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  1. I don't give a damn about what any of my friends and family think. If I want to go on holiday when I deem it to be safe and appropriate, I will.
  2. Thank you all for the really helpful advice. I'm going to check out some of the companies above and try and put a plan together which means we get to do both.
  3. We've just booked for May 2021 too and are feeling good about it. There is no point feeling negative about things and what will be, will be. I don't think many industries will survive 12 months of zero operation so I have a feeling we will know the companies (holiday, flight, hotel) ect which are going to survive the pandemic well before next May.
  4. We would LOVE to do on a glacier but as a family of 5 our budget doesn't allow it so we're going with the gravel option.
  5. We have a full day (7am - 8pm) in Skagway and we are really hoping to do both the dog sledding excursions AND go on the White pass and Yukon railway. Could anyone advise if this would be doable. I've had a look on Google and it seems the station is only a 7min walk from the port. Also the railway website has different excursions/routes, which is the best/shortest to do?
  6. We just booked a cruise on Ovation yesterday for May 2021 around Alaska.
  7. Why are cruises more expensive when calling up to book? I've just called to ask about our options for a family of 5 on Liberty of the seas. I was quoted £5816 for the 2 bed grand suite, yet online its £4755 for a family of 4 (with it being £819 per child) I then asked about 2 connecting balcony rooms, they came in at £3924, yet when I work it out online with an EXTRA adult it comes in £20 CHEAPER!! How can it be cheaper for 6 (3 adults, 3 children) online and more expensive for a family of 5 over the phone 😞
  8. Without a doubt. Health is more important than anything. We have said as a family we will wear masks more often and hope it becomes more "normal" to wear them day to day.
  9. Its a balcony stateroom on the 28th of May on the Ovation of the seas. Its off to Alaska. We don't mind what deck either but I've not had any luck finding one 😞
  10. Yeah, I always make sure the connecting staterooms option is on.
  11. We have looked at pretty much all dates which we can go on every deck and not 1 balcony stateroom is available for May 2021 😞 We'd love to book but really need connecting rooms. Am I wasting my time calling up to try and get one instead of trying to get one online.
  12. Yeah I'm talking about the Windjammer and of course not. Its more when there are a ton of empty 2/4 seater tables but couples still choose to sit on the big tables despite there being plenty of choice. Standing isn't that bad either, We've done it a ton of times due to . . . not being able to get a table for 6 so we let the kids sit down 🙄
  13. Yep! The amount of cruises we've not booked because we can't get connecting rooms. Its the same as the parties of 2 who sit on a table for 6. The amount of times we've been split up on holiday as a family because of selfish people sitting on a "family" table is just crazy 😡
  14. We said we would prob spend a few days in Seattle first and we like to just get a "taste" of things on a cruise to see if its somewhere we would like to go back to in the future so we don't really mind how much we see of it. We're all pretty active too, the kids can easily walk 5-7 miles a day. We love to keep busy on holiday. We don't really set a budget too but we'd usually do one "expensive" excursion and then either do the other days on our own or see what cheaper excursions RC have to offer.
  15. These are the ones we've been looking at, the prices are just crazy at the moment. Its just a shame non have connecting rooms left.
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