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  1. Decided to trust to chance/luck/whatever and sent our final payment for the 8 Jan '21 East Galapagos trip but are not hopeful at all. At least we have the comfort of the ability to cancel up to 24 hrs before departure for a 100% future cruise voucher good for 2 yrs. Or.. who knows?? Maybe US citizens will still be barred from entry into Ecuador .. or will be required to quarantine for 14 days .. in which case .. Viking is forced to cancel. I frankly don't know. Life is such a crap shoot right now. Sigh ..
  2. Have updated the spreadsheet and posted in usual place. https://www.dropbox.com/s/v0h7vvslptkwg2n/Viking Ocean Cruises (2020 to 2022).xlsm?dl=0 Rather than use the broadaxe approach of simply deleting all cruises starting in September, rechecked the entire cruise schedule for October thru December and a little ways into 2021 to find an "ripple effect" cancellations. Discovered that Orion will not return to its schedule until it starts the Australia-New Zealand cycle in December. Also corrected an oversight from previous updates, revised the first sail dates for cruises with "first sail dates" that are now October 1 or later OR never sailed at all.
  3. Announcement yesterday that suspension of operations extended a month to September 30. Will post updated spreadsheet later today. Here's the video announcement from Mr Hagen - https://viking.tv/episode/tors-corner-july.
  4. Can anybody hear the sound of my palm striking my forehead?🙄
  5. Pardon my ignorance - "weighs anchor" means the ship is underway?
  6. What is the presumption here? That the ship is underway with bouancy changing as fuel is consumed and weight decreases. Or that the ship is at anchor? The question doesn't include that data point. Re the man's widow question - that question is nonsensical. If a man has a widow it means he's dead and incapable of marrying anybody.
  7. It's the Equator. Seasons are meaningless! 😎. Starting in 2021, Galapagos Expeditions are scheduled every month.
  8. As advised -- here is the link to the Roll Call I just set up: East Galápagos, Machu Picchu, & Peru -- 31 Dec 2020. In the roll call, included mention of this thread.
  9. Besides what I've already posted in Dropbox, is there anything else in our Cruise Docs you're particularly interested in? Docking locations etc? We have our docs still and I'd be happy to scan and post those pages to DropBox.
  10. I posted a bunch of materials regarding France's Finest which includes Lyon & Provence to DropBox - excursion descriptions (with costs and schedules from July 2018), Viking Dailies, and a description of the Rhône route. Use this link -https://www.dropbox.com/sh/thqcbd09bdbtux5/AADkTyIVTozCaKPEc_QKtfi9a?dl=0. Instructions for how to download the materials are provided in my signature block. Covers most of what was in our cruise docs and then some.
  11. really???? Those phones are their "memory"! Enter your cabin number and .. altho I was never so bold as to ask to see .. am sure that what pops up on their "phone" is your picture and name .. And of course, there's also their phenomenal ability to remember your name sans phone helper too!
  12. CCforum's advanced search option will let you include the content of posts in your search but then the search takes WAY longer to do. The faster mode is to search thread titles.
  13. To people who've spent time working with databases and queries of or naming files or folders you want to search for later - whatever you can add - in a compact way - makes perfect sense. 😎
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