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  1. You're welcome, and we hope so as well. It was no fun just sitting around waiting in whatever public areas had availabilty because we couldn't be in our cabins.
  2. You have been given bad information. I was on the Tom Joyner Cruise last year and it wasn't us that "took our time" getting off of the ship. The ship came lose from the gang way and we were stuck on the ship for almost 2 hours before we could start disembarking again. In addition to that being a problem our luggage was not in any kind of order which further complicated things for us. It was so chaotic and caused many people to miss their flights. Carnival had to compensate many people because of the issue being caused by the issue with the ship; not the cruisers. Too add to that, we had delayed boarding as well. People were text us to take our time getting to the pier because they were all standing outside in long lines waiting to board the ship. If you would like clarification on what happened contact Christine Duffy with Carnival. That's who emailed us and asked any of us that ended up missing flights and having to get hotels to contact her and send in our receipts so that we can get refunds.
  3. This is why I love the Ocean View Double Bath cabins; you have two showers.
  4. I honestly don't know what's going on with Magic's debarkation. It seems as thought this has been a consistent issue this spring. We were on the April 7th-14th sailing, which was a charter cruise. The media spun it as if we, the cruisers, were to blame for not getting off in a timely manner. Now mind you, the gangway came a loose from the ship, twice and that delayed us for over an an hour after people had already started debarking, but the luggage was a total nightmare!!!! No rhyme to the reason. Many people missed their flights trying to locate their luggage for well over two hours for some.
  5. That would be good enough for me. It's a beautiful ship, but that moldy carpet needs to be addressed before Sept. 2020 because it will get significantly worse between now and then.
  6. Thank you!!! I thought it was just us on our sailing that smelled it. It was pretty bad around stairs and the lower decks like you said. In addition, I ended up hoarse, and drainage and with a scratchy throat and didn't connect the dots until later; it was the mold. I was like, I'm out here in this beautiful salt water air, so why am I getting sick?
  7. This ship is in need of carpet replacement in some areas. The smell is really bad from the mold.
  8. Also, our delay in disembarkation started around 9:00 am. Carnival had plenty of time to tell the passengers about the boarding delay because they couldn't get us off.
  9. Gang way, bridge...but yes. Pardon my misuse of terms.
  10. I was on the April 7th sailing of the Carnival Magic for the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage. And guess what, our boarding was delayed as well. People that were at the port to board during their scheduled boarding time text and called many of us that had later boarding times telling us not to come because they were standing outside in a line that wasn't even moving. I had never seen a line so long when I got there. And guess what we got, $0 onboard credit. Another thing that Carnival is failing to mention is that our ship had returned back way ahead of schedule because we had a medical emergency on board so we had been in the port since at least around 3 or 4 am! The people that got off the ship early had no problems and many were at the airport by 8 am, literally. What caused the issue was the bridge becoming detached from the ship. Now tell me, how many times does the bridge get attached to the ship for embarkation and disembarkation...every time right? Well someone didn't do their job and it could have ended in an absolute tragedy. They had to stop disembarkation for over an hour and they also stopped everyone from getting off because of the luggage debacle. The luggage tag numbers were not in their appropriate groups. 3's were with 20's etc. Many of us came off and had to look in luggage that was all piled together that was in no order and also had to check the belt. Many people were delayed and missed flights because there was no organization to the luggage. Again, not our fault. But I will say this, they do book this cruise each year because it's guaranteed money for them. Over a million that they receive up front! They should definitely take the necessary steps to make sure that things run smoothly for us as well as the passengers that are boarding after we get off the ship. In this case because of the issues they had with the bridge, they new early enough that there would be delays in boarding of their next guests.
  11. He is a highly respected radio DJ that has been doing a cruise for 20 years to raise scholarship money for HBCU's.
  12. I need to clarify a few things. I was on the ship that you boarded on 4/14/19. Yes it was a charter and we left late the Sunday before but the reason was because there was a concert with Janet Jackson. However, we were delayed in boarding as well on 4/7/19 and Carnival said the same thing....that the cruise before which was not a charter had a delayed debarkation. But...the REAL reason we were delayed in getting off of the ship was because the bridge came detached from the ship! Imagine what an horrible situation this could have been if someone would have fallen and was injured or worse. In addition, Carnival did a horrible job with our luggage and they placed blame on the port and the port placed blame on Carnival, go figure. We sat for over an hour, after many people had started getting off at 7 and had to wait until the captain re-positioned the ship so that the bridge could be attached to the ship again and people could get off. Charters do in fact follow the same rules. If you want further clarification on this, contact Carnival because it was not us that delayed boarding...Carnival just chooses to place blame on the group leaving the ship.
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