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  1. I wasn’t trying to hijack this thread. It was an aside to a friend of mine because I didn’t think it was worth a new topic. Nothing I said was inaccurate. There is a passenger on the Viking ship on that site that can’t be named who was on deck and was an eye witness. That is all.
  2. We tendered twice on the Amazon trip. That was the Sea.They knew what they were doing, it was very quick and one loaded at each end. As far as tour companies we set up a tour with Patrick Watts in the Falklands and I read the reviews on Trip Advisor, which all were very good. I think there is only one other tour operator on the island. I know Viking won’t we able to accommodate all who want to go on this tour so that’s why we booked with him. And I understand about this is these people’s livelihood and they have to get passengers back on time. We’re going on a new ship as well, the Jupiter and I think they had some issues in the beginning in the Med but I don’t know about tendering. You may may not have heard, and I hate to be the bearer of this news. But a Viking river ship hit a tour boat on the Danube in Budapest and sunk it. No one on the Viking ship injured, but 7 are dead on the tour boat and quite a few are missing. The captain of the Viking ship was arrested. It happened In a storm with fog while both boats were going under a bridge at the same time.
  3. Many use Viator for tours which is owned by Trip Advisor.
  4. Now that makes me concerned. We tender on the Falklands stop in February there’s no other way.And we’ve booked a private tour. We haven’t paid, and if we can, after seeing this we may end up going on a Viking tour if we can get it.
  5. We’ve lost out on many and we are in the second group.
  6. The first ones are here. Just started in late August. Start on page 36 and work backwards. Flooding and tummy troubles. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2602031
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