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  1. I think I'm all packed. Heading to beach around 10:00 Off to call Royal and see if my cabin assignments will be ok
  2. 4am, why am I up? Still no notice on vaccinated status.😇
  3. We actually enjoyed a beer in my suite on the last night of the Allure TA. Newcastle, I think
  4. Found this on the Canadian vaccine thread. Probably applies very well to what I 'know' about this upcoming voyage.😉 However, I should append this by saying that I am probably wrong, but may be right in the future. Or I may be right and could subsequently be proven wrong. @CruisinCanuck63 thanks for the enlightenment
  5. Does he drive as fast as he flies🤔 I drive pretty fast and it's closer to 3 hours Stay on 95 all the way to 528
  6. No thank you emails from Royal about being un-vaccinated. That's promising
  7. Terminal 1 is a 4-5 story parking deck for 1,000 cars. Around $17 a day, but they charge for 3 days. It's worth it on a short cruise like this. Pay as you enter
  8. Thanks for update, we're looking forward to water park. Got rained out on our 2 day Mariner back in 2019. It was a buy one day, get one free deal. And then we couldn't dock on our second day because one of the gangways blew off the dock
  9. That is the risk. Like I said earlier, my original plan was to put us together, but IT glitches put me in panic mode.
  10. Capacity isn't based on cabins, it's based on passengers. 😉 Tons of folks coming solo. FWIW, solo or full suite is our typical booking. Calling revenue on Monday for guidance
  11. Well, it is isolated with controlled access and a nearby food supply
  12. Bottom line is most ports outside of Florida either are booked, don't have proper facilities, or don't want cruise ships. Most, not all
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