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  1. Hi We're considering booking an indulgence package. The chef's table for 2 is included. I have a serious nut allergy. Advice please. Thanks. Stephen
  2. Thinking of going south... Did the cruise actually take you to the Antarctic Circle? A fair amount of the Antarctic Peninsular isn't within the Antarctic Circle. It must have been an amazing cruise! What was the highlight?
  3. To help you with specifics, what level of accommodation do you opt for on Princess?
  4. Yes, I had the bed elevated on our recent Silhouette cruise. Worked really well although my wife had to ask for her side to be lowered a little. We were in a Celebrity Suite. The bed seemed to have a mechanism to elevate the head end but it was only done from the waist upwards. At home the whole bed is raised at the head end. It worked! No reflux.
  5. We often book a CS on the hump. Facing forwards there is a better view but greater wind. Facing aft is less chilly but the view isn't as good.
  6. Now, we've only done this on Princess (never going to cruise with them again!) but some of it may be helpful to you. Falklands: it rains a lot. Really, a lot! Take umbrellas ashore. Port Stanley is rather like England 60 years ago! Montevideo: we took a tour to a local estancia. Wow! great fun! Wine tasting, a huge barb-b-q, a tractor tour, skin skiing, horse riding, milking cows etc etc Ushuaia: Amazing! The southernmost city in the world. Loved the main street. The shop where they sell home made chocloate... mmm... the hit chocolate... amazing views The Horn: make sure that you put on plenty of layers! Also, make sure that you're viewing from the appropriate side of the ship! Some people didn't and so missed the view! Punta Arenas: we did a tour to the Fitz-something-or-other ranch and it was fun! Think Scottish scenery and a rather strange collection of engines, typewriters, stuffed birds, pianos etc etc. It was fun riding a horse there too! Puerto Montt: A rather odd place. Quite dead when we arrived. Then the town started to wake up. Lots of feral dogs. Oh, we went horse riding here too! Valparaiso: beautiful city! Lots of hills with funicular railways up them. Very colourful. On our way through to Santiago (we stayed on for a few days before the long haul back home) we enjoyed a wine tasting. Even better than the wine was the pisco sour. Homemade. Delicious. Sadly, we couldn't take any home. Alarming moment: at Valparaiso we were all herded into a huge barn-like structure, We were 'held' against the wall, single file, by a metal fence whilst sniffer dogs went up and down. Phew! We were pleased to be out of there! Would we do the Horn again? You bet! But with X not Princess!
  7. Oh no! Not this point again! How many times do we have to read this over the years? (Just joking!) I agree entirely. We try to avoid talking about past cruises unless asked.
  8. We were on the Connie for Christmas and New Year in 2016/17 UAE to UAE via Oman & India. There was a Santa's Grotto area, a visit or two by Father Christmas, a festive gift ---- we had a tree decoration, some others had chocolate. There were some decorated trees about the place. Oh, there was some carol singing too. The evening show had St Nicholas coming down a rope onto the stage! The Christmas menu was not festive in Luminae so we orederd off the MDR menu: the roast turkey meal was like a school dinner! We were so sad because a Norwegian couple had joined us especially for that traditional English Christmas Dinner. On NYE some people went into Dubai to watch the fireworks. The rest of us enjoyed the entertainment, food and drink on the ship. Would we cruise again at Christmas/NYE? Yes! You bet!
  9. Love your response! Whenever we leave a port, my DW gets me to go to Michael's Club for two glasses of bubbly. Then I take them back to our 'home' to toast the port goodbye. We've always done this! Of course, if we leave so late that we're eating, we toast in the restaurant.
  10. Reading the Az pages, there are plenty of ex-Celebrity cruisers there. We are trying Az for the first time next year... This is for the amazing itinerary but... well, we'll see how it goes! Perhaps we'll book X again or maybe we'll change to Az.
