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  1. Hi - we have sailed most cruise lines and for me it is all dependent on cost. For our family of 3, I would not spend more than £1,000 for say a week on Costa. As a brand, we like Costa but it is a basic no luxury cruise line. It is good for cheap and cheerful sailings. For instance, we are sailing Costa Favalosa on 18th May 2024. We are flying to Lisbon where we emarbark, Vigo, day at Sea, Le Havre then disembark Dover as we live in the UK. What itinerary have you seen to the med? For me I would look at Princess but not the newer ships, Royal Caribbean or Cunard. Again as stated above. It all depends on cost. I like Costa but you really do get what you pay for. There will be extra charges for EVERYTHING!! When my child was younger, there was a really good childrens club but now that they are 14 there is nothing much really put on for that age range. I like Costa for all the activities - there is always something to do and the Italian vibe. We are paying around £600 for an ocean view cabin. As we only require one flight and the service charge is included, it is a good deal for us.
  2. Hi, I tend to find the best prices with Costa German as it includes the mandatory service charge. Have you checked that Costa.eu will include this or as in the UK, will this be added on during your sailing? At the moment there is MAY24 or maycosta24 which gives you 100 euros off a cabin.
  3. Hi and sorry for the late response! She is a nice ship but it all depends on how much you pay! We have done quite a few Costa ships but have never paid more than about £700 for 2 adults and 1 child. We sailed on her last August. There was a really good deal for £600 for 1 adult and 1 child. So it was too good a deal to miss out on. It was around the British Isles and as it didn't involve any flights. We were pleased. We are sailing again on Costa Favolosa next week, so we do kind of like Costa. For myself and 14yr old child we are paying £621 approximately for a guarantee cabin. We are flying to Lisbon for embarkation, Vigo, Day at Sea, Le Havre and then disembarking in Dover. She is a good ship but there isn't all that much to do for a 14yr old. As it is a short trip we plan on spening most of our time ashore. You don't say how old your friend is but as a stated earlier, don't spend too much and you won't be disappointed!!
  4. Disembarked 2 hours ago. The cruise was wonderful! Re the tests. We ordered ours via Nph, similar to Randox. You do the tests yourself and it doesn't have to be observed. We did the tests at 4pm on Saturday as sail away was at that time Monday. Tests took 15mins and we got the results and certificates almost immediately. We printed the result at our hotel in Barcelona. Embarkation was at 10am and we were on the ship by 10.20. There were no issues with our tests. Be sure to pack something white and something tropical for the theme nights Also if you are embarking outside of the UK and disembarking in Southampton there will be an immigration check. We were only told the night before to be at the venue at 7.15am. We got there at 7.10 to be confronted by a huge queue and only 2 immigration control officers. It took about 40 mins!
  5. Hi - I asked this very question of MSC UK. We are embarking MSC Virtuosa on Monday from Barcelona. We are British citizens and are all vaccinnated. This ship sails at 4pm. We were told that we have to do our antigen test at 4pm tomorrow. The test doesn't have to be observed but we do need to present a negative certificate. (I got this all in writing and printed off should I be told something different when we arrive!).
  6. Received an email today which states "Please note that as long as the test comes with a Negative result certificate is all good" So we will have copies of this email, our vaccine certificates and will do our antigen test through NPH (iMed) UK who we have used before. Will let you know what happens when we get back to the UK!
  7. Well, we were told something different by MSC UK! We are UK citizens and are all vaccinated. We were told that the antigen tests don't have to be observed. They just have to be UK/EU approved. We were told verbally. I have since sent an email asking the same question so I have the proof in writing! (We are embarking Virtuosa, in Barcelona, on Monday).
  8. To the original poster, I don't know if you have sailed with NCL but I would argue that MSC is more akin to the Norwegian ships rather than the Oasis class. If are are familiar with NCL they have an enclave called the Haven, on the MSC ships its the yatch club. We have sailed with all three cruise lines, along with many others. Now we don't mind the MSC ships but of late, have found ourselves sailing more with Celebrity, Princess and Cunard. For us, we like the Solarium on the Oasis Class. We also like the fact that we have the "run of the ship". With the newer Princess ships they have the Sanctuary rather than the Solarium. However, you can chose whether or not you want to pay a bit extra to patronise that area. On MSC, there is no option, especially on the newer ships. You have to pay a lot more to sail in the yatch to enjoy areas at the front/bow the ship that in most part are free to use on other lines.
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