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  1. I received the email also, wasn't sure why they sent the email so late. Me & my son are both fine and we did the self disembarkation cause we had a early flight
  2. Looking forward to your review and thank you for doing it!! We leave this Saturday on the Sky going to the Eastern Caribbean and these pictures are making me so excited!!
  3. Thank you for the video!! We will be in Saint Thomas Feb. 25 and we are doing the sea lion swim. Couple of questions do they allow you to video or take pictures in there? Also when you got off the ship was it easy to get a taxi to go to Coral World? Thank you!!
  4. Thank you so much for your blog!! I have enjoyed it and the pictures!! Can't wait till we board!
  5. Thank you!! We board the Sky Feb 22 so looking forward to your blog!!
  6. You paid the $19.00 for the steak not the lobster, cause I ordered the steak in the MDR on our last cruise and was charged $19.00
  7. I have used this bus service twice with no problems at all. First time I did the all day trip because we had a late flight out of Anchorage and we really enjoyed it. You just get off the ship and get your luggage and we sit inside the terminal until someone arrived, the driver will have your name on a clipboard. I highly recommend them.
  8. Thank you for your review! We are going on the Sky Princess Feb 22, first time to the Caribbean for us, only been to cold places 🙂 I can't agree with you more about Captain Tuvo. He was on our 2017 Coral to Alaska and he was hands down the best! Like you I never paid any attention to who the Captain was and I still couldn't tell you any of their names now without looking at the patter. He is one of the reasons we book the Sky instead of the Regal.
  9. Thank you both so much!! I was able to get the deal!
  10. Hi I was wondering if someone could help me find the post about the American Express Deal on Princess with the spend $500 and get $100 back? I was reading it yesterday and now I can't find it anywhere. I need the backdoor link please. Thank you!
  11. I agree, they shouldn't be stilling selling and showing to route for which they are not taking! I was upset too because I was on June 1st sailing and we went West of Vancouver Island. I have been on the Coral and went the inside passage and that's what I thought I booked this time. If I wanted to go west of Vancouver Island I would have booked round trip out of Seattle as I done before also. I have complained to Princess when we got home and no response whatsoever from them. We was not given any notice that this was the route they was taking even while onboard the ship.
  12. We just went with Jayleen again on June 5, 2019!!It was great and I highly recommend her!! There was 4 of us so we had our own private tour!!
  13. No, I didn't see it and it isn't listed on Princess as taking that route and I have messaged them and told them about it. I could have went roundtrip out of Seattle with airline prices a whole lot cheaper if I had of wanted to go out in the open ocean. That was the only problem I had with the Royal, plenty of places to see onboard and take pictures.
  14. I was on the June 1 south bound on the Royal and it went out into the open ocean all day Friday . I am very upset about this cause this is not what they sold it as and still selling it as.
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