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  1. Hey there. What makes a deal an "expert pick" on the cruise critic mailing? Is it about good price per day? Is it additional perks that make it qualify that way? A combination?
  2. Does anyone have current information on Ruby Princess movies shown on board, musical numbers and other entertainment. Thanks
  3. thank you for your honest review of your travels. I quite enjoyed it.
  4. does anyone have a link? I really am enjoying blogs for the first time. always looking for cruise ones.
  5. I like three things about your idea... the fact it's small easy to pack and reminds you of where you were.. good for you! :)
  6. Richard 1224 (of what 's your favorite cruise breakfast) Said: I always start my first morning with a toasted bagel with cream cheese and bacon--great sandwich! Pair that with a ham and cheese omlette--breakfast potatoes---a link or two of sausage--and of course some fresh fruit, So i ask you: What is YOUR Favorite breakfast on your Cruise? Is the first day Breakfast different?
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