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  1. Sorry - that should be January 11, 2020 not January 1.
  2. We were at the San Juan airport on Saturday January 1, 2020 and there were no problems. All flights operating, water flowing, restaurants open, etc. We did feel the the 5.9 aftershock on Saturday morning.
  3. If you are interested in cruising Alaska then I would recommend UnCruise for a couple of reasons. First, UnCruise started in Alsaska so they really know the area and offer lots of itineraries. Second, they have much smaller ships. The boat we were on in Alaska held 76 people. Third, their expedition crews and excursions are fantastic. Their food isn't as upscale as Windstar of Silversea but there is plenty of it.
  4. The new locks are used only for very large ships. Wind Star will use the old locks.
  5. I am just curious as to what alternative arrangements you think WS could have made? I ask because there aren't a lot of alternative places to go when you are in the North Sea.
  6. We've done this twice and used the Windstar transfer both times for the same reason as Ridethetide - it's along taxi ride to Colon.
  7. In our experience with Windstar and other lines, the actual berth a ship uses often can change from the berth that appears in your documents as others have pointed out. That's because the cruise lines don't determine where a ship berths, but rather than harbor authorities. So no matter how well you plan you may be disappointed through no fault of the cruise line. The cost of taxi fare/Uber/Lyft etc. is pretty minimal when compared to the cost of the cruise.
  8. We did the Panama Canal with Windstar and we thought the one day cruising through the Canal was worth the price of the cruise! The rest of the cruise was great too - but going through the Canal was fantastic, especially on the smaller ship. We entered the canal from the Atlantic side - Colon - and approached the first lock just was it was getting light and exited the Pacific side at dusk.
  9. I was on a Silversea cruise this past Feb/March in Patagonia and they offered a free wifi and an upgrade option. The "free" wifi was really not useable. First, the free wifi is throttled so it is pretty slow. Second, on sea days or in the early mornings and late afternoons when everybody was trying to connect it was impossible to use. We had dinner with a couple that purchased the upgraded option and they were, for the most part, satisfied. But the cost was about $350 for a 10 day cruise.
  10. The other alternative is to use mobile data when in port - which is most days. I use KnowRoaming and the cost is $3.99 a day for unlimited data.
  11. We've used Silvesea in the US to arrange flights 2 times. Both times the tickets were issued about 60 days in advance.
  12. If you are going to visit multiple countries you might take a look at KnowRoaming's Gobal SIM Sticker - https://www.knowroaming.co/ You apply a sticker to your regular SIM card that functions as a second SIM card. You get a phone number that you can use for voice and texting and you can buy unlimited data for $3.99 a day or $9.99 for 3 days. You can set it so that your original US phone number is forwarded to your KnowRoaming number. I've used KnowRoaming in more than 25 countries in Europe, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean and am very pleased with it. Occasionally I will have a problem connecting to a network but the KnowRoaming support people are very responsive.
  13. We have been on 7 Windstar cruises on both the power and sail boats and a full lunch has always been served on embarkation day.
  14. Since docking locations may change at the last minute, we use Marine Traffic to verify the ship's location on embarkation day.
  15. I know it is a long shot, but have you checked your spam folder in case your email program interpreted the mail from Windstar as spam?
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