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  1. Does anyone know if deposits on Celestyal are refundable? My friend and I are thinking about doing a Greek Islands cruise next summer, but that's a while away and who knows what might change before then. I'd feel a lot better about booking now if I knew I could get my deposit back.... I've tried looking on Celestyal's web site and doing a few Google searches, but haven't had any luck. Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help!
  2. Thanks for your updates! My stepson is one of the entertainment staff (he plays drums/percussion) on the Royal Princess for the next four months. We're booked on her Dec. 20th sailing and I can't wait to check the ship out myself. This is a great way to tide me over until then.... Bon voyage!
  3. DrVegas

    Enchantment - why so expensive?

    I took a cruise on Vision of the Seas (same class as Enchantment) earlier this month and we opted for an oceanview over a balcony b/c the cost was about $300 less pp. When we got to the ship, I noticed that there were relatively fewer balcony rooms on Vision, and a lot more oceanview ones. So I would say it's mostly an issue of supply and demand - there just aren't that many balcony rooms on the Vision Class ships, so they tend to sell for higher. FWIW, we enjoyed our oceanview room on Vision immensely, and didn't really miss the balcony too much, even though we usually book a balcony.
  4. Does anyone have experience cruising around New Year's and have an idea about whether ships will be showing the college football bowl games? We're going to be on the Celebrity Constellation, specifically, but any general experiences would be welcomed. Just need to know where to set my expectations....