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  1. We're both over 70 and plan on leaving next week on a 12 day Silhouette cruise. Afraid....no, concerned.....probably a bit. We will take additional meds and WASH HANDS often. I feel this is no worse than the flu but who really knows. We will go and hopefully be aware of as much as possible and try to have a good time.
  2. I'm trying to get clothes together and it would help to know when "formal" nights (I realize they are not called formal) are on a 12 night cruise on Silhouette. I'm assuming there will probably be three. Does anyone know what day of the week they fall?
  3. We received a similar email earlier this week concerning those who would NOT be allowed to board any ship if they had been in or flown into certain countries.....and our cruise isn't until 3/15. I thought they were being very pro-active.
  4. We also chose a guarantee cabin that had tremendous perks. Our location isn’t bad (deck 3) could have been much worse. As you have said, you don’t spend much time in your room anyway. Biggest concern.....for any room....is being able to sleep due to noise. I learned early on to take earplugs JUST IN CASE.
  5. You have described my husband’s attire right down to the Greg Norman shirt. 😉
  6. I did mean to check into this. I have printed my Xpress Pass and it does show Elite. Does that mean that all is good or should I call?
  7. Does anyone have any experience with a stateroom on Deck 3 of Silhouette? I have read about horrible noises on some ships that keep people awake at nights.
  8. Thanks for your information. I am aware of the dress codes in the MDR and the many differences.....my husband and I are Diamond Plus with RCCL. I'm trying to determine how to pack for a cruise of this length and will probably need to rewear something. I just wondered which nights were "Formal" (i.e. 2nd, 6th, 10th) my husband might need to rewear some shirts during the day that he had worn at night. I do appreciate your information though. Since we have been Loyal to Royal..this is our first cruise with another cruise line. Celebrity is owned by Royal so I assumed the MDR attire was similar, ALTHOUGH Celebrity is a bit more upscale.
  9. I realize how much this varies, but I'm trying to get my thoughts together for our upcoming 12 night Silhouette cruise. We leave on a Sunday and I'm wondering if anyone knows the days of formal nights, it would help a lot with what to wear and when. Thanks!
  10. Thank you so much for the information. Yes, I am considered "Elite" status with Celebrity and look forward to the …...probably 30% discount. Our cruise is 12 days so anything is helpful. Thanks for the links.
  11. Cruisestitch, thank you so much for your quick, to the point, response. I appreciate it. Sounds like it is just like RCCL as far as attire. Again, Thanks!
  12. Do you recall what the daily rate is for SURF unlimited? I'm Diamond Plus with RCCL so hopefully I'll get a discount. I do have a Captain's Club number.
  13. My husband and I will be going on our first Celebrity cruise in March. We will be sailing with two other couples. Two of us (two couples) are Diamond Plus with RCCL, the other couple only has two cruises with them. Will Celebrity allow us to all board together as RCCL does? While I'm aware of the dress attire on Royal ships, since Celebrity is more upscale than Royal are men required to wear jackets on formal nights? I know it's suggested attire but just curious as to what people on this cruise line does.
  14. I'm interested in the internet package but through Celebrity, it only mentions two devices or more....I only want one. Is this an option? Also, is the cheaper package (I can't recall the name but no streaming) can you text or only send email or facebook messages? I have had RCCL tell me YES you can text while other say No. I'm confused.
  15. My husband and I will be sailing on Silhouette in March on a 12 day cruise. In checking their internet packages, it appears there are two options......four devices and two devices. I only need one device, is this not available? We are Diamond Plus with RCCL and will be Elite with Celebrity, do we still get the two day discount for internet? I've read that there are differences between the status of the two cruise lines. Still trying to figure out Silhouette and the "free" dining as opposed to specialty. Looking forward to a new ship and new cruise line. Any information will be appreciated.
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