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  1. If I remember (🙄) I’ll ask the steward when we’re on Seashore on Friday, if the question isn’t answered before then.
  2. The question remains: How quick will MSC be to respond to this???? 🙄🙄
  3. Wouldn’t you think that they’d have realised at this stage that we need that info to check in??? 🙄 Did you see what MSC had to pay for the flights? Here’s a screenshot from our Ryanair booking: 😱😱😱😱
  4. When we’ve had great service and let the particular crew members know how much we appreciated them several have asked that we give them a mention on the post-cruise comment form. They’ve said it helps to ensure they’ll get a call back from MSC when their contract expires. We’ve been told it only takes one complaint for them to be terminated.
  5. It’s the luck of the draw whether you get a good butler or a dud! There are members in both camps lol
  6. Let MSC know it’s your anniversary before you cruise. They should organise a cake for you. It was indicated on our tickets when we had an anniversary onboard. However, the cake never arrived after dinner on the evening it should have. I mentioned it to the concierge the next morning. She checked their system and said that it was there, but it had been overlooked. Well, they bent over backwards for the rest of the cruise making it up to us. We were treated to a meal in Galaxy (on Splendida, before it became a sushi venue). The ship’s m’D arrived to our table with a bottle of Moët and served us, himself. Every time we passed the concierge desk, she would run out to us and ask how everything was. Had a very minor issue one day, so I hesitated ever so slightly, (like it had sprung to mind), before saying everything was great. She picked up on it and wouldn’t let us go til we told her what it was. Well, she got onto the dept involved and had it dealt with.
  7. Totally agree, Dave. It’s beyond farcical. Is it even safe to book for next year if you have to sail within 6 months of your 2nd jab (according to the health questionnaire for Med cruises where it’s implied)?
  8. Hope they’re not the ones I have my eye on. 🤣🤣🤣
  9. I’ve just received the very same one. Talk about cutting it close in terms of what specifically is required when their agents couldn’t give a definitive response before now! We sail on Friday. 🙄
  10. I know that mixed vaccines won’t be accepted by the US when they lift the travel ban (perhaps that will change). Perhaps there’s some confusion on MSC’s part. I know that it wasn’t even an issue for our friends (who are Norwegian).
  11. @marielco I rang MSC and originally got an agent who hasn’t a clue. 🙄 Told me to try DH’s email as mine didn’t work. Now, I knew that Ryanair wouldn’t have either of our email addresses, but tried it out anyway. Of course - it didn’t work. Phoned back and got a more clued-in agent who contacted the flights department while I remained on hold. Finally she was given the relevant email address which, of course, is flights@msccruises.co.uk, it being the one to which Ryanair sent the flights info. Don’t know why MSC didn’t know to share that info in the email to me with the attached flight docs.
  12. @marielco Can you remember how you did the Ryanair online check-in? It’s requesting an email address as well as the reservation number. As I didn’t book with the airline, they aren’t accepting my email address.
  13. It depends on the region the ship is sailing. They sailed in the Med.
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