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  1. Such happy posts, @adamrosie and @neuro -- congratulations! Sorry -- nothing helpful to offer here, but just wishing you and the children the best.
  2. Can you please share the name of that site/app? Also -- on Quantum ships, is it better to just wait and have the porters handle this at check-in? I read something about needing to do that in order to utilize the RFID luggage tracker.
  3. You might want to take a look over at the Bermuda port forum. Not really tours, but .... There is info there re resorts you can get a day pass for, eg, Elbow Bay and Coco Reef. (Check out resort for a day site.) Alternatively, you can head over to a popular (and free!) beach such as Horseshoe Bay, where you can rent chairs/umbrellas, and there are nearby snacks, drinks and facilities.
  4. I'm usually pretty tolerant of these discussions -- even when posters haven't bothered to spend even 5 minutes researching their questions before posting -- but this one takes the cake. I agree with so many before me who have basically deemed it so entitled and hypothetical and ridiculous. OP has his/her answer. Please someone shut this down before it wastes anyone else's time being read through. (Yes, I realize this response has bumped the thread up just a tad bit more than it had been, but am hoping to spare future readers.)
  5. Oh my. What time/day did you get to the general area? Was there ongoing construction and, if so, does anyone know if they work on Saturdays?
  6. We might test that in a few weeks and will let you know!
  7. I assume you all are talking about 7-day cruises, but if not, it would be helpful to specify. (May also be helpful to indicate what season or if holiday week.) We got $89 for a 5-day summer cruise on Anthem back around Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  8. Same with us for our upcoming cruise on Anthem ... except we don't even care about the Chops lunch since we got a great deal on the Unlimited Dining Package. Just 2 of us so worth a try. What ship will you be on in September?
  9. Just a heads up .... OP asked about Bermuda, not the Bahamas.
  10. @alane10 -- really appreciate the details. Thank you!
  11. Thanks so much for your review! Have enjoyed your Anthem ones as well. Can you do a quick compare between the Anthem and the Grandeur in terms of quality/condition of accommodations, ships venues/features, and just generally things to do on board? We'll be on an Anthem 5-day soon but are also thinking of sneaking in a Grandeur sailing at some point. Also, about how long did it take you to drive from the BWI area to Bayonne? Thanks!
  12. In addition to all the helpful info you've received here, take a look at the Bermuda port forum -- lots of good stuff there.
  13. Available on Anthem 5-day to Bermuda. If relevant to you or others, I can update details in a few weeks after we return.
  14. Is there a difference between the mattresses in junior suites and above vs. regular cabins? Also, if you bring a mattress topper, will a Queen sized one work, or should it be a King (obviously, for when the beds are made up together)?
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