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  1. Just saw this today. I realize cruises don’t start until September but if this is still in effect it will make cruising quite tricky. https://www.airtahitinui.com/us-en/french-polynesia-entry-requirements-air-tahiti-nui-flight-schedule-0
  2. We are on the July 2021 10 day. I have done research on the private tour operators and some do have a minimum. I will be starting a roll call as well. However, I have found that only a very few people who cruise with Windstar actually use cruise critic. It makes it very challenging to organize private excursions.
  3. Yes. We changed our reservation without the package. It just doesn’t make sense. Now they are offering $400 onboard credit. I have to call again and request that now. It really annoys me how every week they come out with a different offer. Our cruise is for July 2021. I am going to have to check the prices and offers constantly.
  4. Petoonya, Thank you for the great information. I will change our reservation to cruise only. I’m also curious Bout the flight on United. I didn’t see it in my searching. What city does it leave from? We are on the east coast so can connect just about anywhere.
  5. So you are saying that you can book the AirBnB for the day and not stay the night?
  6. Petoonya Thanks for the info on the AirBnb. Sounds like a great deal. Just hope they don’t go under. If the flight gets in at 5 am what do you do until boarding time? I do think it’s hard to know at this point what the flight situation will be next year. I just don’t know understand how Windstar can charge $600/ person for hotel and transfers. A package usually implies a deal and this is no deal. Especially if it doesn’t even include an overnight stay.
  7. We have booked a air and hotel package to Tahiti for July 2021(so long to wait😩). First of all, the airfare if you book yourself is $400 per person less and the room at the Intercontinental is half the price they charge, it does include a day room on the departure day. My husband likes the security of the package. I don’t like paying more than I need to. We have sailed with Windstar but have always made our own arrangements. Has anyone done the package and think it is worth it? Has anyone been able to get a day room at the Intercontinental on their own? And is the room available at 8 am when you would arrive? It does include all transfers as well. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
  8. My husband and I were on the Windsurf from March 7-14. This was our fourth Windstar Cruise. While we love Windstar we were bothered very often by the smoking allowed on the upper deck. There were a few cigar smokers and the smoke and smell travels down to the deck below. It was very unpleasant and we often had to find another place to sit. We are very disappointed that Windstar allows smoking.
  9. Does anyone know which staterooms on deck three have been renovated due to elimination of suites? I’m guessing the aft ones. The suites there seem to be gone.
  10. I imagine you have all seen the email from Windstar with regard to Corona virus. You cannot board if you have a fever of 100.4. We don’t sail until March so I hope it will be resolved by then. Otherwise stay healthy!
  11. I am truly shocked that they would leave port with all that trash on board.
  12. We also booked a BX for this cruise and received an upgrade to TX two weeks after. I suppose they want to have inventory in the lower prices staterooms. Why else?
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