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  1. Just got a note from Royal that the 7/8 sailing is now Nassau and Perfect Day. Ummmm. Would rather KW.
  2. I wonder if the 50% is on full cruise fare or cruise fare without NCCF's. I still don't see a chnge to my 7/8/19 sailing on-line although others have seen a change. When I go in my cruise planner it still shows Havana. Wondering what the July 8th port change actually is.
  3. Update on Royals Website https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/does-the-june-4-statement-impact-cruises-to-cuba?_ga=2.10477936.414275020.1559733868-94925252.1554676019
  4. I am set for a July 8, 2019 sailing on Majesty - 5 nights with 2 in Havana. Went on my cruise planner and it still shows Havana on shore excursion page. Maybe they are making their way through the sailings in date order. 😪
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