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  1. We did a B2B on Mariner when she was down in S. FL before her relocation to Port Canaveral. The pool will be somewhat crowded on sea days, nothing can be done about that. I did however find a great way to enjoy the waterslides without much wait time. In the afternoon they opened at 2pm, so I went over there around 1:50 and me and a few others (children) were the only ones on line and as soon as it opened, we went up and down several times before the line got longer than I wanted to wait. It is a wonderful ship, made better with the addition of the waterslides.
  2. Updated 11/15/19 -- Thanks to everyone for their help in providing me with information on who they come across on sailings. My hope is to put update this thread every few days or at least once week. To do that, I need cruisers (or others that somehow have 'insider information') to let me know who they come across on sailings. HAPPY CRUISING! What Activity Manager have you come across? Post the name, ship and sailing date to help keep this thread as accurate as possible. ****Adventure OTS – Cian has been identified as currently on AD. Cian has told a cruiser that he will be onboard until Nov. 23 when he goes to Grandeur, ****Allure OTS – Kim Scott took over on 10/13. No idea if it is a 2 or 4 month contract. ****Anthem OTS – Tresha Robb took over mid October. Tresha told me that she will be on Anthem until the end of February 2020. ****Brilliance OTS – TT has been reported as onboard on the completed sailing 4/20/19 and still onboard as of mid Sept 2019 by a cruiser. Based on normal contract periods, it would make sense for TT to be heading to vacation soon….so hoping to hear more from other cruisers on Brilliance. ****Empress OTS – Orlando Cruz is onboard. This was shared with me on 10/26, but I do not know when he started or for how long he will be there….perhaps a cruiser sailing on Empress can find out. ****Enchantment OTS – Saini has been onboard, but could be completing a contract and departing the ship. Who is currently onboard? ****Explorer OTS – Katie (unknown last name, but not to be confused with Katie Turner) took over on June 26 and she is expected to be onboard until the end of October. ****Freedom OTS – Bern has been identified as on board. No information on contract timeline. ****Grandeur OTS – Katrina Blair should have returned on 8/13 and is expected to be there until 11/23. *****Harmony – Chris Turdo should have taken over on July 28. Chris is heading to vacation on 12/1 and Flavio Maeda comes to HM. ****Independence OTS – Alex Paul joined the ship probably in late Sept when he returned from vacation …..Katie Turner is due to return before Christmas. Alex is on a short assignment. *****Jewel OTS – Luana from Brazil returned to Jewel in mid May. As of the 7/14 sailing she was still on board. Probably a 4 month contract through sometime in Sept. *****Liberty OTS – Who is onboard NOW? ****Majesty OTS – Mickey Martin should have returned to the ship on 10/4. *****Mariner OTS – Gemma Stubs has taken over from Alex Paul late July. She is scheduled to move into the CD role sometime in Mid September. *****Navigator OTS – Eric Lopez took over on 10/4. *****Oasis OTS – Drydock until November 24 ***** Ovation – Aysy took over on 9/20/19. *****Quantum – returns from Dry Dock on 11/16 *****Radiance OTS – Sophie is currently onboard on the 7/30 sailing as reported to me, by the CD on the ship, Mark Rous. **** Rhapsody OTS – Thiago Motta has been reported on board. As reported to me by a cruiser, Thaigo may be onboard until December. **** Serenade OTS – Nick has been spotted on the ship as AM. If someone can ask him how long his contract is and until when he will be onboard, that would be wonderful….THANKS for all the help. **** Spectrum OTS – Bonnie Bai has been identified as currently onboard at least since July 15. **** Symphony OTS – Hannah come to Symphony on 11/24 as Flavio Maeda heads to Harmony to cover Chris Turdo’s vacation. ***** Vision OTS – Enzo Matijaca will be on the ship until late October or Early November, finishing up a contract and heading to vacation as told to me by Enzo. Waiting to learn who is taking over from him. *****Voyager OTS – Alex Schmidt is reportedly onboard by cruiser on 10/28. I don’t know when he arrived or for how long he will be onboard.
