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  1. You can get vanilla and hazelnut syrup at the dollar tree. Does not need refrigeration. We used to bring one to Beatrice in the Oasis DL
  2. That wont work in the free machines.
  3. Serenade, they actually had decaf beans
  4. Gee, I never would have thought of that 😉 I was speaking of things much more creative
  5. It's so easy to bash Pinnacles and joke about their entitled selves since they are akin to the 1%.
  6. We all understood, it was just degrading.
  7. You'd be throwing money away. No 21 year old will ever be top cruiser. For the very reason that they would rarely be traveling without their elders who likely have more points.
  8. And you take photos of people dressed in appropriately as I recall
  9. Mariner and Navigator are now doing the shorties, probably for that very reason
  10. Not 100% sure, but I typically see higher prices out of Florida
  11. The OP alluded to that. Ships with Suite Class have had different cards for years
  12. Best ships lobster I ever had was on Adventure in January. Maybe you gave up on MDR to soon.
  13. Look for benefits by tier in the Crown and Anchor Society section. Doubt you'll find much though
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