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  1. We wound up using hotelsbyday.com and stayed at the Sheraton close to IAH. Worked out great for us, pool and hot tub, nice staff. Highly reccomend.
  2. Anyone know of hotels in the vicinity of IAH that have a great pool for kids and/or a day rate available? Have a full day to kill post cruise. Thanks!
  3. Actually considering renting a car for the day now that I see the price.
  4. Hello, I will be disembarking in Galveston on a Sunday morning with my wife and twin 4 year olds and we are looking for ideas to fill the day. Our flight isn't until 7:25 PM. That leaves us roughly 8 hours to fill. Curious if anyone has suggestions for Galveston or Houston area? Oh, and we will have luggage 😂 Thanks!
  5. Except we are not going from the airport to the ship, we are staying at a hotel for the night.
  6. Hi all, We are traveling with our twin four-year-olds and are trying to figure out how to get from the airport to our hotel near Galveston. My first thought was an Uber, until I realized we would not have car seats. What have other people done in this situation? Sorry if this is been posted before but I wasn’t able to find anything answering these questions. Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks for your thoughts, I will delete this post and repost in the appropriate space...once I figure out how to delete a post :)
  8. Hi, Interested in Celebrity’s “Caribbean Sail To Christmas & Honeymoon Coves Excursion” Wondering if there are some private vendor options that are better/same/more affordable than what is offered by the cruise ship? Celebrity’s is 6.5hrs for $109 USD Adult. Thank you so much for your thoughts!
  9. Hi, Wondering if there are some private vendor options that are better than what is offered by the cruise ship? Thank you so much for your thoughts!
  10. I received an invitation to take an on board 30-60min survey during my cruise. In exchange I will receive $25 in on board credit. Anyone ever done this? Might do it for an easy 30mins, but is it something different? Time-share like? Thanks!
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