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  1. We recently were in Bermuda and did a full review of the Anaig Shine we rented from Oleander as well as checked out the features of the Twizy on YouTube. It's a quick 10 minutes and covers all the pros and cons. Check out our video if you are trying to decide if it's the right vehicle for you and feel free to ask us any questions you may have. DOUGandNIKI Anaig Shine Full Review - Twizzy Info
  2. Photos from an amazing trip on the Celebrity Equinox with ports of call in Mexico, Grand Cayman, Keys and Miami. I've included conventional photography, drone photography, and snorkeling shots. We have lots of videos including, trip reviews, flight reviews, and stateroom reviews on our YouTube channel (DOUGandNIKI). Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions you my have or comment.
  3. Yeah, I used a DJI Mavic Air for this one. We have a cool video on our YouTube page (DOUGandNIKI) but, I didn't say that. 😉
  4. The whole extended family went on the Norwegian Breakaway for a great Christmas Cruise out of New York City. It was an amazing trip, great ship, and great family activity! Full video of our kids experience on our YouTube channel. Here is a link to it: Norweigen Breakaway Christmas Cruise
  5. This cruise started in Istanbul Turkey and finished in Barcelona Spain. It was an amazing trips with great sights, friends, food, and an assortment of cliff jumps which are all included in our videos on YouTube. Go to YouTube and search for DOUGandNIKI and you can find our flight reviews, cruise reviews, tips and tricks! We are travel photographers and Vloggers, I'm sure you'll enjoy!
  6. DOUGandNIKI

    Costa Maya 05.jpg

    We were at Yaya beach. I'll give them credit for working constantly to keep up with it on our beach but there were definitely lots of properties where they weren't putting in the same kind of effort. We have a really good review of the whole Costa Maya Excursion. I'll include the link: https://youtu.be/hSKgZm4_AfE
  7. DOUGandNIKI

    Couples Cruise 2017

    Hey guys, I tried to send you a direct message but that doesn't seem to work. I saw your pics and we're a fan of cruising also. We have a travel vlog on youtube where we share videos from our trips. You might enjoy it...if you want to find us search for DOUGandNIKI on youtube. Have fun!
  8. DOUGandNIKI

    Couples Cruise 2010

    Nice Pics. I hope you had a great trip!
  9. It kind of looks that way...right?
  10. Cool videos on you youtube channel. My wife and I took a flight on a Singapore Airlines A380 in their suite class, I thought you'd find that video interesting as you are clearly into aviation so I included a link:
  11. Hey there, the link on here isn't working. What's the link, I'd like to go check it out.
  12. I'm trying this embeding thing again to see if I do a better job. What a great ship, the cenotes incredible and my wife LOVES turtles. Oasis of the Seas - Cenotes and Snorkeling with Turtles
  13. Eileen... Thank you so much! :halo::halo::halo::halo:
  14. I don't mind you asking but I can't really answer because, Niki, my points wizard wife arranged it. It was some crazy thing where she moved amex points to air Alaska which had an amazing exchange rate with Singapore Airlines and then she was on the phone at like 2am on the 1st morning that the seats were available with both amex and Singapore because apparently they have very limited availability for seats. She really wields some serious magic so sometimes I don't ask but it was really like a lifetime worth of Amex points and worth every one! I've never seen service like what Singapore Airlines provided and I've been to a fair number of pretty cool places to compare.
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