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  1. Wrong place for Roll Calls 😕
  2. That's Dominique ... one of the best GM's anywhere. He's always around the ship and very attentive to guests' needs.
  3. Some people are polite ... others - well, let's just say I would prefer not to sail with. 😉
  4. B3 Cruise Only - $8,499/pp ... O' Life w/Airfare - $10,099
  5. Dan - Not sure what county you are referring to ... we're in Riverside County and they just removed the mask requirements. However, if you intend going into any grocery store or other public place most of them require that you do wear a mask. Several cases in the last couple of days where customers were ask to leave since they were not wearing a mask and they became very upset - some to the point of violence. While the county has removed the requirement to wear one ... individual businesses can still require one.
  6. Ours was an Alaska cruise, round-trip out of Vancouver, and "unofficially" cancelled weeks earlier when Canada closed their ports to cruise ships.
  7. May 31st - it was officially cancelled the end of March. I did not wait for SB to give me a timetable for the refund ... I contacted Amex right after getting the email notification of the cancellation. I knew from CC that refunds from most cruiselines were taking 90+ days.
  8. I filed dispute for a cancelled SB cruise (paid in full including air) with Amex Platinum. Amounts were temporarily (pending outcome) credited back to my account the following day. Two days later I get an email saying that the dispute is finalized and credits are permanent. Requested a check for credit balance from Amex and received it in the mail about a week later.
  9. lizord ... book with a good TA (one from Oceania's Connoisseur's Club) and you'll probably pick up a few more "extras". 😉
  10. IMHO - Definitely the self-serve part.
  11. Also totally agree with Jancruz1. BTW - the "Ignore User" option works beautifully to mute certain CC "rabble rousers".
  12. I can see the SNL routine now ... their take-off on the old Abbott and Costello bit: Costello: Who's responsible for this mess? Abbott: Yeah, that's what I said - WHO's responsible for all of this. Costello: Who? Abbott: Right, you got it. Costello: I got what? Who's responsible? etc. etc. etc.
  13. Far larger number of fatalities and rate of fatalities in these facilities than on cruise ships. And I'm not just referring to the older, frail patients ... nurses and caregivers at these facilities are being infected and dying also.
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