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  1. Oh that's absolutely super! Thanks very much for your help.
  2. Thanks, With regards to the internal door between staterooms, can that be propped open so the two rooms are like a big suite rather than having to open/close the door all the time?
  3. Hi there, Does anyone have any photos of interconnecting sheltered balconies on QM2? Can you open op the balconies between staterooms? Many thanks
  4. Thanks so much 🙂 We're not overly fussed about a butler, it's the space we value, as we have our 9 year old son who travels with us. Off to look at potential itineraries now.
  5. We've never been with Regent before. We've always traveled with Cunard. I'm sure there must have been an email asking people to register an interest in the event, and then the invitations went out about 2 months later. It certainly seems like an a great opportunity. We're really looking forward to it.
  6. Hi there, Has anyone been invited to a 'Regent Presents - Tour & Lunch' before? Just wondering what to expect as far as any special deals offered on the day perhaps. We've been invited aboard Seven Seas Explorer, which sounds fabulous.
  7. It's a bit frustrating, as now I'll have to try an organise a tour ensuring we can finish at a reasonable hour. If the other people on the tour are from the cruise ship, then this obviously won't be a problem. I'm sure I'll be able to round up half a dozen punters 😄
  8. Hi, I've just checked the Tromso port schedule and noticed that QE & QV are due to leave port at 3am. This isn't quite the overnight stop I was hoping for. I was expecting a departure perhaps around 6am, as all Cunard advertised it as is "early morning". Is there a chance this time will change? My reason for asking is so that we can book a night tour to chase the lights. I'm sure we'd be back by 3am, but I'd hate to be cutting in fine.
  9. I've just been looking into this today. We'd already dismissed the $69 ($138) drinks package as we decided it wasn't value for money. You'd have to be drinking a lot of cocktails/wine EVERY night to make it worth while eg: you could buy a bottle of wine for dinner, three cocktails each, drinks coffee & juice during the day and still not spend $138. You're obviously restricted in your choice also, due to the $11 cap. Unfortunately, whilst looking at the updated website, I noticed they've put the price up of the wine collections. The Captains Collection is now $560 (up from $495) and the Commodore Collection is up to $715! (from $600). It's really baffling me, as you have wines that you can choose that don't work out any cheaper than buying off menu eg: Yealands Sav. So we've decided to just buy as we go. Our next trip is the Northern Lights, so there will be at least one evening that won't involve any alcohol, due to trips.
  10. I'll ask when I'm onboard, just so I can report back. It would be handy to know for the future if you can combine, a FCD (with the extra OBC in offers) plus the offer of extra OBC for booking on board, plus the advertised OBC for the voyage.
  11. Hi 🙂 Can someone tell me if, when onboard, you can purchase a FCD, then use that FCD to book whilst onboard and also take advantage of the 'Complimentary on board spending of up to $400' offer that Cunard are running at the moment. I'm looking at a cruise for 2020 which already offers a generous OBC, but wondering if I can combine all the offers together, so we have a very healthy on board account 😄 Oh, and also, when you book onboard and say that you'd like it transferred to your own travel agent, is the price they quote you prior to your agent's discount or does your agent credit you the discount after it's transferred. Hope all that makes sense 😄 TIA
  12. Which timetable are you looking at? I went onto the BusVerts website and there's a bus at 10.45 from the train station and then returning (No50) at 13.07
  13. Excellent! Thanks Hattie 😄
  14. Thanks, but the Cunard trip (basically a shuttle to Honfleur for 3hrs) is over $200 for the 3 of us, and the bus is only E5 each way :)
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