  3. We were on Navigator during the Super Bowl and they had it on a big screen in Viking Lounge and had food and it was marvelous. It was right outside the Diamond Lounge and I could stroll in and get my latte's all evening long. Great time had by all. Especially all of us rooting for the Eagles and there were plenty of Eagles fans in attendance.
  4. We had a trivia during Diamond Hours on Majesty a few years ago....it was all sort of weird questions that many of the long time cruisers would know just from having cruised quite a lot.
  5. I was worried that you thought you could use the blow dryer to make coffee......LOL.
  6. Great to poke fun at something....good way to have a laugh at NO ONE'S expense.
  7. I can only speak for a comparable TYPE of thing we did out of San Juan, several years ago. We had an early evening flight home to FL. So we took advantage of an excursion Royal offered after we got off the ship. The excursion explained that in quite detail that it would make sure that people who took the excursion would be at the airport in time for flights leaving AFTER a SPECIFIC TIME. That will give you a much better idea of what the timeline for the excursion itself will be. Since you are on an international flight, you have to be at the airport 2-3 hours earlier than your flight anyway, keep that in mind. Our experience was we met up with our luggage at the San Juan Airport in a general area from which everyone had to personally take their luggage to their terminal and eventual gate. There was NO help to move your luggage around with. This was a pain. I don't know if it will be the same for your situation. Just sharing what I know....hopefully it helps.
  8. "Running" the shows is a different issue than the overall schedule and smooth execution for all events that go on onboard....the overall responsibility for that sits firmly with the CD. All the others, AM, Sports Supervisor, Head of AO report to the CD. Add to that the CD is responsible fo the smooth running of everything backstage, so when people complain that a CD is less visible around the ship with cruisers, on some of the bigger ships, there is even more to handle on them.
  9. The schedule of activities is the responsibility of the CD. The CD's develop a cadre of activities that they like and put them on the schedule. There of course are cruise standards like Love and Marriage, Quest for example....then a wide variety or Trivia games....add Battle of the Sexes and others. We have been on cruises where even the standard activities are done a little differently (CD perspective). We have been on cruises where new games are being tried out....and only a few CD's get to debut those (developed in the Home Office by a different team) and work out the kinks and see if they get good cruiser reviews before being offered fleet wide to CD's.....but it isn't the AM's responsibility. Same thing with the dance parties....with some CD's you have almost one a night, with others only 1 or 2 on a week long cruise. Yes, the AM can and often does come up with ideas to try and a good CD will let them run with them....and many AM's have developed into great CD's.
  10. I am not sure I would ever take an 'inaugural' sailing...just too many things that they are probably still working the kinks out of.
  11. We have had many different CD's over our 28 cruises. Some we have enjoyed more than others....all are different. One or two 'spoiled' us in personal ways and for that we had a very special cruise with them....every CD brings with them different styles and some will be loved by cruises while other cruises will hate that same person on that same cruise. NEVER however has an experience we have had, cause us to feel that we would never have 'such a great experience' if we did not have CD name (fill in the blank). That attitude from us would 'on its own' cause us to have less than a terrific cruise experience. We sailed with Leigh and Erky....and we have had terrific cruises with other CD teams. We have had a few cruises with less than terrific CD's and still had an great time. As someone else stated, we don't sail because of the CD, but they do have an impact on our sailing.
  12. NO....not right. It is 'bothering the MTD host' --- the host is there to do THEIR JOB.
  13. DH and I have sailed 28 times on Royal....from their small ships to their mega ships....our first Celebrity cruise will be when we do the Panama Canal crossing next November. Friends of ours who love Celebrity over Royal have warned me that I may be disappointed in the entertainment on the Celebrity sailing we are taking since it isn't of the caliber we have had on Royal. However, not all of the ships we have sailed on Royal have had Broadway like shows, so I am sure that we will find the entertainment 'entertaining enough'. Food is always very subjective and on that topic, DH and I are not difficult to please. I read what you have provided with interest, yet also with a grain of salt. I plan on going on the Celebrity cruise, as if it were my very first cruise ever.....and believe me, I can do that. Everytime I walk on to a ship, I keep an open mind and just seek FUN. It isn't a comparison competition. No, I have no intention of trying to convince you of anything....just sharing.
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