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  1. If those figures are correct, then the space ratio number per guest goes from 44 to 39. Even though large they will less spacious. Oasis has a score of 41. So it's not the size of the ship but how many people fit on the size. It was the score of 44 that impressed me for Edge and Apex.
  2. I was looking into upgrading the drinks package and having the freedom to choose anything off the menu. I found a lovely youtube clip that showed all the menus and some of the speciality menus in various venues. As the cruise we are booked on only has only 1 sea day in a week, there is a lot of time we are not on the ship. We thought to try the AI on the first week and if we really need (or want) the premium drinks then add for the second week. After looking at the AI choices, there is a lot of drinks on there that we like and instead of paying £7 (just over) a day for unlimited premium drinks, we could supplement our AI with a choice drink for £1.50 extra (on average, drink depending) and try new cocktails each evening. We would need to do more than 5 premium drinks a day to make it cost effective, and I don't think we will. We could manage 2 or 3 premium drinks but with the standard of AI, we can be very happy with just the 'top up'premium than pay for the package. If this fails and we find we are doing more premium than Ai, then we can always add the package for the second week after we have drunk all the options on the AI in the first. This plan might not work for everyone and depends on your taste and drinking habits. At least we have options for all to enjoy.
  3. I love reading all the reviews, good or bad. But the facts are what surprise us all. You have a ship with nearly 2,000 passengers on it. Half that for couples and people sharing cabins. So 1,000 per week. Do they all write a review, NO! Will 5% write something, probably, but if someone had a bad experience, they are the ones to write first. The really helpful nice people that had a wonderful time, will write something or post on here. So the other 85% or so that had a perfectly happy holiday and enjoyed their cruise and are booking to go again, don't bother to tell others online. It's like trip advisor, no place has a perfect 100% 5-star rating without someone moaning about something. You can't please everyone. I read one review, that everything was great but they only gave it 4 stars and not 5. Then after looking deeper as to why it was due to an excursion having a rainy day and traffic in the city centre that made it not so pleasing. Now how do you mark a cruise ship down a star for that? So my advise is, don't read the bad, don't read the good (could just be the owners, crew, staff writing these to big up themselves) and look for the middle reviews to get a fair and true opinion of the cruise.
  4. Also don't forget that with wifi, in your ports of call you could use your mobile phones data (upto 15gb per month) for no charge and calls/texts as you do at home. Check with your supplier on what countries are available on your tariff. Ring 150 from your mobile to get to your supplier for a free call.
  5. Having Cruised P&O and Fred, we have also cruised with Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Costa and Marella, so have a varied view of the cruise lines. We prefer to find a place to visit and then find a cruise line that will visit on the dates we want. Fred is low down our list due to the massive price increases and the drinks package doesn't give you value for money (unless you get it for free on an offer), we drank what we wanted, when we wanted and paid for each drink and still paid less than £15 per day each. The drinks package is very limited in what you can have and if you then think you get other drinks half price, ad £15 to that half price, cause that is what you are truly paying. I worked it out as a 7 drinks minimum per day to just break even. For a prime example, Boudicca in a Terrace Balcony Suite (5th top tier) is 25% more than a Butler Suite on Ventura (2nd top tier). Our prefered cruise line was Royal Carribean for the ships and fun and games, but for a wonderful cruise experience and entertainment and ports of call, for value for money, we love Marella. We got an Owners Suite with flights (to the Med) and drinks package and Grats included for less than a Junior Suite Only on Royal. And now Marella has decent sized ships (2 old Royal and 2 old Celebrity), we are looking forward to August this year to experience the best of both. Fred did upgrade all of their ships recently and it's not so much like staying at Grannies house and more a country hotel, but the increase in price has pushed them out of the market for me. The only cruise line I would say to avoid is Carnival, really hated them. That's a long story and not for here. See me on a ship, buy me a rum and I'll tell you all.
  6. Having also done Pisa (on one cruise) and Florence (another cruise), this year in August on Discovery 2 we were looking for something different to see and do. We found this excursion (provided by Marella) THE CANALS OF LIVORNO A series of canals weave their way through the streets of Livorno, earning it the nickname ‘Little Venice’. There’s even a waterway underneath one of the town’s largest squares, which you’ll pass through during a guided boat ride today. The Fortezza Nuova is another one of the town’s monuments you’ll catch a glimpse of. This 16th-century fortress hides a landscaped garden within its chunky walls. Once you’re back on dry land, you’ll have around an hour’s free time to explore the Mercato Centrale, a bustling food market housed in a grand Neoclassical building. Then, the final part of the tour takes you on a scenic drive along Livorno’s coastline. This includes a photo stop at the Mascagni Terrace, a beautiful black-and-white checkerboard piazza that sits right on the seafront. £36 per Adult
  7. If the only problem is the name of the ship, then it's not really a problem. The name isn't going to stop me cruising. It could be called Titanic and I'm still cruising on my holidays. I like Apex but maybe cause in England it doesn't stand for anything else than what Apex means.
  8. Wonder when the first 'reveal' will appear
  9. Cool and rainy is the summer, April will be wet and windy.
  10. Apex will be better than the Edge, because we will be on her! Exciting times
  11. It's gone 3am here in Blighty, so chat later my American Cousins.
  12. Talking of packages, we had a new deal in the UK. It was drinks package and grats included offer. So I looked at what it would cost to book today for this cruise and when I add grats to my cruise I still save over $500 each on the price. Pays to book early.
  13. The edge was in Southampton recently for a little visit. They were testing size. We have had Anthem ots and Independence ots size ships in fine. But as P&O are building a 5,000 pax ship to fit in Southampton, this is the main reason for the new terminal to cater for the bigger ships. Royal are also spending on it, so they can use it for their bigger ships, rumour has an Anthem Ultra class to be based in the UK, then why not let Celebrity use the new terminal?
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