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  1. Thanx for the info. Now I have to find out what a incognito window is. This has helped a bunch.
  2. What is this all about? It comes up every time I try to view something in CC, but if I just wait long enough, it goes away but right now it's stuck. How can I fix it?
  3. Just about every time I TRY to log in I get an error message saying I'm not allowed in. Come on folks! I'm on two active board, and even though I log in manually, I'm still getting this message. HELP!!! BTW, I don't think anyone likes the changes to CruiseCritic and a bunch of us are posting on social media instead.
  4. WHY are you not allowing me to sign in? I am in a very active roll call and because I'm one of the coordinators of the Cruise Critic activities I need to keep on board.
  5. Since they changed Cruise Critic, can anyone tell me how to edit my signature?
  6. I don't like this new board at all! WAY too hard to navigate and I can't even figure out how to edit my signature. Changes are fine...slowly and with lots of instructions until regular users are used to the new way. How do I edit my signature?
  7. OK. My story of woe with Diamonds International continues, and this time it goes all the way to their Headquarters in NYC. If this problem gets resolved, as one of their Customer Service Supervisor promised, that will be the end of it. If not...we'll see. I turned the problem over to Mastercard BEFORE she contacted me and promised me the world. She promised to return the original ring I turned in at Diamonds International in Costa Maya (said they have to keep them in the vault for 3 months in their CM store), AND give me the $550 credit back to the charge card. I haven't heard back from her for almost 2 weeks, not returning numerous phone calls and emails. The fun thing is that we have two more cruises, the first one is leaving on September 1. Doesn't it figure? We're stopping in both Cozumel and Costa Maya. Hmmm. Not a threat, not gonna make a big deal out of it, but if they do not resolve this issue as promised, I will warn each and every person on the CC board and "other" social media sites. I pray it doesn't come down to this. All I want now is for the Diamonds International Customer Service Supervisor (whose name I will not disclose at this time) to come through as promised, and contact me either by email or phone. Easy Peasy, right?
  8. AMEN! My biggest problem is DI's lack of customer service. I turned this over to my charge card company to handle. How can we warn people ono the Caribbean boards? Diamonds International is all over down there, ripping off people in every port, from what I can tell.
  9. I hope you aren't replying to me because I never used the word "scam." Hopefully you got me confused with someone else.
  10. My experience with DI was so bad, I've had to turn it over to my charge card to handle. Our NCL "SHOPPING PRO" lied to us, and Diamonds International are the absolute worst for customer service. PLEASE, take your money and run! I've been on over 60 cruises and every ship, every where you look, it's "DI" "DIAMONDS INTERNATIONAL". They lied to our face about everything including trying to pass Sterling Silver off as 14K white gold. They will stoop to anything to get your money. Take my advice..get the free charm and run like the wind!
  11. All I want to do is try to warn people about all of the Hoo-Haa that you get on cruises about how wonderful and trustworthy Diamonds International is because it is not true.
  12. This thread is so old I doubt that anyone is still monitoring it, but just in case...I would LOVE to tell anyone who is interested what happened to me when I purchased a ring at DIAMONDS INTERNATIONAL and why I would avoid them at all cost.
  13. We purchased it as soon as it became available but, back then, were told that it could only be used if you booked your fare at full price, not discounted. True or (hopefully) false?
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