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  1. Sometimes you can see a charter here : https://www.cruisetimetables.com/full-cruise-ship-charters.html
  2. Yes it said yesterday it was beginning but none of the pages were working for me so I said it would start today :) It looks like the Carnival gift cards are now members only purchase. They are having a lot of kinks, as the quizzes are not giving the correct amount of points for quizzes. So give them time to work them out.
  3. I had the social plan wifi and my fitbit wouldn't sync, but as soon as I got home and took it off airplane mode, it synced right up. I was gone 7 days.
  4. The AARP is being renamed and will not be available until tomorrow. If you already had points, they will comp you some new points, but it is starting over with a new company handling the rewards, so points won't transfer>
  5. Yes, boarding is done on an individual basis, not by cabin. All will be fine!
  6. They call for Diamond, platinum and then FTTF first, then they call for those with self assist before they call the decks :)
  7. You can choose anytime you want, but keep in mind, if you want others to join the fun, you need to be mindful of the other ship activities that might be happening at the same time. Many of these slot pulls are done as a filler for not much happening on the ship at the time and lets make some money hehehe. Also choice of machines you want to used have a better chance to be empty. They do not reserve or let you reserve the machines.
  8. Also as a side note, they refunded our port fees for Catalina that first day, and expected to be recharged for them when we ported in Catalina, but we were not recharged, so it was a freebee port :)
  9. I agree, I would do as others said :)
  10. If you carry off your own luggage, and let guest services know you need off asap, you should be ok. Providing the ship docks and gets cleared on time! We had an excursion booked and was off the ship by 8am, self assist people started disembarking at 7 am.
  11. Sorry, my first post was not clear, we had our sea day first, then the next day Catalina, then Ensenada. Monday we were originally scheduled for Catalina, but had rough seas which made tendering impossible. So the Captain changed our sea day to Monday, Catalina to Tuesday and Ensenada to Wednesday. :) According to the CD, the days activities were the same as if they happened on the original day, except they had to change some activities due to rough waters mid-day on Monday, so they are not listed on the funtimes. Hope this makes better sense :)
  12. No, they just swapped days around, we went to Catalina the next day. They did add a few activities as some could not be done in rough waters.
  13. Jan 20th - 24th, 2019 Mon.-Thur. Sea day was moved to first day due to rainy/windy weather and could not tender to Catalina! I was told Funtimes were the same! https://boards.cruisecritic.com/gallery/album/192-carnival-imagination-4-day-funtimes-2019/
  14. Jan 20 - 24th, 2019 Funtimes
  15. I use insuremytrip.com as well! Easy to compare different plans to fit my needs! I usually get the extra medical evac and cancel for any reason policy!
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