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  1. Drink package + deck 8 on Oasis = no need to get this package but I've still thought about it for the convenience. 😉
  2. I could be wrong but I'm pretty Key is the same time, they just have the extra benefit of dropping their luggage off and having it delivered to their room in time.
  3. That $17 pool drink was likely one of their pineapple or coconut drinks made with the actual fruit as the cup. And those are not included in the drink package. Most other pool drinks will be less than $12-13 dollars and included (Oasis class ships have higher prices and the drink package allowance.)
  4. I have the Ship Mate app on my phone which allows me to create a price alert that emails me whenever there is a change. If there's enough of a difference then I'll mock book to confirm and reach out if there is.
  5. All cruises I've been on it's been in the Cruise Compass as well as signs at different bars, particularly the pool deck bars. And yes, they tended to be middling price (usually well drink prices.)
  6. Day drinking is fine... day passed out drunk is another story! All things in moderation. 😉
  7. My wife and will often order an extra entree as an appetizer because there was something we wanted to try together as well as a main dish to eat on our own. Did this in Giovanni’s one night, no issue. If this changes it’s honestly a minor issue for us, we still like the flexibility to eat most anywhere without having to worry about cost after the fact. The food is plenty and multiple appetizers works fine if you’re super hungry (or desserts, why not? You’re on vacation!)
  8. I too would like to know for sure if there are separate menus for the unlimited and non-dinner plan patrons. If that is in fact true, and the package menus have items removed, then I’ll be canceling the package. I sincerely hope that this is not the case.
  9. From my understanding Royal only schedules a random restaurant the first night and you reserve the rest while on board (either at a specialty restaurant or via the app if your ship supports it.) Even then, you can usually make changes or adjustments, depending the availability, after the fact so I wouldn't sweat it either way. They might be confusing that with the dining room set timing which doesn't apply to the UDP.
  10. Gotcha, I think I’ve seen that posted before and forgot. Thanks!
  11. Been twice, first time in a balcony room and muster was in Boleros on Liberty. On Independence we had an inside room and muster was on deck under a lifeboat.
  12. Just out of curiosity, is there an easy way to determine this on a ship by ship basis?
  13. Just note that Starbucks is not included as well as room service or the mini bar.
  14. I'm willing to bet that they will not likely make this mistake again!
  15. Was that with reservations or without? My wife and I got the UDP and we like being able to choose on a night by night basis where we go to eat if at all possible, and we do usually eat on the later side unless there is a show or event we want to partake. I understand it's first come, first served if you don't have a reservation but I just wanted to know how much of an issue it would be on Oasis if we were to forego reservations. If we would be standing around for awhile waiting for a table that might not be cool but we're not against getting a cocktail and hanging around either. If getting reservations anyway is highly recommended then we certainly will (and understand changes can be made by talking directly to the restaurants, etc.)
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