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  1. Try calling again. Odds are you will reach someone different, and they may transfer you to the Cruise Air Dept.
  2. I was able to use a certificate online, on an already booked cruise, in MyNCL account. So their official policy isn’t “too official” when their website allows it to work.
  3. Hotel Plaza de Armas is walking distance to some cruise piers, but not the one NCL uses for cruises that start and end in San Juan. They use the Pan American Piers, across the bay from Old San Juan.
  4. When embarking in San Juan, NCL uses the Pan American piers...across the bay from Old San Juan. There aren’t any hotels super close, but many with a short Uber ride.
  5. I’m going on the Epic in about 6 months. I had originally booked 12065 (B5), thinking that with the slight angle the balcony might be a little larger than normal. Then a few months later, I called to make some changes to my booking and the agent told me that that balcony is actually smaller than normal. So I moved to 13165 (B2), as the agent said it was larger than normal. While none of these are cabins you are looking at, you could call NCL and ask them.
  6. I think the small cabanas hold up to 6 (or 8)? And the large cabanas hold a few more. We had 5 in our small cabana.
  7. One of the main dining rooms will be open for lunch. All 3 main dining rooms have the same menu.
  8. Usually, the 3rd person price in a cabin is the same for every type of cabin (e.g. 3rd person in the Haven is $599, 3rd person in a balcony is $599); it's the 1st and 2nd person where there is a big difference between Haven and balcony,
  9. I’ve used Cruise Next certificate months after booking (but also before final payment) with no problem. I’ve called NCL and had it applied to an existing reservation. And I’ve logged into MyNCL and applied it as payment to an existing reservation. (Both with no changes to my booking/cost/perks/etc).
  10. You are in the penalty period and i don’t think you will get any refund if you cancel. And like someone else said, you could have to pay the single supplement. It’s best if he is a no show.
  11. I don’t know the price of these drinks, but I know they can be purchased with the drink package.
  12. I don’t remember seeing anyone dressed up on the Pearl last August (Alaska Cruise).
  13. For some cruises, the cost is more if you take the perks....but not always.
  14. I have also been able to pay the “old” rate online....after final payment (was not added when booked or prior to final payment) and before the cruise, just by logging on to MyNCL and paying online. I didn’t have to call.
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