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  1. Extending the T/A would not be a good option for those of us who are unable to extend it......... An announcement by Virgin as to the status of this cruise would be so helpful to all.
  2. The lack of communication from Virgin is getting old.
  3. Totally agree with you! We are also booked and it very frustrating to have no communication from VV. I seriously doubt I will book a cruise with them in the future. Their customer service is nonexistant. We also have a back up cruise plan and hotels in multiple departure ports! If it wasn't for loosing our deposit I would cancel this cruise in a heartbeat. I need to arrive in Lisbon on the first of May so another VV ship doesn't get me there. This is a total disregard on Virgin's part for their customers.
  4. They are also not listed on the Lisbon port schedule.....
  5. Are they really waiting until end of August to expand Brilliant Lady voyages and decide on the April 2024 transatlantic?? This is crazy. Does anyone know what's going on with Brilliant Lady?
  6. Has anyone heard any more on this transatlantic cruise?
  7. A lot of time and money spent on accomodations both before and after T/A on 4/20/24. Not looking good. Most cruise lines are booking 2025 and there still isn't a decision of spring/summer 2024. Other means to get to Lisbon are adding up in costs. First time VV cruiser and I am not impressed with the total lack of customer service on this voyage.
  8. The new promos are out and they only talk about 3 ships in 3 different regions. No mention of Brilliant Lady. Custom service is still insisting the cruise is going to Lisbon. (Spoke with a supervisor today). "Don't worry if it's canceled we will let you know" I do not have a good feeling on this one.
  9. Does anyone know of a current bus service from RI to Cape Liberty cruise port in NJ? Apparently the cruise lines are no longer offering this option.
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