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  1. It kind of needs to dock at a terminal. Probably a good facility to process people
  2. Here is my attempt to Periscope before Aqua Show A little view of the main cabin I probably should have done more movies with the gimbel https://www.pscp.tv/w/cU1T4zFkdkVPbm5neUJvalh8MVJER2xRTVpacE9KTGREZVINZ4rUqoe83RanVaix92gLoDbW3KyTE6Tv_Ckt
  3. Day 7 - Ready for a Sea Day, Royal Caribbean Style? Stir fry in CK (dissapointing), Dinner was Chops, again This was the only night Jay did not have a scheduled event for us, so we didn't miss anything Of course, we could have seen Stephanie Parker or Ice Games😉 We did watch the fountain show from our balcony Pat and I spent the evening in the Champagne Bar drinking Martini's and an Old Fashioned. And finished with pizza and the 70's party
  4. Day 6 - Relax at Sea (remember, no compass for evening activities) Lunch was pizza in the suite, Dinner was at Sabor Went to Top Tier (even brought Pat 😉) We once again bailed on the Headliner, Stephanie Parker. I think she did a Whitney Houston set. This was also the day the 10 drink punchcard showed up Pat and I finished the night in Dazzles with a very large group for Cards Against Humanity And of course 1am pizza at Sorrentos
  5. Day 5 - Relax at Sea (again) Breakfast at Johnny Rockets, Pinnacle Lunch at Sabor (solo, Laura didn't want to go), Giovanni's for dinner We bailed on the Juggler and missed the 50's and 60's party on the Promenade
  6. Day 4 - Escape From the Ordinary Tried room service for breakfast again, no better lunch at Sabor, Dinner Chops (Pat and I only, this was when Laura wasn't feeling well) We were supposed to do Ice Games, but opted for the Bob Marley tribute in Boleros instead Due to Progressive Trivia, we were unable to do Master Sea Chef. That's a shame, saw it on Serenade and it's a lot of fun
  7. Day 3 - Relax at Sea (yea, right) Pages 5 and 6 aren't scans, they are pictures, so a little harder to read Room service for breakfast (wasn't good), lunch at Chops and dinner was the in room fiasco Saw Mama Mia and the Comics, we missed Love & Marriage
  8. Day 2 - Make Yourself at Home Breakfast in CK, lunch at Johnny Rockets, dinner at CP150 Jay stopped by dinner to verify we were coming to Mama Mia. Said no, we'd like to go tomorrow. Also went to M&M and started Progressive Trivia Played Cards Against Humanity in Dazzles, then pizza at Sorrento's to close the evening
  9. Day 1 - Embark on a Journey of a lifetime. Obviously boarding day, we wanted to have lunch in suite. No luck Had lunch at Chops, Dinner at Izumi, and watched the Aqua Show. Twice for me. I actually did a Periscope, not sure how it came out.
  10. Ok, time to post compasses. I will post them one day per post and give some thoughts on what we did do, and what we didn't get around to I am missing the nighttime activities for Day 6 Oasis ships use 6 pages to fit in all the activities. Pages 5 & 6 are the evening activities
  11. Scanned all the compasses last night. Will stsrt posting them in a few minutes. Someone just showed up to distract me. She has to cut her visit short because they finally started replacing the roof on Linda's building. They live on the top floor and its noisy. BTW, this is repairing the damage from Mathew in fall 2016
  12. You are kind, and yes, it's day 13. Saturday will be the final day of isolation. I just missed a cool picture opportunity at sunrise. What I got was ok.
  13. 1554 on Brilliance has a double opening slider. It's pure awesomeness
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