  11. We were on the Connie for Christmas and New Year a few years ago. Great fun! We've been on her twice and always enjoyed the experience. On both occasions we were in a CS so we received lots of perks. To add to this we've been on the Silhouette (in a CS) a number of times and the Reflection (Sig.Suite) once. We're not party animals but we do enjoy listening to the musicians in Ensemble Lounge, Michael's Club etc etc Rest assured, there is always plenty to do! Enjoy the Panama Canal!
  12. We've just returned from the 'Viking Raider' (as I call it) cruise on the Silhouette. Greg (Groryjm) has produced a fab blog already but I just wanted to let you know about our experience. We were in a CS (1110) a few doors along from Greg. We have been in this particular suite twice before. We too had the fabulous Jacky as our butler and Bryan as our attendant. We felt that Jacky was the best that we've ever had. Briton, the concierge in Michael's Club, was excellent. Edwin was our waiter in Luminae --- we'd had him before and as I have a severe nut allergy, he was obviously assigned to us. We cannot praise him too highly. Carlos, the sommelier, served us well throughout the cruise -----but we were drinking wine rather than cocktails. I understand Greg's point suggesting that waiters should be able to take non-wine orders. So our tours: Guernsey: a ships tour about the German invasion of the island. A good tour with lots of sites & sights. Plenty of information. Waterford: we caught the expensive shuttle into the town and met up for an independent tour that I had organised with the tourist office --- the Viking Triangle Tour. This was a walking tour of the centre and there were about 15 of us on it. Although I had pre-booked it, you can just turn up on the day. Price... mmm... about 15 euros each. Duration was about 80/90 minutes. I'd happily do recommend it for lovers of history. Cobh (for Cork): I had booked us up for the Cobh Rebel Tour. Wow! Excellent! A walking tour from which we found out about the politics of 19th century Ireland through to the early 1920s. Kieran, our informative and impassioned guide, was dressed in early 20th century military costume. He took us to many areas of Cobh, explaining the significance of each e.g. a place where a local policeman was ambushed and shot; he brought it alive by mentioning the name and age of the lookout, the source of the gun, the vehicle used... An amazing tour from start to finish. 12 Euros each I seem to recall. Also, we enjoyed the museum about the Titanic and Lusitania (plus others) located close to the ship. Dublin: another independent tour. We met a local professor of history outside Trinity College and he gave us an in-depth guide of Dublin, focusing on the history ---- of course! Lots of walking and talking! Sadly, someone near our group had her phone snatched by a cyclist. Beware! Iceland Day 1: We took the ship's 4 x 4 tour. Wow! Fantastic! Awesome! Something special! Think Lunar lanscape... think Dr Who... think Star Trek... We'd do this again like a shot! It far excelled our 4 x 4 tours in other parts of the world. Iceland Day 2: Whale Watching (ship's tour) was good fun. We saw some minke whales, dolphins and porpoises. The crew of the boat were young and knowledgeable. The hot chocolate on the boat is good! Be warned, wrap in lots of layers and no shorts! Iceland Day 3: we spent a lot on this ship's tour to the island of Grimsey, about 30 minutes flight north of the mainland. A very interesting place with a pleasant guide to show us around. No puffins (they'd flown a week or so ago) but a small shop selling woollen goods. Due to a taxation oddity, the fab sweaters etc. are much cheaper on Grimsey than on the mainland. The labels actually tell you who made them. Those in supermarkets on the mainland are often made in China! Belfast: an independent tour of the city focusing on the politics, especially during 'The Troubles'. Lots of murals, the wall, grim stories, first hand accounts. We booked it through the Information Centre next to the shuttle drop-off point. Out guide was JFK! That's John Fitzgerald Kennedy! The music on board varied: we like staying in Ensemble Lounge most of the time; here we heard the amazing Charlie. We also enjoyed the music of the Wild Embers Duo and the modern string duo, Dina and Gulnara. Let's hope this helps some of you out with future choices!
  13. Loved reading your blog, Greg! I'd better write something, I guess because we had a different set of excursions, tours etc. I'll start a new string. Hope to see you on another cruise in the future.
  14. Jacky was also our butler. The canapes did arrive on the first two nights --- but we asked for cheese and biscuits instead. After a week of cheese and biscuits our waistlines needed a break!
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