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  1. We didn't go this past year so we are over due. Started out over 400 days. It will fly by!
  2. boozrcruzr


    So- we are doing a early spring out of Galveston this year. Departing the 28th of April. What is the weather typically like in the Western Caribbean that time of year. It is a bit later than we have normally gone.
  3. boozrcruzr

    Benefits of a JS on Liberty

    It's all in what you want.We just returned 11-4 from 7 days on LOS and our first JS. I will say it's worth it to us. All the extra room was perfect! No comparison to the Balcony which we always had before. Your already spending a lot of money so why not be even more comfortable. Just do what you feel fits your needs. It was super to us. Who knows...next time we may go up the next level.
  4. Just got back from a seven day adventure on the LOS, the second one we have done. Once again RC, you out did yourself! Everything was great, especially the bartenders Bally and Dewayne, they were outstanding! Couldn't have asked for a better week!
  5. After 14 months since the last one on LOS... down to single digits!!
  6. Every day...morning, noon and night. Wouldn't have a regular room. Love the smell, the fresh air and especially the nights. I's the only way to go!
  7. Beautiful ship and had a great time on it. Will be boarding again the 29th of October. Can't wait!!
  8. Was on LOS last September and will be again in October. We enjoyed everything about this ship. Enjoy!
  9. Can anyone tell me about JS 1294 on LOS?
  10. boozrcruzr

    Mr Sanchos or Paradise Beach in Cozumel

    We were at Mr Sancho's last September and thought it had gone down hill from the year before.
  11. Thank you...we've always stayed on 7 and 8 and tried something different this time so was just curious. We're still in the middle so I didn't know what to expect.