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  1. We're young-ish and fit:). We've got this:). Fear of heights will keep me on the trail! ;) Vielen Dank!!
  2. Hello, Per chance, do you know about how long it takes to hike from Alnes, Godoy to Johan Skytt ... Not the peak, just the overhanging rock? TIA ... I have enjoyed reading this thread. You're a huge asset.
  3. ^ Thought about it ... but I'm highly allergic to early rising;). Let's see if I can pull it off:). Looks like sunrise is 3am and sunset is 12am:). We can sleep when we're dead;)
  4. Many thanks for the responses! Your time and experience is greatly appreciated. I did have a little chuckle at the last response;). We have lived 5 of my daughter's 15 years overseas. She has traveled to 14 countries and countless cities in her short life span ... dragging her feet every step. I liken dragging my daughter off on our travels to trying to give a cat a bath ... they become all limbs in a fury. We tell her 'she will appreciate this when she gets older' at least once a month;). So, rest assured, we're not depriving my teenager of anything (much). :D. Sometimes, for the sanity of all, it's best to just leave the child behind ... especially when an excursion would cost us $200 for one angry teen full of incessant complaints and angst;). We have a rule of 25/75 ... must participate 75% of the time:). On that 75% of the time, complaints will lead to a faster pace on a hike, more time spent reading more placards at a museum, or yet 1 more street to be explored ... She'll appreciate this when she's grown;) Glad you look back on those travels in fondness. There's hope for us!
  5. Sorry ... first time sailing, so pretty clueless about everything. We're heading to Alesund, Geiranger, Flam, and Bergen. We don't have a balcony to our room ... I meant the "balcony" of the ship:). But, my vague question elicited a response I wouldn't have thought to ask:). Thanks so much for the tips!! Ugh ... hard to decide if Ishould change our 5:30 dinner reservations or not:S. Fam will be hungry, but I'll desperately want to stay outside! Don't want to miss anything:/
  6. Hello, We arrive in Alesund next Sunday. I'm really hoping to make it to Godoy to hike the mountain. As you know, options for getting there on a Sunday is sadly limited:( I'm confident we'll find a taxi to get us there, but am more than a little nervous about getting a taxi to get us back:S Are taxis willing to return to our drop off point at a specified time ... say 3 hours later? Are they reliable? My concern is we might not have cell service on the island and if a taxi isn't there waiting to pick us up ...argh! Wanna give us a ride;) Kidding aside, how risky of a plan is this? I really want to hike on Godoy:( Thank you so much for any advice you can provide me!
  7. Our cruise ship will be departing ports at 5pm. I would love to sit on the balcony and watch. Question is, what time do I make reservations for dinner?
  8. Hello, A few questions and cruise details: NCL Star to Norway 1. If I leave my 15 year old on the boat in her room, is she allowed to go to the dining areas to get her own lunch? Or does she need to be escorted by us? (She will not want to join the teen program) 2. Is there any time that there's free wifi on the boat? 3. We'll need cash as soon as we land in port ... is it cheaper to obtain cash at an atm in country or on the boat? (Assuming one can get local currency on the boat) 4. Are there taxis waiting when cruise ships pull in? Or should we not count on taxis being available? TIA:)
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