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  1. Probably a bad choice of words. Maybe sour grapes would be better. I won't be posting many balcony pics anymore. Got one deleted today, so I'm done. You'll have to visit us in Floataway Lounge to keep up
  2. It's a choice I guess Planned for the funds, and now have the time But to tell the truth, we'll probably slow down, kind of burned out But I really don't get all the jealously pointed at FL residents
  3. FL govenor just finished press conference. Said many hospitalized Covid patients are nursing home residents not allowed to return even though they are no longer in need of hospitalization. We can thank NY for teaching us that lesson😉
  4. We passed through your country when evacuating from Spain. I appreciated that immensely. Big kudos to BA as well for picking us up.
  5. https://www.tampabay.com/news/2020/05/06/the-sunshine-skyway-bridge-plunged-into-tampa-bay-40-years-ago/ Sometimes they miss
  6. Except the 35 folks who die when they fall off the bridge. SMH
  7. No offense, I was thinking of poor @Oxo, you probably got his hopes up🤣🤣
  8. I have a non disclosure on that😉😇 I may have bent a rule or two. My fault, no worries
  9. Thanks, but no longer a contributor Not worth the hassle
  10. Sorry, I'm not very adept navigating their site. I was trying to get dining added, but didn't see it. Nonetheless, I really dont see how you can say that Celebrity is such a fantastic deal basing it off an oscure and unavailable sale price. I have a $3,400 OS on Symphony in 2022 courtesy of L&S, but if you try and book it now, its ten grand. Would it do any good in a suite cost discussion to say thats a typical price? Bottom line, every line had deals on occasion
  11. If you only have 500 points, are you truly loyal anyway?
  12. Yep, great place to stop by prior to seeing a show. I get a dbl Baileys added to my cappuccino and off to wherever. Oh, and even Allure often has an overflow lounge down there, so they are all good
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