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  1. I thought so, but FB groups members are unimpressed from whst I can see so far
  2. I do, however, on Mariner our SL drinks come from the VCL which has a blender😉 May try that tomorrow 😁 From the backstory I heard, it may have started to satisfy a Pinnacle.
  3. Thanks. Looking forward to sailing Liberty this spring, but I'm going for the ship.
  4. With all the complaining about MJ losing the Diamond event, CL's being eliminated in favor of SL's, D+ being booted from the remaing CL's on some sailings, and the ongoing rumors that Diamonds will eventually be banned from the DL, I thought I'd share a recent enhancement. I brought this up as a rumor on my Live Oasis thread, got confirmation from 'the' top cruiser, and I have now verified that its policy. Sometime in the last two weeks, Michael Bayley sent an email fleetwide adding frozen virgin drinks to the list of Diamond Voucher drinks. I asked Leonardo Gama, the Diamond Concierge on Mariner, if he knew about it this morning. He confirmed it and said they are waiting for an announcement from Molly before they list it on the published drink list. However, the bar staff are aware, and I shouldn't have an issue. Went to Boleros tonight, asked a bartender if I could get a virgin daiquiri, and he said yes. He also offered to include alcohol for a 2nd voucher swipe. It was tasty. This should be fleetwide now. You're welcome.😉
  5. Where would you like him to be🤔😉🤣 I'll ask tonight, he seems to be off now
  6. It was that way on Empress this past summer
  7. Just spoke with Leo about virgin frozen drinks. He said yes, that is new. He got that from F&B manager. It is not listed in the list, but staff are aware. I have not asked for one yet. He also said they are waiting on Molly to make an announcement before they publish anything
  8. Tao said yes to bridge tour on 4 day trips. Not able to do theater or galley 3 day bridge tour is by special request
  9. Our current Royal Up is $500 pp to go from OV to JS on Harmony. Since we are OV, we cant bid on GS and up. So @Merion_Mom since my original cost is basically free, is $1000 an acceptable bid
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