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  1. Are there coffee makers in all cabins on Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas? Thanks in advance for any info...
  2. Hey all, Hope you all had a good week and weigh ins. Its certainly been rough going the last several weeks dealing with so many different issues and hopefully on the positive side of things again after the best cruise we have ever taken... I am up over 6lbs from a month ago but am sure I can knock that back off easily and get back on track.. I am only 9lbs from my goal and next cruise isn't until October, but then again summers coming so I better get to it... take care all Rob...
  3. Hey Pacruise, glad you had a good weekend, it was such a nasty mothersday sunday here with rain and cold. But I did get my mother here to my house for a few hours... Great time on the 5k's. I am guessing your going to Bermuda as you mentioned Horseshoe Beach. This was our 4th cruise there.. One of our favorite and most beautiful places.. take care Rob
  4. Hi Belle, thanks I did have a very nice cruise. We were on the NCL Escape from NY to Bermuda and was probably the best cruise we have ever been on. We had two of my wifes sisters as well as our daughter in laws mother cruise with us, all first time cruisers and they flew up from Brazil. Dealing with The paperwork and rules for going from medicare to Medicaid are crazy as far as assets and spending..
  5. Hey everyone, Hope you all are doing well and staying on tract.. I wish all you mothers had a wonderful mothers day.. I am up almost 6 lbs since my last weigh in more than a few weeks ago and from our cruise two weeks ago. I have just been so stressed trying to get my mom's affairs settled since she has been in a nursing home for a month now...… To make matters worse two nights before our cruise I got rear ended coming home from seeing my mom and totaled my car and wrenched my back...I will try to get back in the swing of things and back to the weekly weigh ins... Bell as always thanks for starting the week with a poem and keeping the thread fresh every week. Take care Rob...
  6. There were shows on two different nights and yes its easy on the interactive screens and has to be the best show we have ever seen on a cruise. Free beer with the cast, free beer at the meet and mingle and then again free beers at the Escape family party in the brewhouse...
  7. Love your review, can't wait am on the Escape next week...
  8. Wow sorry to hear that Diana, hope your cruise is a smooth sailing and fun filled.. Take care Rob...
  9. Hey Belle, actually brought mom home from a stay at a rehab facility where her 83yo sister is a long term resident last Friday. Didn't have a good weekend and Monday am was back at her dr. office. He called ambulance and re admitted her. This stay has to be longer if she wants to try and go home, but facing the facts of not living alone anymore is weighing heavy on her mind. tough since I just took her to Vegas 5 months ago for her 85th bday and she seemed ok..At least now I know she has the care and someone to keep her safe 24/7...She was with us a few cruises ago to Bermuda..
  10. Hi everyone, Belle thanks for keeping the thread going each week. I haven't posted in a few weeks as have been so busy dealing with my dear moms health issues. Now that she's in a safe place I guess I can post and get ready for our cruise to Bermuda next weekend. Unbeleivably I am down almost 4 lbs since the last weigh in.. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and If you celebrate Passover or Easter enjoy time with your family and friends. At our house it's like the trifecta.. Easter, wifes Birthday, and our anniversary too.. Take care all Rob
  11. Hey Everyone, really late to the party this week.. Am up another lb from last week that's 2lbs in 2 weeks in the wrong direction.. 3 birthdays in the family this week, 2 of them grandkids.. The worst part was I took a few days off after mom fell again and took a few days for the medical insurance to ok her going from hospital to a rehab facility. She's 85 and lives alone so hope only after a few weeks she can be back home again.. Ate fast food the 3 days she was in the hospital and that didn't help as well as not going to the gym... Need to get motivated this week.. Belle glad you enjoyed your cruise to Hawaii.. Hope everyone has a good week. Take care all, Rob
  12. Hi all, Happy Friday, been a crazy week here am up 1#lb from last week. The calendar may say spring but not here in CT.. We might see snow tonight 4-6inches but should melt fast... I need to get back to the gym on a regular basis just am so tired from working way too much...Diana, great job and thanks for starting the weekly thread, Jan hope the warm weather find its way to you soon, and any loss is a good loss.. Fischymom, really good loss for you glad you didn't deal with what unfortunately many others are now experiencing flooding.. Jo, put down those eggs and step away from the table, unless they are the peanute butter ones with chocolate... Yeah I had a few of them too... So had and interesteg week at work, had a very large tom turkey crash thru our office windows.. I didn't believe it when a secretary paged me about a turkey in her office, but there he was.. We released him and had lots of cleanup of glass and blinds ….. Take care all and have a great weekend Rob
  13. Hi Iteach2cruise, welcome and congratulations on your losses so far. I think the strength training will also build more momentum for your weight losses. Everyone does get into a lull period when doing just cardio, think the body kind of gets used to it and adjusts itself and its great to mix up your workouts to keep them fresh. I hope you come back often and also note that each week a new thread is started on Thursday as that is our weigh in day.. Share any thoughts or ideas about what your doing and eating any time as everyone has the same goal..Where are you cruising to? Take care Rob...
  14. Hi Woodside Lady, welcome you still have a few weeks to make your goal of 40lbs by your cruise. Sounds like you have been doing great so far. We usually start a new thread here every Thursday as that is usually our weigh in day... Hope you come back and share with us and have a great cruise. Take care Rob
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