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  1. Thanks Lou. I hope you and Cindy enjoy it
  2. @AshleyDillo have they updated the length of CATS? Curious if its showing up at 90 minutes.
  3. Did you bid high? Pretty sure that's a very hot ticket
  4. One reason why I preferred Sunday departure over Saturdat departure when we were working. I'd prefer the extra day pre cruise vs post cruise
  5. Pretty much everything except Chef's Table is included
  6. Harmony DL does have several 110v power outlets, that's a big plus in my book.
  7. That seems to be typical when the B2B is part of a long continued voyage. The Mariner Odyssey had close to 1,000. I'll bet your Hornblower had that many
  8. He's no asking for a block. He doesn't want the block that he's DUE.
  9. Laura's favorite crab cakes are from Surfrider in Virginia Beach
  10. I feel bad that some are giving you grief. Maybe I can help. I can probably trade to help you out. Email me at J M Durland at M S N dot com
  11. I read it as trading a block with the LA
  12. There would not be a reason for them to have any blocks other than their ship.
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