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  1. I am a very nervous traveller and I went to therapy for my anxiety (I have a brain thing so can't take meds) I found it really worked and can't recommend it enough. It didn't cure me completely, but he taught me techniques to calm myself. It has reduced my stress greatly. On the whole travelling is a much better experience now. 🙂
  2. I thought it was a high temperature plus symptoms? I also thought it was by medical review not by a non medically trained check in staff? There numerous reasons you can have a higher than normal temperature that has nothing to do with being ill e.g. Ovulation. A person can have a higher base-line than standard too. A high temperature doesn't tell you much with out a patient history or at least some sign of symptoms.
  3. I Would say challenge them if they are saying things that are offensive, just let them know what they are saying is not acceptable in public . For the harmony of the group you will have to let some things go though. I agree with the suggestion of an earlier poster about talking to them before the cruise. People are on holiday and want to get away from the normal everyday issues and don't want to talk about their religion or politics, let him know this two. If the worse comes about then just pretend you don't know him😉
  4. The main difference is that royal is very American focused, while MSC is European focused. I have travelled both, enjoyed both but I am European, so I find MSC to be refreshing 😊 You are not going to find staff asking if everything is OK every two seconds, if you want service you just signal a server who will then attend you. Also you won't find the servers over the top friendly, they will be European friendly. Europeans often find American friendly service as artificial, I would say the way Americans do service is baffling to a good majority of Europeans. Also on MSC you will have a lot of European wait staff who find it unnatural to pretend to be your best friend. But they will be polite and if you have actual real conversations with them then they'll become more friendly the longer you know them. The food portions are a lot smaller than American food portions, but if you want more, there is no problem ordering more😊 Yes they do announcements in multiple languages depending on the mix of passengers. I am not sure why this is such a bother to some people 🤔 I really enjoy MSC and would cruise on her again. My next cruise is on RCI.
  5. Typically if it is after final payment they are just a no show and have taxes and port fees reimbursed. If it is before final payment the fair will have to be re-priced. I am not sure how insurance works I think both of you have to claim the one still going on cruise because their partner is not going to pay for new fair and the person claims back the money they lost on booking. But you could just get someone else to travel instead and just pay for a name change.
  6. All water is safe to drink from taps in your cabin or drink stations. I personally think it tastes fine, but others complain. If you have space in your luggage to bring your jug, you could if you like.
  7. Yes. I recently went to the other side of London to Stansted and still had enough time. Just get off the ship in the first group, be on the train by 09:00 (direct) and you should have plenty of time. One more thing the earlier you book your train tickets the cheaper they will be. I got my Southampton to Stansted for only £10. A very good price 😊
  8. Also I docked on Sunday and they had everyone off the ship ahead of schedule if this helps to calm your nerves. Very efficient in fact I don't even remember having to show anyone my passport🤔 We just walked through the arrival hall and out to the Taxis/Uber. I have also been on many flights to the USA through Heathrow. One memorable time my connecting flight was delayed by more than hour and I only had an hour to get to my flight in terminal 5. I ran all the way and I made, I didn't have priority or anything 😅. With travelling upper with Virgin I think you will have a smooth journey through the airport 😊✈️
  9. At night I have a bag with me. During the day I use a lanyard, they are very useful. I put a hook up near the cabin door and then hang up the card when we come back to the cabin.
  10. Yes but her passport didn't require a visa as told to her by several embassy/consulates, who are the ultimate arbitrarer of who needs a visa.
  11. I was sorry to hear your story. There is an EU small claims procedure where you don't need a lawyer. The fee is approximately €246 + translation costs. If you win your costs are reimbursed. You need to navigate to the e-justice Web site where you can fill in a form. The only thing is I am not sure if a non-eu citizen can claim. And though MSC is known as an Italian company I think they are technically Swiss, so you will have to find out what jurisdiction you have to submit your claim. also you will have to go through your cruise contract, as though you did have the correct documents with you, there may be a clause that may absolve there agents and that they are not liable for their mistake. I hope this is useful information. most countries in Europe has small claims court, which require no lawyers and a small fee. If it is Switzerland where they are based Google there small claims process. The systems are usually simple and straightforward. Good Luck
  12. I gained about 3/4 of a pound on the cruise. I take the stairs and do a lot of walking during the day. I don't drink that much alcohol, which is the hidden calories on the cruise
  13. Well another pleasant cruise on the Ventura. Just waiting to dísembark. My train isn't until 11am. At least I will have time to rearrange my suitcase.
  14. Our and about in the Belgium countryside
  15. Thanks Andy. One thing I have noticed is that the ship is quite chilly this time. Lots of people wearing coats through the day.
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