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  1. Sorry to learn that your May cruise got cancelled. You also have a wonderful Thanksgiving albeit not with as many of your family around you except perhaps via Zoom. In the meantime - be thankful that you're well and able to be as grumpy as you wish.
  2. So am I! Fingers crossed for Midnight Sun next July!
  3. Bagel and Bloody Mary???? Really? Truly - to each his own. 😄
  4. Have just posted an updated copy of the Consolidated Cruise Schedule that reflects the changes I was seeing a day or two before the "Updates to Current Sailings" was posted by Viking on 19 Nov, confirming the changes I was seeing. One evening about 2 weeks ago I witnessed a lot of thrashing going on with the schedule -- sailings canceled from Jan through March 2021 - only to be restored to their previous state an hour or two later. Thus, when I noticed last week that all of January was gone -- I held back on making any kind of posting until I knew for sure what I was seeing was real. It's
  5. The Iberian Explorer is only scheduled once a year in January. It's the annual repositioning of the ship from the Med to the London. Similar to Trade Routes of the Middle Ages that executes a reposition from Barcelona (the Med) to Bergen (the Baltic/North Sea).
  6. Just checked the sked for NL in Feb & March 2021. Still scheduled and not full.
  7. I reviewed all the schedule changes a few nights ago but didn't want to post my updated schedule spreadaheet until I was sure the changes I saw were announced by Viking. This is my own summary of the changes: Orion - Jan/Feb canceled -- start from Sydney in March to head back to Alaska Jupiter -Jan/Feb canceled - start from Buenos Aires in March to do Southern Atlantic Crossing Sea - Jan canceled - start from Rome in Feb with Cities of Antiquity & the Holy Land Sky - Jan canceled - start in Feb doing loop cruises from Miami Star - Jan canceled - start in Feb headin
  8. He's a big boy. Has his own operating style. I don't interfere. Just like we maintain two joint but separate bank accounts. I balance mine; he balances his. It's worked for us for a little over 40 yrs. Happiness is....
  9. Ha ha! I'm the one who maintains a detailed electronic todo list (use a mobile app called "Todo Cloud") that includes an item concerning special things not to forget to pack. However I don't start organizing what to pack until about a week before in our daughter's old bedroom; DH begins to do likewise in our son's old bedroom. The actual packing is done the day before. And no - I don't have any hand at all in DH's packing operations. He does his, I do mine. 😉
  10. That was our thought. Suffer with luggage for a week and then relax for a week. What HAL did was to limit us to one bag each for the land tour. Any extra bags were sent forward to meet us later on the ship. We had packed two big bags plus a small one so we repacked things - all the clothes we wouldn't be wearing on the land tour along with laundry from our Anatuvuk Pass extension was sent to the the ship. Can't remember now if we consolidated ourselves to one large bag and sent the rest to the ship or just sent the overnight bag to the ship. Too long ago. And my DH doesn't have a memory like
  11. @What was that? and @OnTheJourneyWe did a cruise tour of the Alaska & the Inside Passage on HAL's Statendam in 2011, which included a week long land tour and an Anatuvuk Pass excursion preceding it. That was our introduction to cruising. Decided it made more sense to do the trip with the land part first.
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