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  1. You drop luggage off at the port and they hold it for you? We are flying in at 6:30am and could be there as early as 7:30am. Any idea of how early the luggage porters are available to hold luggage? TIA
  2. We just went through the same crazy pricing trying to book June 11, 2024 12 night on the Jewel. As a couple we could book an inside room with clearance pricing for $2302 total for 2 or a balcony for 2 for $3760. A single traveler was not offered the clearance pricing and the price for one in the same inside room is $5095, the same balcony room is $8457 for one passenger. So we booked a room for our daughter who will travel alone but put two people in the room and will have the second passenger get sick before sailing and be a no show. Crazy how you have to play the system. All pricing in USD.
  3. There is a Youtube video of 8110 on the Breakaway, I believe it is the same situation. Looks like a much bigger balcony, but you may want to look into the privacy of it, looks like other balconies and the bridge can look down on you.
  4. Thank you everyone for the information. Vince_g, Casofilia and Two Wheels Only - I think you are spot on with your interpretations of what the quote is referring to! I knew I could count on Cruise Critic peeps!!!
  5. We are sailing in October on the Getaway and booked with the Free at Sea dining package. In our paperwork that states " Free at Sea choice(s) must be selected at least 24 hours prior to sailing and cannot be changed on board. " Has anyone else done this? I made reservations at restaurants, but it doesn't connect anything to the Free at Sea dining package and those pre-booking requirements. And the reservations are for people from 3 different rooms, but only our room has the reservation connected to it. Do we just show up and let the restaurant know about the Free at Sea dining? Also, can Cagney's outside area be reserved ahead of time or just when we get on the ship? Thanks for any info.
  6. We are scheduled to start out in late April 2023 from Puerto Rico and sail to Canary Island then to Lisbon. Can anyone comment on the temperatures that are typical while at sea that time of year? Not sure how to look that up.
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