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  1. Appreciate you. Ranger, (our black lab) appreciates you as well.
  2. Thus why I mentioned obvious to some...just thought it might help someone else.
  3. Quadruple pts thru 30Sep22 for suites and above (obvious for some, but thought it may be missed by some).
  4. New to Celebrity. Have 8:30pm dining. Understand we are to pick between the 4 (non-specialty) restaurants each evening. Do we reserve a specific restaurant for each evening? And if so, via cruise planner or once on-board? Thank you.
  5. You mean the "I've never cruised but am the expert" dude? 😂
  6. Yes we do. And most of us know the 'loud/borderline-combative type of vaxer' and 'in the closet vaxer who don't want to deal with the confict/drama by talking about their vax views'. Just reminding all that it goes two ways. I'm vaxxed, and honestly....I believe the hard-core vaxxers are much more combative. I don't state this to start some crazy discussion on cc....but simply for us all to consider how we may be perceived by others.
  7. Who tried to screw who (and lost)?
  8. In a heartbeat. Prefer no mask, no social distancing, etc. Tired of seeing following of the séance and prefer to see the science followed.
  9. No. My doc advised to get vaxxed. The so-called experts believe the experimental therapy works. So if I follow the science and/or the séance, I'm protected. I could care less what others choose...not my choice. And an extended stay on the ship because of some fear of a 'break-out'? OK. Feel about the same regarding fear of hitting an whale.
  10. Oh my....you'd have to pay $1 for your free drink...that's indeed beyond highway robbery.
  11. So shall we encourage them to do nothing? That will help them get to liquidation sooner. How about this: When the protocols are in place, decide if the rules are such that you feel like cruising, or simply pass.
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