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  1. I'll bring a jar of instant coffee to flavor the weak stuff. It's not ideal but it will do the trick. Sent from my SM-G920T using Forums mobile app
  2. Oh thank you!! It is good to know I am more likely to feel crowded on the smaller ship (Though we are going in winter so likely it is less crowded, I would think) I will double check the amenities, I can't think of any deal breakers but it is possible I am assuming something. I do think Lofoten might be for me, this trip will include much time on the ship so it might as well be a ship that is interesting & has a life, story & personality of her own. But if I cannot find a quiet space to enjoy a good book, we might have an issue. I think the deal breaker for me is the availability if quiet space & good coffee. Perhaps the answer is one of the cabins where the bunk becomes a sofa so if I want quiet I can go there & read or write. How is the coffee? Sent from my SM-G920T using Forums mobile app
  3. My friend & I are in the early stages of planning a coastal Norway Cruise for fall/winter 2019-2020 and are considering these 2 ships. I lean toward the Lofoten, the intimacy & charm of an older smaller ship draws me, but the astronomy cruise with a lecturer on the Trollfjord is also very appealing. I'll want to learn about the beautiful things I will see. (Though whether I learn from a formal lecture or friendly conversation with fellow passengers & crew doesn't really matter) I wonder what kinds of experiences people have had. What makes you prefer one over the other? Thanks in advance. Sent from my SM-G920T using Forums mobile app
  4. Thank you for the replies! I am a bit of a novice on this site. I will try the dedicated forum (thanks for the link) "Charming" sounds nice. Sent from my SM-G920T using Forums mobile app
  5. Hi! My travel companion and I are tossing around a Northern lights cruise in the fall of 2019 or winter if 2020. We are comparing the experience on the Trollfjord and the Lofoten. We don't mind missing the glam or even giving up the Jacuzzi, but the science talks on the Trollfjord might be a loss if we go with the more intimate experience of the Lofoten Any thoughts appreciated. My friend and I are single women in our 50s. I am a lifelong US American my friend was raised in Eastern Europe & moved to the US 30 years ago, so she is experienced with European travel. (I have only been to Europe once) We both prefer exploring more off the beaten path travel with a touch of adventure and this is a mutual "bucket list" item.
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