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  1. I agree, they shouldn't be stilling selling and showing to route for which they are not taking! I was upset too because I was on June 1st sailing and we went West of Vancouver Island. I have been on the Coral and went the inside passage and that's what I thought I booked this time. If I wanted to go west of Vancouver Island I would have booked round trip out of Seattle as I done before also. I have complained to Princess when we got home and no response whatsoever from them. We was not given any notice that this was the route they was taking even while onboard the ship.
  2. We just went with Jayleen again on June 5, 2019!!It was great and I highly recommend her!! There was 4 of us so we had our own private tour!!
  3. No, I didn't see it and it isn't listed on Princess as taking that route and I have messaged them and told them about it. I could have went roundtrip out of Seattle with airline prices a whole lot cheaper if I had of wanted to go out in the open ocean. That was the only problem I had with the Royal, plenty of places to see onboard and take pictures.
  4. I was on the June 1 south bound on the Royal and it went out into the open ocean all day Friday . I am very upset about this cause this is not what they sold it as and still selling it as.
  5. Thank you! I think that is what I'm going to do is rent to try it out before I buy it.
  6. I really only use my Nikon D3200 when we go on vacations and I only have the 2 lens that came with the camera when I bought it. I wanted something with more zoom that's why I was looking at the Tamron 18-400 lens and I don't want to have to change lens all the time and I thought this lens might be perfect for that. We are going on a whale watching tour and I wanted to shoot video also I have found plenty of video's about the Nikon P900 for zooming but wasn't sure how good we could video with it. I have also thought about just renting something, instead of buying it to see if I would like it
  7. I am a amateur when it comes to taking pictures but want something with more zoom to take with me to Alaska. I am trying to decide which would be the best to buy I have a Nikon D3200 camera now wondering if I should buy a lens to fit it like the Tamron 18-400 or to buy a Nikon P900 camera. Which would you choose? I can only buy one.
  8. Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it!!
  9. Thank you everyone!! I'm am checking all the options you've given me! martincath not so sure about renting a car now didn't think about smash & grab! Mainly I think we would just be doing things around downtown maybe Stanley Park and walking around in town. Does anyone know if the cruise will take our luggage that we put outside our room the night before and take them directly to the airport? I am wanting to think we did this before on a cruise but I think it was in Seattle and we had a earlier flight
  10. I need help on what we should do with our luggage after the cruise? We disembark on June 8 and our flight doesn't leave until 10:30 pm from YVR. We would like to sight see in Vancouver. There will be 4 of us. Would it be better to rent a car for the day? or take some kind of tour?
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