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  1. Yeah the "Paper Work" says have EVERYONE dressed.. But as we have Read, and know that We(Our Party) CAN get dressed on the Ship.. Well I know mines are.. That will be the Only thing they will have to do.. I know I would want freshing up.. Quick Shower or Wash up something!!! After checking in, walking around, etc.. But after they get dressed in Our Cabin they are rolling out to make sure all is well.. Plus my Make Up Artist/ Hair Stylist wants it to be a WOW factor..

    I agree! As long as hair and makeup are done prior to boarding, I know we can easily slip into our dresses once in the cabin. Thanks for sharing ree1009's post! She has some great ideas!

  2. Thanks for the ideas, Shatima! Yes, what woman doesn't love at least some lip gloss?! I'm not big on makeup but I definitely love my lip gloss lol and MAC's makeup is so nice. Hmm I was thinking about getting them shirts but I wasn't sure.


    I should know this from all the reviews I read, but...in general, do the bridesmaids get in their dress ON the ship with the bride or BEFORE boarding? I guess I would prefer on the ship so they don't get too hot (Port of Miami in May! lol) or so the dresses don't get wrinkled or something during the process of carrying luggage, wedding items,etc. Anywho, if its on the ship it would make me stress less! In that case, bridesmaid shirts would be cute along with me in a bride tank :)

  3. I'm still here y'all! I leave in a week!!! And when I return I will post as promised. No worries Mon! Lol ok that was me preparing for my jamaica wedding. I have this thread saved so I get emails whenever one posts. Shatima love in the unlikely event that I haven't posted within a week you can personally post a reminder letting me have it lol. Any pictures in particular anyone wants of the ship? Or ports? I will do my best to oblige. Ok chicas happy planning and congrats again. Gotta go its crunch time for me!

    Aww congrats!! Hope you have the BEST time and all goes well! Since you're not having an onboard ceremony then lots of pics of your reception! If you're having it in the Liquid nightclub it would be that much more helpful! Either way, we would love to see any an all of your pictures of your wedding and around the ship! Happy Sailing! :)

  4. I've ordered a few things for work and for the wedding and have had great luck with them. The trick really is to get that free or discount shipping.


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    Thanks Twin A! I know you must be bursting with excitement for Friday. Congrats on being so close and happy sailing!!

  5. Well I havent ordered anything yet, But I live on that site.. I would call them TODAY!!!!! They are doing Free shipping since its TAX day boo.. SO call them and see whats up and get that Free99 shipping, lol ;)

    O_O free shipping???? I need to get on that ASAP! Lol shipping costs always annoy me!! Lol thanks for the tip love!! You're the best.

  6. I dont think they are coming back :( they married now honey. Lolol.. But i think u are the next breeze bride that we have... And i know i can count on you to give us a review :) woo woo next month is coming...:d

    Lmbo I know you're probably right...wishful thinking on my part, mainly because they each mentioned that they would do a review :( Oh well, hope it went well for them nonetheless! Yes, I definitely will! It may not be RIGHT when I get back, but it will be done ;)

  7. It is a little on the corny side, but my girls got a kick out of it. I went to the dollar store and picked up the plastic shiny chinese take out boxes and filled them with each of the items mentioned


    Because you all are so great to give me this party and celebrate

    I wanted to give back a little bit so I made a wkend survival kit

    There's a mirror and brush to help you look cute when your done digging through all of your loot

    To help make sure your lips look fine, I've added some gloss to make them shine

    if a nail you should crack, just take a look inside your pack. No need to say "Oh Lord" because I have added an emory board.

    Speaking of nails, tips and toes is where your pretty pink polish goes.

    And because you are so sweet, I have included a chocolaty treat.

    I am sure you realize, before you eat you need to sanitize.

    Got bad breath? I've got a plan, keep some juicy fruit on hand.

    If you happen to eat too much, pepto will help you keep down your lunch.

    And if you've had too much wine...Aspirin will help you feel just fine

    By now you must be thinking "what could be left?" Just a little SPF


    While I've got you all in one spot, I want you to know this really means a lot.

    I love you all more than words can say. And now I am finished rhyming for today :)

    Love this!!! I may steal it, thank you for sharing! Sounds like it was fun!

  8. Our daughter chose the Carnival Victory for their wedding and reception. We also chose to cruise with them at the last minute and take some pictures - so here we go!



    As soon as our last guest arrived we boarded about 10:45. Most of the guests headed for a buffet lunch and we went to our "cocoon" to watch the metamorphosis.






    Almost done







    The ceremony was held in the Ionian Room






    If you don't mind me asking, how much did you all spend on pictures and how many pictures did you get (or what was included in your package)? Or did you only take your own photos and not bother with those from Carnival?

  9. There are TWO brides above that got Married on the Breeze already (wel since this Thread Started) .. Has anyone seen them or Heard from them?????

    I want to see some New Pix and read some New Reviews :) They said they were coming back to, lol

    I second what Shatima said!! Where are these fellow Breeze Brides? :-( Please come back and share with us...with this being such a new ship we need your reviews (however long or short) to help calm our nerves and get better insight as to how things flowed at this port and on that lovely ship! Pretty pretty pleeeasse! :) I plan to do the same after my wedding next month bc all the reviews on here have helped me so much already! I wanna pass the favor on ;)

  10. Good Evening Ladies Or Gents,


    Do U have Ur hand in ANY of the Planning for Your Bridal Shower(BS) Or Batcholette Party(BP)?


    If you do, When or Where is it? Weeks before you go on your Cruise? Or are U doing it in the State of Your Cruise?


    I Do have my hand in Planning (well Not really lol but they did have 5 questions for me) Then told me they(MOH & 1 of my Cloest BM) will take it from here.. BS here at home BP in South Beach.. So with that being said, Has anyone DID a BP in South Beach? Did U get a Package, Was The Customer Services good.. Or do U have a Link?? Ok, Hope that wasnt to much.. I just didnt really see a Thread For this, And this can help us ALL, in every Port. Can't wait to here all the different answers*=*,

    Hey Shatima! So for me, I have four bridesmaids and they planned/are planning and throwing both activities for me. I had my shower 2 weekends ago and it was great! Everyone had a blast. I also only was involved as far as picking the date and providing the guest list for who was to be invited. The shower was held in the city where I live. for the bachelorette party, that will be the weekend of the wedding in south Florida. I also for that helped picked the day (2 days before our wedding day) and who was to be invited. I chose to have it that weekend because with several friends in different cities/states, it just made the most sense to have it the weekend of the wedding when everyone would be there and able to join in the fun! I can't wait! :D

  11. Congrats on your wedding! Our guy was the head photographer for the ship I believe. It was his name on the sign outside the studio. He showed us everything all the pics, the book, and said the DVD and 2 large canvas prints for ~$4K. I balked, he said small canvas for ~$3600. I stammered a bit, told him we love the pictures but we have a baby on the way, and there's just no way, could we see the lesser list? He gave us the lower priced list, and said, "Minus the canvas, everything you see here, plus a DVD with all pics, $1590, the best I can do." We agreed.


    I mean what else are they going to do with all those pictures? The work is done for the most part...

    Wow, its a shame how it all depends on who you have to talk to. Thank you for sharing your picture experience. I'm SO SO glad to hear that the canvas lowered the price so much, because for myself and my fiance I know we don't really need/want it and can easily get a canvas made from a picture off of the CD later if we want to! Now when he said "all pics" for the $1590 package you got, was that literally all of the pictures he took or just some number (how many approx.?) of pictures that you all chose as your favorites?


    I'm praying for a nice photographer and the fiance and I will definitely negotiate until we are happy! lol

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