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  1. Anybody know where all the ships are right now?
  2. Thanks so much for the info. Feel much better about booking soon.
  3. If you want to cancel your cruise before final payment & you have insurance (or maybe not) will they refund your deposit? REALLY want to book something for next summer, 2021, but worried about the way things will be in regards to the virus by that time. Thanks for any info.
  4. Thanks for the info, but I think we're just going to request the good old cards! LOL This would be to confusing for my DH!
  5. Do they automatically send the Madallions out or do you have to request them? I'm still so confused! LOL
  6. Does anyone know if they do a "White & Gold" party on Caribbean Princess? I thought I read somewhere in another post that there was something, but I can't find it now. We sail in Nov. so I'd like to take an outfit if they have a party. Thanks for any info.
  7. I think someone said a few posts back that it was Capt. Johnnie, but not sure, if that helps!
  8. We were on Oasis 2 yrs. ago when the storm hit PR & the captain kept us out for 3 extra days out of harms way. We got 1/2 price drinks & use of the shipboard phones free to call home, airlines etc. as much as we wanted all for free, so it was really great as far as we were concerned. They are not going to take the ship into a storm, so better to keep you all safe. Enjoy your extended vacation if it comes to that.
  9. Thanks so much, Astro Flyer for the info.
  10. One more question, can we bring bottled water onboard? If so, how many bottles?
  11. Thanks everyone for the info, really appreciate it. Happy Cruising!
  12. How much wine can you take onboard the CB? Haven't been on Princess for awhile, so not sure if things have changed! Thanks for any info.
  13. Following along & we will be on CB in Nov. for the Panama Canal cruise. Enjoying all the pictures & posts. Keep them coming!
  14. Booked our Vow Renewal along with our friends for our Nov. cruise to celebrate our 40th. Anniversaries! Can't wait. Thanks for all the info that everyone posted.
  15. REALLY enjoying your post & your pictures are BEAUTIFUL. It's so nice that you travel with your Mom. Wish I could do that with mine, but she's now in a home & at 99 1/2 yrs. old, don't think she could travel any more. Enjoy the rest of your cruise & I look forward to hearing more & seeing more of your pictures. (we LOVED Alaska, & hope to go back again).
  16. IrishLassie

    Taxi Cost

    Does anyone know how much a taxi would be into Cartagena Old Town or is it close enough to walk & would it be safe?
  17. Did you just pay for it with a Credit Card? I don't want to use our onboard credit for it, so wasn't sure if I can pay now with a Cr.Cd.
  18. Well now I'm really confused! I called Princess to see how we go about arranging the vow renewal for us & our friends together, and then she said "it is a group ceremony", which I see that in the small print on the description of the pkg. So is it a "group" or can it be just us 4?? Princess was no help at all ! We want it to be just us 4, as it's very special to all of us, has a special meaning. HELP
  19. WOW, you looked BEAUTIFUL & so did DH ! Loved your dress & flowers. The pictures were so nice, thanks for sharing.
  20. That was so nice of your husband to do that. Was he able to pick the day & time that he wanted?
  21. Thank you all so much for the info. We understood that the "package vow renewal" was with a group, but if it's just for one couple & we get to choose when, I will consider it. I think I will call Princess to see about the group one to see if they do it on CB for our Panama Canal cruise. We are traveling with our good friends who are also celebrating 40 yrs. & we'd like to do it together as I caught her bouquet 40 yrs. ago!
  22. Has anyone done a vow renewal on the ship & is it worth the money? I've heard it's done with a group, is that correct?
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