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  1. Everyone got certificates from Princess and there was a ceremony at the pool. Representative volunteers (3 or 4) participated in the ceremony.
  2. We typically sit at the same table in Anytime Dining for an entire cruise. Many times the table number changes - people setting up the dining room put a bunch of the markers on one table while setting up. Our waiters just find the right number for us and move it to our table. Also fairly common for the waiter names to be the lunch waiters.
  3. B2B on Navigator a few months ago. Two in room. Two cups first cruise. Four on second. First two cups continued to work for whole second week. Steward thought it was funny when he delivered them and enjoyed lining up the extra cups in different ways throughout the second cruise (yes, he was a character!).
  4. For us normally it is 3-4 days. Latest cancel was from their end cancelling an excursion. Posting date is 1 day on credit card account but looks like it was back-dated - showed up today but dated 9/12, so it took around 6 days. Had gotten three reductions in this excursion so was disappointed they cancelled that tour.
  5. Your SetSail paperwork is used until you can get access to your cabin and cruise card. Each person with a package should have a separate SetSail pass.
  6. Escape room on Navigator did appear in the Cruise Planner a couple of months out. Well worth doing. Nothing else had reservations, although the ice show with many drones did fill up about 15 minutes before the show. Skating views are best near the ice. Drone show is best if you are near the back.
  7. The Navigator facility is a dedicated, high-tech escape room. Only a few locks and lots of room-specific puzzles. And the entire group is needed to work multiple puzzles. This one did cost $20.
  8. LeeW

    Is Nassau Safe?

    You are unlikely to even see an actual refugee from the other islands. Tourist area is pretty built up and any refugees are going to be elsewhere on the island. While we think the Straw Market is a bit too pushy for us, it doesn't stop us from going anywhere in Nassau. The Bahamas economy really needs you to spend money there right now.
  9. The Trident Grill near the pool stays open late on most nights and sometimes has special menu nights. Keep an eye open in the Patter or for signs on the grill. Not predictable, though. Grill has been renamed on some ships to Salty Dog, but still has similar menus. Dislike Ernesto, but loaded fries are great.
  10. The little mermaid is little. Like kid-sized. You have to walk by a much larger statue to get to the fort or out to the main street. But consider buying a Copenhagen Card before you go. Includes admission to most museums, bus/train transportation, Tivoli, and even the canal boat cruise. The dock for that is adjacent to the end of your pier/little mermaid and will take you over to the scenic dock area and near several museums. View from the canal boat may be better than from shore. You won't see everything in a day, but three or four museums/castle admissions pays for the Card and works like a Fast Pass - bypass many ticket booth lines. With a tour you will spend a lot of time waiting for other people on the tour.
  11. Four cruises booked with $52/$56/$65/$65 prices currently. The only thing I have noticed is higher prices on big ships and 2020. Not seeing any sales yet on shore excursions for 2020 either. Constant sales of various prices on 2019 cruises.
  12. Shouldn't matter. Ship will limit bandwidth to the router to equivalent of a single connection.
  13. Normally we just buy a couple of Future Cruise Deposits and book later through TA. Have seen a few special promotions over the years for actually booking onboard but it has been rare. And now you can just do it through the Princess at Sea website. Don't even have to fill out a form.
  14. St Maarten has great snorkeling. The Ultimate Beach/Snorkel excursion is great (three times for us) but now has an upper limit on age. High speed inflatable goes through Simpson Lagoon to Creole Rock, then to Mullet Beach with floating bar and quick stop off of the airport. High speed return to ship. Say hi to Trevor. Lots of other snorkeling trips available either through the cruise line or independent. The cats through the cruise line tend to be packed - they can hold 80 people. There is also a new manmade snorkeling site in Little Bay that some operators will go for. If it advertises a submarine and airplane it is just an OK area. They also use this area for TryDive and Snuba.
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