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  1. Make sure the people with lanyards have the kind with a card pouch to hold their card.
  2. Agree that expressway is a bit boring, but we usually save at least $200 driving from Seattle. Really depends on how good a deal you can get on a car (we pay around $50/day with no dropoff charge heading north on corporate discount). Best route: Drive to Port Angeles and take Black Ball Ferry to Victoria. Stay a few days. Drive to Swartz Bay and take BC Ferry to Tsawwassen passing lots of little islands. Drive to Vancouver and turn in Avis rental car in basement of Fairmont on Hornby. Stay a night or two in a nearby hotel and walk to cruise port. Second best: Drive to Everett area and take ferry over to Whidbey Island. Drive north over Deception Pass and get back on mainland at Burlington. Longer but more scenic than driving on expressway. Then drive to Vancouver. We have had one hour-long delay at the border, but there are several crossings so you can choose the one with less delay.
  3. On ships that have them, the escape rooms might be a good choice. Was $20pp on Navigator and the room handled 15 people. Good for people that like puzzle solving.
  4. Allure sailings a couple of years ago got modified when Fort Lauderdale was closed during hurricane. One 7 day cruise extended to 10, next cruise shortened to 4 days. Airport barely open for the second cruise so many people elected not to sail. But in that case Fort Lauderdale was in fair shape (some power outages, some hotel closures, sand on streets). Not sure what they did in San Juan when the whole island was trashed. Few hotels open and little power. Airport closed. My guess is that they just cancelled the cruises leaving out of there for several months but they certainly could have moved ships (but this also depends on port availability). We love sailing out of San Juan - you can get to a lot of islands much faster than sailing from Florida. Plus it is a great place to visit for a few days. OP - we have done six cruises from San Juan and never had a problem. But do get insurance for the flights, although airlines should refund if they can't get you there.
  5. I check every few days for price decreases, especially when they advertise a "sale". Last one reduced price from $128 to $79 per person. Note that the web site may or may not show the excursion you booked (haven't had this problem with drink packages). If you don't see it, look in your "Order History" at the top of the Planner page. This shows the price you paid and if you click on the excursion the current price. Sometimes you can click on the Modify link and it will just change the price for you. Lately I have had to Cancel from there and then book at the new price. Usually takes a few days to get the original purchase refunded to credit card and lately this has come back as two refunds (one for each person booked). Slight risk when doing this of an excursion that was full being snapped up by someone else but we have never had this happen. Might if you were booking a cabana, though.
  6. The test drive is important. Most phones are in "wifi preferred" mode all the time for phone calls, but this has to be set up while you have a cell phone signal. Once set up it should work later, although our phone sometimes loses this setting. So when you get onboard turn off your cell signal and log into the ship wifi. Then make a call (I call wife's phone that is in cell mode).
  7. Normally if an airline changes your flight by more than a minor amount they will switch you to another flight at no additional cost. And they can switch you to another carrier (Southwest will only put you on another Southwest flight). This assumes there is space on another flight. You can get your money back, but then you are stuck finding a new flight on your own. Call them and ask nicely for them to fix the problem! Note that if you bought Early Bird it might not transfer, but it should. People do claim that this "schedule change" requires the airline to give you a different flight. I looked and didn't find that to be true. Even checked the passenger bill of rights info on the FAA site. But every time this has happened to me they did do a change for free.
  8. Haven't been in one but they look like pretty small windows under the 8th floor balconies and above the yellow and white awning to the right. Might be the larger windows in second photo or smaller ones to the right. Note that your cabin has nothing to do with the Promenade - it is Boardwalk view. In the rear of the ship the Boardwalk is on 6, so nothing on 7 could see it. Any Promenade view cabin would have to be between the elevator banks. Deck plan shows 22 cabins in this area and quite a number of them are advertised as Cat 2T "Promenade View Interior". Color code for yours looks also like 2T, but it isn't near the Promenade.
  9. Barely visible in daylight! And it looks like an old dot-matrix printer.
  10. On all the cruise we have taken in the past few years we could only access one set of minutes from one account. Had to create two onboard accounts and be logged into each one to access that person's minutes. And had problems if we didn't create the two accounts with internet access near the start of the cruise. Haven't sailed with the unlimited package, but once you buy this for one account you might not have access to the ability to "buy" the free minutes from that account. Also, that $59 price is pre-cruise. So cost onboard might very well be higher even if you get a Platinum/Elite discount. One thing we have found on any ship is that your signal strength is the most important factor with internet speed. If you don't have "Excellent" then the speed slows way down (probably packets getting re-transmitted). So move to an area where the onboard signal is strong.
  11. On all the large ships MyTime dining shows up as "at leisure" in the calendar. If you want to see your actual time look in the Order History at the top of the page. Known website feature.
  12. In 45 cruises we have never had a "bad" cruise. Including a couple that didn't sail to any of the scheduled ports. And most complaining reviews are written by people with little experience - other folks on the same trip report a far better experience. You already received a £1000 reduction in cruise price - prices on our cruises always go up, not down. Sounds like you really want to cancel. The only time we have received compensation was a cruise shortened to four days when Port Everglades wasn't open on the scheduled day due to a hurricane. Anyone still sailing got 50% back onboard and 50% as a future credit. If you miss a port you get a tiny refund of port fees.
  13. The online system won't let you book two reservations in the same time slot, so a MyTime reservation and a specialty reservation won't work. But if you had first or second seating dining you can make a specialty restaurant booking even at the same time as your regular dining. Same is true for MyTime diners but only if they don't make a MyTime reservation. I've even had the system disallow a MyTime reservation close to but beyond the end of a shore excursion. But it did allow a show to overlap a dinner reservation - just did a warning that they overlapped.
  14. You must have one hand free to use the escalator. If not, they will direct you to the elevator. If you get to the port before about 2 you will be hauling your suitcases around everywhere, including in some very crowded elevators on the ship. On three day cruises it is common for folks not to check their luggage.
  15. There are several dolphin areas in Nassau. The most expensive is at Atlantis, but there are also encounters at Blue Lagoon and Balmoral Island. The latter two are ladder entries into fairly small enclosures. Atlantis uses a "beach" entry (fake beach in large pool). We've done Atlantis and have just seen people doing the others. Atlantis has you wear a wet suit and line up on a submerged ledge. The dolphins come by and do various behaviors with you. We took a 3 1/2 year old granddaughter with us to this one. The swimming encounters do more - dorsal fin pull and float push. Full swim encounters may be in deep water and even do a roman ride on two dolphins. Surprisingly easy - the dolphins are strong, stable platforms to stand on and seem to love dumping you at the end. Simplest and cheapest encounter includes a kiss, fin touch "dancing" and a chance to pat the dolphin as it swims by.
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