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  1. Thanks! I was able to book an excursion for mu husband with a 30 min gap. Which is why I concluded 15 min is the break off. And yes I was wondering if the rally time is the driver. Also - the excursion in question is an included one towards the end of our 22 days. So we're hoping we can work directly with guest services on board.
  2. Based on my experience yesterday -- working with MVJ V1.x -- I won't weep at all over the demise of the Wish List in V2.0. For me .. unless the Wish Lists for my husband and me are merged when the booking window opens .. so that I can see and book/reserve all of our wish list selections together .. it's less than useless. We are pretty independent -- choosing the same excursions about half the time (if that). Also .. I discovered that the criterion MVJ uses to determine schedule overlap prevents booking excursions with a 15 min or less gap between them. Thus, if you schedule an excursion that ends at 1:30 .. you can't also select one that starts at 1:45. 😝
  3. You're right. Thanks for catching my error.
  4. Hmmm. Ours is still the old version. Fingers crossed that this happy state continues through the coming week. Strongly recommend that all of you who got "upgraded" to MVJ 2.0 voice your complaint to TellUs and cc your Viking TA focusing not only on its deficiencies but also the lack of prior notice. Enough complaints come in they may decide the better part of valor is to roll back the beta version of 2.0 until its deficiencies are addressed. Moreover, when they decide to roll out 2.0 again, to do it better. That is, to send an announcer to all affected of the imminent update to MVJ.
  5. I have been less than impressed by the efforts of Viking's outsourced IT support. The initial roll out of MVJ was rocky but over time actually got to be pretty good. Sad to read that roll out of MVJ 2.0 is rocky as well. Thanks for the warning. Will make sure to have a printout of our intended ShoreEx selections - along with a list of alternates - on hand before logging in to book/reserve our ShoreExs this Wednesday just in case we are "gifted" to be part of the guinea pig/testing group. Would strongly urge too that you send any comments you have about its functionality, ease of use, etc - positive and negative - to TellUs@viking.com. With luck this will get fed back to that IT crew and acted on in a timely way.
  6. I agree. No need to stress out. Think zen!
  7. Let me amend what I said about MVJ. It's not part of the area labeled Itinerary. Open My Account. It's listed there. It's part of My Journey Details. I happened to find it the other day. It's not obvious for sure. 🙄
  8. Look at the itinerary provided on your Guest Statement/Invoice. Also provided in MVJ.
  9. You're right. We do. Just not as part of our selection process. We use the spreadsheet along with the consolidated excursion report you know I make up and share with everybody to finalize our choices. When we have our choices finalized, usually well before the booking window opens, I completely populate our wish list. When the booking window opens, the booking process itself is quite straight forward and efficient. Unless we hit a conflict. Which hasn't happened the last two times.
  10. We don't use the Wish List. We work from a spreadsheet I've set up in which we each record our excursion preferences by date and time. When it's time to book, I filter the sheet to show all our final priority 1s, print it out, and we work from it while parked in front of one of our computers. The whole booking process takes at most 30 minutes. Depends on whether I do it alone or we sit together doing it -- with the usual chit chat, it can take longer. 😉
  11. The booking windows for excursions and specialty dining are provided on your guest statement/invoice. Look on page 3 or 4 after the ship itinerary and the air disclaimers. Before the excursion booking window opens, My Viking Journey provides the date when it will begin displaying excursions with times and costs. To see it open up day 2, basically the first day that will include excursions. By the way, we did Viking Homelands in 2016.
  12. Ah but to those of us who grew up in the cold climes, we like it. 😎 Dealing with the horrible winter driving skills of DC drivers - that's something else. I remember when I first moved here, the giggles I'd have watching them from my office. It had an excellent view of a major DC thoroughfare. 🙀
  13. Having grown up in New England, I was able to do leaf peeping effortlessly. Just look out the back door in the Fall. Which is why, living here in the Mid-Atlantic for the past 40+ yrs, I still miss that ability. Some years the conditions are just right and it's glorious. Most years tho, not so. Sigh.
  14. Too bad. Am looking at April 2022. Coild be October but $1200 more??? Hmmmm. 🤗
  15. My resolve is slowly crumbling. Looking at Canadian Discovery. Hmmmm. 🤔
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