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  1. Hi there. We habe been to Roatan before and have done all the things from Iguanas to Sloth to Monkeys to Beach. We are now thinking about an ATV Tour. But without all the other stuff. Can anybody recommend a tour that is not going to stop at several other things, so just the ATV and nothing more ? Nadine
  2. Hi there. We will be in Cartagena in May with NCL Pearl. We plan to take the water taxi from the ship to old town and then stroll around the city. Now I don´t know if I should take Pesos or can I pay with dollar ? We only would need a few drinks and sourveniers. So anybody been there and can tell me what money and how much I would need ? Nadine
  3. Thank you for that information. We are on the same cruise and wondering how the process is. So you will find me way early on the open decks :-) Nadine
  4. Hi there. We will be on a cruise in November that stops in St. Lucia and Barbados. Whick island should we pick for a Whale Watching Tour....or both ? Can you recommend a company? Nadine
  5. Ok. that sounds good. I thought it may be easier to book with Royal because on our way back we plan with 3 piece of luggage. Maybe it it easier for us to let Royal handle the luggage ?
  6. Sorry, maybe I expained it wrong. We need to go from Port Fort Lauderdale to Miami Airport.
  7. We might need to go from Port Everglades to MIA. I think I saw somewhere something about Transportation with Royal. Anybody used this ? What will be the price ? Nadine
  8. I tried to get one on my last cruise on Serenade. They searched the whole ship 2 days to find some mint leaves. Finally they found one and got me a mojito. I hope this will not be so difficult on our cruise on Navigator in March. Wish you the best of luck and enjoy when you get one, they are really good.
  9. So we now choosed to rent a car for the last day. The only thing is that I have to pickit up at the airport, because at the station at port they do not rent these huge vans. I know there is a flat rate for taxi from MIA to port, is it the same the other way round ? Nadine
  10. Does anybody know if a Redbull with Vodka would be covered by the package ? Do they have Red Bull on the ships ? I don´t like it, bu my cousin is joining us for the first time and it´s his favorite drink. Nadine
  11. Thank you. I tried Super Shuttle online but they say the adress is our of the service range. I mailed Larry´s to see what they say. Uber would be difficult, because if we are off the ship we will have no internt to book them.  Nadine
  12. Hi there. We are looking for a shuttle from port of miami to a hotel at the Dolphin Mall. We think about a day pass at this hotel so that we can do some shopping and relaxing before our flight at 8 pm. We will be a party of 6 adults and need to get from the port to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport. Has anyboy ideas what will be the best way or which company to take ? We have no idea, because normally I am on vacation only with hubby, so we use rental cars or a taxi. Greetings from Germany , Nadine
  13. Thank you for all the tipps. We are thinking about going to surfside. Is it possible to walk there ? We are a party of 6 and I saw that thay only allow 5 persons in a taxi. Do we have to take to or is there another way to get there ? Nadine
  14. Hi there. Can you tell me more about this beach ? I can´t find other comments about it. How far ? How do I get there ? Do I have to rent loungers or can I just sit at a bar or something ? We are going in April and still don´t know what to do. Nadine
  15. Hey, for our Serenade cruise 2 weeks ago the online check in also required a photo. I tried it without but was not able to complete the online check in or print my set sail pass without uploading a photo. Maybe it was the Website or I didn´t get it right, but in the end I had to upload one to print my pass. Nadine
  16. Tante Din


    Thank you for that advice. So we will just look for a Driver. Nadine
  17. Tante Din


    Thank you. I don´t want to make a international call to make a reservation. English is not my first language and I don´t know if this will work. But the plan is now to get of the ship and finde someone or a tour for the gardens and cruzan. Nadine
  18. Does anyone know if Izumi has food to take out. We would love to sit on our loungers and have some sushi as a light lunch. Nadine
  19. Thank you, that is what I thought. We are still thinking about taking these or one deck down on 9 but then the cabins are spread out a bit. Nadine
  20. Hi there, we are thinking about a cruise on Navigator. We´ve cruised her before and now want to try the virtual balcony. We need 3 cabins next to each other and the only available are on deck 10. Did someone got one of these cabins before? ( 1341 to 1355 or 1641 to 1649 ) I know that it can be noisy if they roll these cards, prepare for the meals and so on. But for me it lookes like these cabins are more in the front where the entrance is, so this maybe should avoid the noise ? Any advice ? Thanks, Nadine
  21. Tante Din


    Sorry I forgot, we are 2. Nadine
  22. Tante Din


    Does anybody know what the price would be ? Thinking about tour to gardens and cruzan. Nadine
  23. Thank you Bob that sounds perfect. :cool::cool::cool:
  24. Hi there. We will be on our first Diamond Cruise in November. How early will the lounge open in the morning to get a coffee from this fancy machine I heard from ? Nadine
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