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  1. And the Philippines has successfully taken a large portion of the crew “home”. A total of 451 people from the Philippines (which has to be almost entirely crew as then had only a few guests) left the Diamond Princess. If I am reading it correctly that includes 10 that previously were positive but have recovered and tested negative. (Previous report said they had to test negative several times to be released). This appears, IMO, to be very good news. https://cnnphilippines.com/news/2020/2/25/Filipinos-repatriation-coronavirus-cruise-ship-Japan.html
  2. The article I posted said 2 crew from the Philippines have recovered and been released and 5 more are expected to be released soon. That was an article specifically about the Filipino crew and guests so there are likely more. what I don’t know is if anyone has gone from serious or critical to recovered.
  3. For people that have been wondering about the crew... looks like the Philippines is back to saying tomorrow will be the day for them to run their flight. They don’t say the number of people but it seems to be several hundred people (“over 400 expressed interest”) and almost all (if not all) of that will be crew. They’ll still have a quarantine at “home” but hopefully it will be more comfortable. (I say “home” because I assume it will be similar to other countries so not their own homes). And of the 59 positive cases from the Filipino guest crew (I think they only had 8 guest), 2 have already recovered and been released from the hospital and 5 more are expected to be released soon. (47 were just in the recent batch of positives). So hopefully the crew cases will be mild. https://cnnphilippines.com/news/2020/2/24/Diamond-Princess-number-of-Filipinos-positive-for-coronavirus-rises.html Obviously that is not all the crew, but hopefully other countries will follow soon or at least with the number of crew quarantining onboard reduced the remainder will have a better experience.
  4. I posted a link above but you can find it in many places (including CDC press conferences). When the evacuations from Wuhan took place they did not require tests. The CDC responded to questions to explain that the number of false negatives (due to testing too early, etc) was high and they felt it was not sensible to hold off on evacuations waiting for a test that wouldn’t really prove negativity. They felt it was better just to get people “home”. It would seem the logic in this case was the same “don’t wait around for a test we don’t feel is all that reliable. Just get them home”. once the decision to evacuate and the logistics of getting the flights were settled it was likely deemed best to get people before the situation changed. The Philippines was set to get all their crew that wanted to evacuate yesterday. And now it’s been delayed “awaiting Japan to clear them for departure”. The people with tests in progress for the US getting the positive result after they were presumably in US custody but before the plane boarded threw a kink into the plan but I think it was a decision to get people to the US before anything changed to prevent it. There are still politics within the US to deal with but all the people that made it to the US no longer have any risk of a foreign govt’s policy intervening. The same cannot be said for anyone still in Japan.
  5. I’m curious if cabin mates of someone that tested negative were allowed to go to their home countries to quarantine and if what we are seeing in the positives we’re cabin mates of someone that tested positive on the ship. I’ve been watching an Australian family on twitter. They were in an inside cabin (mom, dad, teen son and pre-teen daughter). They were set to go to Australia when their daughter (but no one else in the cabin) tested positive. They appear to be quarantined in hospital but their daughter is in isolation on a different floor. That has to be terrifying for them all. I know my preteen would fake bravery but be terrified to be all alone. And language barriers seem to be adding on to the situation. Hopefully she tests negative soon and can reunite with them.
  6. This is about evacuees from Wuhan, not the Diamond Princess but it has some quotes from the CDC on why it won’t test or require negative tests from evacuees. In short they say negative tests are unreliable. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/02/13/us/coronavirus-quarantine-tests.amp.html Looking at the letters from the embassy and the CDC press releases, I don’t think they requiring a negative test even from those that stayed. It says they can’t come back for at least 14 days after they leave the ship and can’t have tested positive. I assume they do require a negative test if and only if you previously tested positive.
  7. As I understood it the US didn’t wait for results because they didn’t have a reliable ETA on them.
  8. Was she in a guest cabin or is she officially crew? I’m just curious. And I’m wondering if that is a sign that at least some countries brought how crew members.
  9. Its sounds like the Philippines is planning to bring their crew members home for quarantine there. https://www.cnnphilippines.com/news/2020/2/20/Filipinos-cruise-ship-repatriation.html I different article I read said something about them looking to move quicker as the Japanese want the ship shutdown but I haven't seen that anywhere yet. Will be interesting to see whether there is truth to that. But if the Philippines follows through that is a large portion of the crew who will not be forced to quarantine in the cabins that were just used for weeks by quarantined passengers.
  10. The news I’m pretty sure we can all agree we never wanted to hear. 😞
  11. check out yardley_wong on Twitter and you can read it yourself. The caption on this one is “#freedom #day1 walking down the street to feel the depth of space. Such a nice neighbourhood. Keep on to absorb #postquarantine #covid19 #diamondprincess” This does show the absolute polar opposites between the ways some governments are approaching this. She is from HK which is enforcing quarantine. But in the time between isolation on the ship and actually being flown back to HK from the 14 day quarantine they have no restrictions (per her responses to people asking).
  12. They were released before the charter flight. Not sure why at that point Japan didn’t say you have to wait for the flight if you are taking it, but I think once they were told to disembark they had to disembark.
  13. Yardley had responded to a comment that the HK passengers were being taken to a hotel until the plane but she didn’t elaborate. She was very nervous about the protests in HK. I can’t imagine finally getting off, accepting that you need more quarantine and then seeing videos of violent (from what I see) protests outside the place you are going to be housed.
  14. I assume at this point some countries just really want to get their citizens back and if they are going into quarantine and are currently negative they don’t want to leave them behind.
  15. I don’t know if countries share restricted traveler info with others. One could hope. Also not sure that various governments have full manifests of cruise passengers that are not their own citizens. Nothing to do but wait and see I think.
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