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  1. I believe Carnival just decided to cancel through September 30th to start off at the beginning of the month IF they are able to start back. That also gives them 2 more weeks to fine tuning.
  2. It may have already have been mentioned, but NCL suspended their August crusies and I think most of their September cruses as well. I think it's on the horizon that they will be cancelled.
  3. Actually, Carnival does have something to do with it. Carnival had to agree with our chartering company to postpone; Carnival would not allow them to cancel. But ours has already been dealt with...it's been postponed since March 13th. I was just wondering what others had encountered with their charter.
  4. I was booked on a charter cruise that was on a Carnival ship, but has now been postponed? Are there any others that were booked on charter cruises through Carnival? If so, how is your cruise being handled, did you receive refunds?
  5. I really don't think cruises will begin again in April. I truly think it will at least be May, if then. The reason being is that the cases are still increasing. I don't think we will peak for another 2 weeks or more. They probably won't start cruises again until we have only new cases here and there.
  6. Can you please let me know which cruise insurance you purchased?
  7. That's correct, at times I have noticed a delay.
  8. You're welcome, and we hope so as well. It was no fun just sitting around waiting in whatever public areas had availabilty because we couldn't be in our cabins.
  9. You have been given bad information. I was on the Tom Joyner Cruise last year and it wasn't us that "took our time" getting off of the ship. The ship came lose from the gang way and we were stuck on the ship for almost 2 hours before we could start disembarking again. In addition to that being a problem our luggage was not in any kind of order which further complicated things for us. It was so chaotic and caused many people to miss their flights. Carnival had to compensate many people because of the issue being caused by the issue with the ship; not the cruisers. Too add to that, we had delayed boarding as well. People were text us to take our time getting to the pier because they were all standing outside in long lines waiting to board the ship. If you would like clarification on what happened contact Christine Duffy with Carnival. That's who emailed us and asked any of us that ended up missing flights and having to get hotels to contact her and send in our receipts so that we can get refunds.
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