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  1. Also looking at this for the Apex.
  2. Coffee is Nescafe Tea is Yorkshire Tea And suite guests get an espresso machine. Also in the Suite Lounge on Discovery 2 there is teapig tea bags. So if you meet a friendly gold card guest, ask them to nab you a teapig or two.
  3. The ones at the back have such a large balcony, that with the 2 loungers, 2 chairs and table, we had 15 guests out there not sitting down and no one was touching each other. I reckon we could have got 5 more people. It's that huge.
  4. What cabin grade have you booked? Also have just come off Disco 2, so any further questions just ask, whilst still fresh in my head.
  5. Just come off Disco 2 and didn't upgrade to the Premium Drinks package (just bought the odd extra drink now and then for a treat) and the selection is huge. There is more than what you could bring onboard and quite easy taking a drink back to your cabin. The fridge will keep items cold, especially if left overnight. And ask you cabin steward for ice. Handy to use in the morning to chill those drinks down before going ashore. So as previously mentioned, no need to take drinks onboard.
  6. They have them in storage and only get them put in rooms for UK guests. We have to have a cuppa before we leave the cabin and this stops complaints.
  7. Sorry, got confused, but all makes sense now, thanks Aus Traveller
  8. Not here in the UK. They stopped rewarding same tier from P&O to Princess, but my 10 night Christmas cruise, these nights points have been added, and so will my cruise next year on P&O. I'm in a suite with a butler so extra points will be earned and might get me to the next tier with Princess.
  9. First time with Princess and my points with P&O have been taken into account on Princess. So the days already travelled are recognised towards Captain Circle points. It saved me an extra £100 when booking and lowered the deposit to 5% of the price as well.
  10. In St Lucia I did an underwater scooter adventure trip (great times) and in St Kitts the Sugar Cane Railway journey is great.
  11. Dream is an old ship in the Marella fleet, as Discovery and Explorer are new and had extensive makeovers these new venues got added.Also they are bigger ships and can accommodate these venues. You won't find them on the Dream or Celebration. When they get replaced with the larger ships then you will, but if it is a venue you 'need' then book a DIscovery or Explorer class ship.
  12. Sorry to hear of all the drama you have experienced. The only issue I have is the quoted part above, where Lily has made an omission of damage prior to going to the airport. This would have made you responsible and hence everyone now is not giving any compensation or refund. Why you couldn't still go and leave Lily behind (which I doubt you would do) is a mystery. I understand your anger and frustration, and without CCTV proof of the incident in question, I can only go on the details you have made above. Good luck on taking the matter further and let us all know if you do actually get anywhere with this.
  13. What browser are you using? Works on Google Chrome. Try deleting your cookies and then go to the website again.
  14. Best bet would be to go to the website of Celebrity and do a booking quote for the type of Cabin you would like and work from there.
  15. Not too bad for free. I had on Fred Olsen to pay but you did get special tea, like gunpowder. Actual gunpowder mixed with tea, wrapped in green leaves that when drunk gives a little kick to the tea. Was only £6 ($9) each.
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