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  1. Cpt Johnny said we would be 3 - 4 hours late into CC. We really hadn't got that far south. They either stopped or slowed down around 6pm
  2. It's the post that never ends It just goes on an on, my friends. My goal is to stretch it out longer than the 2018 Serenade summer TA thread. It's been going since October
  3. I have those, but which ones do you need ?
  4. It was a heck of a day. Good times, good food, cool cabin. We are back in PC. Didn't expect that 7 hours ago. We'll chat tomorrow. Goodnight
  5. Picked up an escort Would have been cool in super slow mo 20190818_221825.mp4
  6. St Maarten was early off, maybe 8am. Will look into clamshells. If we make it.
  7. Offhand, it looks like we got about 30 miles out, and then stopped. Started back about an hour ago. Current position. Picking up pilot soon Basically just east of our condo
  8. Headed back to Pt Canaveral, medical emergency Must have turned around a while ago. Coco Cay arrival pushed back to 11am, but we're staying until 6pm.
  9. I dont even know where were going sometimes. Totally jaded
  10. Yep, met Ellen and Dan. They may have been the ones to drink all the Amstel. My second one was not quite chilled properly. 😉🍺
  11. Our western is rather different than last week I'm guessing
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