for sharing the detailed info on which ships have it. I had no idea lol That information will hopefully be useful to others :)

  13. AWWWWWWWWWWWW You are sooo Sweet .. No Thanks needed, I Come to this site to Learn and to share what I have learned.. (THAT"S what this site is for, I cant understand for the LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE of me why so many people Look but NEVER reply or answer, or help... :mad: ANYWAYSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    This is TO much We are Family!!!!! lolol Now if we go the SAME ring from the same place I wouldnt know what to do.... I LOVE Jared's just hate going in there.. Everytime I go my Jewler is showing me someting new, just a MESS!!! lol.. The Dream Studio I have heard of that, great.. and ok on that $7

    You have answered every Question I have.. U have Helped me more then U know.. so THANK YOU HONEY

    LOL!! We basically are family!! I'm sooo happy that I was helpful to you and hopefully to other brides as well! It's not a problem at all :D

  14. Thank you for doing the review! You look so beautiful. They really do look like professional shots with you as the model. Just wondering which magazine they will be in :) Congrats and a lifetime of joy and happiness!

    LOL @ magazine and model! You all are making me blush... I never think of myself as photogenic in the least bit lol Thank you so much for the kind words and I'm excited for you for your upcoming day!! May it be all that you're hoping for and more! :)

  15. Ok,

    Now I can break this down with my Thread Questions ... Woo Where to Start, I have Been waiting for thissssssssssss lol..

    First of all, WE have to be Cousins down the line.. After reading each section AND looking at your Pix we have ALOT in common its Scarey...

    But also FLY in the same time/, WooooooW

    2nd~ OK so you got Ur make up done starting at 745.. and U said U left later then U wanted to (10:30) What made you run late..

    3rd~Glad U told Ur guest early as we talked about, lol We know how that can go down if We dont. With that said U said U and Ur hubby were Split up well U showed up at different times but U up and he down.. The Questions to this one is.. YALLS Checkin.. Normally Me and DD Check in together, she swipes her CC and we are step up.. DID U fine any of this hard to do when it came to the Actual check in with your ID, and acct set up info minus him be there at the same time??

    4. You Rode with one of teh BM'S to the Por.. Shasa told me that guest DRINEN to the Wedding have to pay $7 to park at the port??? Is that what yall had to do OR was it more??? (U know I need to add this info in my welcome letter, as a heads up)

    5. I know U didnt see UR Groom until the Wedding, but do U think, OR did U see where U could maybe be away from ALL of the Wedding Party/ Guest (besides maybe your bm's)?

    6. All right... LOVE everything about Cermony, now Moving to PARTY Time :) So I know You did CD for most of the Important Music U wanted.. Am I correct whenU say U had 1 song on each CD? And I know U lable them well, but did U have CD with the Other Music U wanted Or U really Truste that the J would play what yall like.. I MUST say this and I do EACH time I see it.. I LOVEEEEEEEEE the way yall be getting down when U dance (meaning my people from the Island or Caribbean) From that Slow Grinding to that Fast Reggae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its just so Hot & Sexy.. Errrrr I need some lessons.. Any way I Can just imange that yall had a DERN Ball Honey!!!!!!

    7. Since #7 is My FAVY # I though I would save it for your RING!!!!!! I LOVEEE it.. and Again I swear we are family... Our Rings are so close :) did he go to Jared's Too?? Now if sooo, that would be REALLLLLY Crazyyy :D

    8.. U say U had 12 sailing Guest when They checked in did they just get in the same line as you?? and it then just turned into a regluar checkin???

    9.& 10~ Im really happy UR Pix came out Well and Your Video ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Yalls Wedding... I do have to say they were some of the BEST pix I have seen... Thanks Breeze for making this That much harder..

    From the BOTTOM of my heart I want to say THANK YOU.. You DID THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Eerything came out Wonderful... Congrats Boo :p

    Hey Shatima! Lol ok I'm gonna try to be as helpful as possible!


    1) LOL I love that we have a lot in common


    2) Fortunately we didn't leave at 10:30, we got to the port right at 10:30 pretty much and the reason we were late was because I couldn't find for some reason where I had put my booking pass and luggage tags that I printed out the night before so I had to use the computer at the hotel to reprint it after searching like a madwoman & realizing it'd be easier to just reprint lol


    3) The check-in process was very smooth and easy for us. When I printed our booking passes and luggage tags, I checked off the option to print them seperately instead of all on one sheet, to ensure that we could check-in fine with out each other. So I gave him his pass prior to that day. When I went to check in (the coordinator took me to a check-in area) I just showed my ID and booking pass and the lady at the counter gave me my sail and sign card and said the groom already set up our account for us (you both can be on the same account even though you have seperate sail and sign cards).


    4) Sasha told you right! Anyone parking for just that day must pay $7.


    5) Yeah, I didn't mind seeing the guest before hand but if you want it that way I think they can definitely accomodate it at that port. For us, half the guests were with the groom downstairs in the VIP lounge and the other half were upstairs with me in a seperate waiting area. I, my bridesmaids and the guests with us were led through boarding with the coordinator first and the groom, groomsmen and other guests were led behind us with proper communication btwn coordinators...it flowed very smoothly. So what you could do is let Sasha know to make a note for your coordinator letting them know that you want to be kept away from EVERYONE. That way they can put you in one of those areas and everyone else in the other :)


    6) Yep, the only songs I downloaded to a CD were the recessional song for the reception and the first dance. For everything else, I just told the coordinator to let him know to play lots of reggae and trusted them with that..and it turned out perfectly! Thank God lol and LMBO thanks, I'm sure you could get down to some reggae. We really did have a blast!!


    7) Thanks so much!! Yes, it IS from Jared's!! We're meant to be connected Tima LOL!


    8) Everyone checked in before or seperate from me when they arrived. For my check-in, the coordinator took me to the "general cruisers" check-in area and took me to the front of the line LOL my bridesmaids came to the port with me but I think she had them check-in downstairs at VIP check-in...I was taken upstairs to avoid seeing the groom as he was down there.


    9) Thank you soooo much! Apparently the Breeze has something new Carnival has called the Dream Studio from what our photographer said so whatever it is, it creates better quality pictures then they've ever had (for weddings and personal photo shoots you can do with them on board) and not all of the ships have it only some as of now. So I recommend to anyone to always go with a newer ship if possible or ask ahead if they have this feature if you want that more professional photography look for your big day photos ;) Definitely budget for your pictures because you will want them all!! Lol


    Thank YOU Shatima for your kind words and for being such a big help to everyone on these boards!! Can't wait to see your big day! I know you'll have the best time and look gorgeous!!

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