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  1. The first ones are here. Just started in late August. Start on page 36 and work backwards. Flooding and tummy troubles. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2602031
  2. This is NOT encouraging. We are booked on the Viking Ra, new ship on the Nile, for the middle of October. I started a thread on this roll call and found out today the ship is NOT finished and another older ship was substituted for their first trip (March 8 I believe) and the peeps next month were notified only 3 weeks before it would not be ready for them either, and no one seems to know if and when it will be ready. Here is link to thread. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?p=55581368&posted=1#post55581368 I called Viking today and was told yes, they don't know when it will be ready but if not by October they will put on a master chef. Wheee. We bought this trip because of the limited number of passengers, 48. And most of all, a brand new refurbished all suite, modern ship. Travelogues have had pics of the finished product and have been raving about a ship that apparently doesn't exist. At least not in time for its passengers. To say I'm upset isn't even close.
  3. I have some news on the Brazil visa issue. They started a new eVisa program in January for Australians, Canadians, Japan and US. No need to visit a consulate if you go as a visitor and spend no more than 90 days. It's good for 2 yrs only which is probably adequate for most going to Brazil. The website is http://www.bacctravel.com My husband is a Brasileiro and gets a newspaper where this was discussed. Hope this helps some of you when previous people had a lot of difficulty.
  4. No, you don't have an option for your own detergent on the Sea. It's free, but detergent comes out automatically.
  5. Hope you have a good time. But a Caribbean cruise is quite different than a 3 week cruise to the Amazon, having to get yellow fever, visa, possible anti malaria pills and scoping out stops on the Amazon which Viking obviously did very poorly. The Caribbean is well travelled for many years and any hiccups that may occur will most probably be very different than those we experienced on this trip. The passengers on this cruise, including me and the others on this thread. Paid a lot and expected a lot based on the hype of the Viking sales people and what their optional, expensive excursions promised. And their itinerary. "Done people are never happy with anything" should be a statement for those who have been there and done that and not a judgment from those who haven't. Our first Viking ocean in the Baltic we could not find fault with anything. The second in the Med was tiring but we knew it would be and it was done well. The Amazon was not done well. But we are giving them another chance and put down our final payment on the Nile trip. Viking is experienced in this route and it's a new ship, however we have very high hopes this one will be a winner.
  6. If what your Sydney TA is telling you is true, he certainly knows way more than any of us on that ship were told or the people in California. The captain repeatedly said we needed that container. Period. Never said why or what was in it even when many were curious and asked. If it was as simple as food because of the hurricane, why not just say so. If so, that however is unlikely to be repeated on subsequent cruises. The other issues however are suspect.
  7. Yes, when you add up the 4 Amazon stops. 8 hours each in Santarem and Paratins. Noon arrival in Manaus and leaving the next day around 6 pm. Late arrival in Belem because of sick couple being let off (I didn't get off, WAY too hot and humid for me) and leaving around 6 pm very little time in stops v. Time at sea or on the river. I talked with quite a few peeps. No one I talked with saw a toucan. A few saw monkeys. We didn't. We only saw a sloth, a few hawks and herons, some big ants, termite piles, and piranhas caught by passengers on the fishing expedition, which IMO was the best tour of all. Do I wish I hadn't gone? Absolutely not. I still had fun and enjoyed the voyage despite all the hiccups.
  8. Forgot to mention. You have to give Viking your FF numbers so they can put them in the system when they book and then ask them to ticket right away. Otherwise you won't see the itinerary even if you are logged in with the airline.
  9. I am a Delta FF but not as much as him because he travels on business. I don't know if they changed that, but if they did they would have to bust up families by giving them different seats and boarding zones for those who don't have Elite status. Wouldn't make sense and more grief for them.
  10. My husband is a Delta Elite platinum I think, but no matter where we go on Delta if I am booked with him we both get one free bag and boarding zone 1. But that doesn't apply to their partners. When we went to Europe in the spring with Viking I bought their Air Plus which is $50 a person. It's worth it. You can work with them on flights and much earlier instead of having them just assign you something. On our Detroit to Amsterdam flight as soon as they ticked the flights which was about 90 days, I was able to buy the Comfort Plus seats. I didn't bother on the KLM flight to Barcelona since it was only 2 hours and not full. We came back on Air France and the only thing I could do was pay a small fee for a reserved seat instead of waiting to get a seat assignment at the airport. The San Juan trip was different because the airfare was free. We went on American and have no status. The whole thing turned out to be a huge mess since they cancelled the precruise and then reticketed everyone for the day before the sailing, even before they asked anyone if they still wanted to go early on their own. Which we did. So then by the time we got them straightened out and back (we had already booked a hotel on our own) the decent seats were all gone. Make sure you don't let them put you on a puddle jumper on any leg. Then you have to check the larger carry ons, no choice since they won't fit in the over head. On the way back from San Juan I was able to get us seats closer to the front of the plane because I was nervous about the shorter connection time in Charlotte but then we would have been the last zone to board and they of course were screaming to people about checking their carry ons. I told the gate agent I had all my medicine in my carry on (true) and couldn't afford to check it. He was very nice and changed our boarding passes to an earlier zone and we had no issues. The only way you can get a better seat initially is if you have a more expensive cabin. I think the people in the suites get basically free air. Our trip to Egypt they gave us complimentary Air Plus because of our repeat trips.
  11. We were both under 60 when we got the vaccine and neither of us had any adverse effects. I looked at the over-60 stuff and the incidence of bad reactions was quite small, but as you say it depends on your individual health. We have a good relationship with the nurse at the county health Dept and we trust her to give us the best advice. She is the one who clued us in that WHO and CDC now say a single dose is good for life so we did not get a booster for this last trip. I did see some large beetles both on and off the ship and some nasty looking flies, no mosquitoes but that doesn't mean there aren't any. I had a bad cold and didn't do 2 of the "jungle treks" and people didn't report seeing any. The one jungle tour I did do we didn't see any mosquitoes but it wasn't very far outside the city. We have both taken Lariam several times in the past and didn't have any issues except some double vision so we opted to choose this drug again. I took 2 pills. One the Friday before the trip and one the Friday which would have been the second day we were in San Juan. We didn't want to take one the day we flew. I had the most severe heartburn I thought my chest was going to burn up and nothing helped, so I didn't take any more. I would have if I had gotten any bites but I decided I wasn't going to spend the trip in misery so took the chance. My husband has been taking his. I did have EMS for him early last week when he passed out and vomited and his blood pressure was in 43/34. Yea yikes. I have high blood pressure and have a machine and I took it before I called EMS. Could it have been the Lariam, yes. He thinks it was food poisoning. He had the most disgusting looking thing to eat at the San Juan airport. I told him he was gonna get sick so yea it could have been this too. We will never know. But I think yellow fever is the more important disease to protect against since it can be a killer causing liver hemorrhage.
  12. Both the news, CDC, WHO and the family in Brasil is reporting rampant yellow fever in areas which were considered "safe." Were talking about the state of São Paulo, Minas here my husband is from and Rio state. It now looks like the entire country is at risk for YF. While there's more risk in the areas outside large cities I still recommend getting the vaccine, if possible, for anyone traveling anywhere in Brasil. The difficulty with getting the vaccine is its short shelf life since it's a live but attenuated virus; only good for a week or 10 days. So the company who makes it hasn't produced much lately but now with an outbreak they are scrambling. We're talking millions of doses.
  13. FYI not everyone in Ohio is a Buckeye fan. Especially those who live on the border and may have attended a school in Michigan. Or works in Michigan. Ever hear of ASSUME. Look it up. Now we are even.
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