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  1. If the anti cruise groups are smart, and they are teaching their minions what to say, they can attack the industry without tipping their hand.
  2. On The Cruise critic Android app you won't see signatures Not a fan of the app. Mobile Web works fine on my S9+
  3. That rate I used was for last 3 years, we wete closer to 4-5 previously. New philosophy will be 'less is more'
  4. Late 50's retired. Done with all those things. Enjoyed it while we could. Actually kind of burned out anyway.
  5. I feel for you Dorothy. Definitely not how I thought things would workout. For me, I've just discovered other, cheaper things to do.
  6. We typically sail 15-20 times a year. Starting to realize I dont miss it as much as I thought I would. Anybody else? Of course, ridiculously low prices will lure me back😉
  7. I don't think he understands the potential benefit of L&S vs moving a deposit😉
  8. You seem to have quoted the wrong person
  9. What does that have to do with Nevada🤔
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