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  1. Can someone please tell me what kind of weather they have experienced doing the 14 day cruise to Canada in September please !! Thank you !!
  2. I always bring a bottle of Gin or Vodka on board along with a Bottle of Banana Rum never a problem. Cunard treats you as an Adult.
  3. Thank you every one for your replies I assure you the next time I sail that outfit will be worn one evening.
  4. Thank you- glad every one knows now I am woman hear me roar !!
  5. Very much a female. The name Jeffrey is after a family member that passed away.
  6. Thank you, I took it with me last time and never wore it. I will certainly pack it again next time...
  7. I have a beautiful 3 piece outfit it is a pale yellow color, Consist of Jacket, top and pants with some sequins on it. it is very nice but I am wondering because of the color would it look out of place in the evening on board Queen Mary 2 ?
  8. Thank you, I feel a lot better now about this.
  9. I know when I was on board the Queen Mary 2 in June and waiting to leave New York we had to wait over two hours for a flight from Manchester. So if I fly over, then get the Transfer please tell me how does that work. Obviously I have to get my luggage and then clear Customs do you have a set time to board the bus or do they just keep running thru out the day and how long is the trip to Southampton? My concern is also that I get wheel chair assistance I am used to the procedure in New York but do not know how it goes in the UK. Thank you so much for any information you can give.
  10. I am wondering how many of you fly into Heathrow from Newark the Same day of sailing. Is it better to book a car hire svc. or use the transfer svc. from the Airport to the Southampton.
  11. I always get assistance in New York and never had to fill out any forms. Maybe this is just something done in Southampton.
  12. Hello: I am planning my next trip on the QM2. I always have assistance getting on and off the ship. My concern is although I am used to doing this in Brooklyn what is the procedure in the UK, If I sail over will I get help when leaving the ship and when getting to the area for my transfer to the Airport or if I fly over can I get assistance at the airport that will take me to my pick up area for my car service. What would be easier Eastbound or Westbound?
  13. I was on the June 30th. cruise Canadian/New York this year and there were two men at my table they did not wear a Tux. I would say they made very little effort to dress up on formal evenings. I was very disappointed in the dress standards in the Britannia Restaurant to the point I complained to Cunard who in turned pushed the blame onto the Restaurant staff but most men did make the effort. If someone cannot do it for themselves then at least do it for the sake of passengers who do dress up. Cunard needs to work harder at maintaining the standards that they are famous for.
  14. I always take a bottle of Gin on board- no issues.
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