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  1. Ok, how does Royal have a valid sale with a policy that allows existing customers to get these new lower prices.🤔
  2. All this angst over the cost of one Labadoozie is killing me.
  3. Yep, I should probably acquire an Empress.
  4. Seems to only apply to former ships
  5. Not necessarily, it's just nice to get a second bath, a a quiet nights sleep
  6. Lock on Harmony was never latched in the two weeks I was aboard. But it seems an easy hop for someone who wants to get in. Oasis seems a little more secure
  7. Just basing it on your constant complaining
  8. Interesting, obviously not an authority, but read on the Oasis drydock thread that per EU regulations, since taxes are not broke out, they would get an FCC for the full price.
  9. The Netherlands slapped a huge fine on Royal for violating labor laws on ship. Royal hasn't been back since from what I can tell
  10. I think refuelling a carrier takes even longer
  11. You want the truth? You can't handle the truth. 🤣
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