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  1. Hi, thanks for the post. We are coming to Reykjavik and we want to visit the viking market in Hafnarfjörður, will it be easy to do this using public transport, and advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Susan
  2. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice please. We have 1 day (7am - 7pm) in Barcelona and are really keen to go to Girona on the train and then to the Nou Camp. I have found a fast train at 8am and plan to return on the 1pm train. Would we need to get a taxi to the train station and would just over 3 hours be enough time to visit Girona, we wanted to visit the Game of Thrones sites if possible, also are the sites within walking distance of each other? We plan to visit the Nou Camp afterwards and will book direct, I've been before but forget how long to allow for the tour. We have looked at tours but none seem to offer this itinerary and we prefer to do things independently where possible. TIA Susan
  3. Hi I- Cruiser Lars Can you help me too, I know that Bergen is not in this thread but I asked in another one a no one knows/replied. Are there any places in Bergen where we can dress up as a viking and have our photos taken, the kind of thing you do in a theme park (hope that makes sense) Tia Susan
  4. Hi ShipsinBergen Thank you for alll the information you have given :) I have seen videos of sailors singing on the ships, does this happen very often, we would love to see them. Random question, is there anywhere in Bergen where we can get dressed up as vikings and have our photo taken, you know the way they do in theme parks? We are in Bergen on Sunday 23rd October on the Magellan, can't wait to visit :) TIA
  5. Hi, sorry to start a new thread but my search proved unhelpful. We are going on CMV Northern Lights cruise departing Tilbury on 10/10/17. We will be stopping at Rotterdam, Olden, Kristiansund, Alta,Honningsvag, Tromso, Trondheim, Andalsnes and Bergen. I usually prefer not to use the ships excursions but apart from Alta I am really struggling to find alternative tour providers. The ones I have found do not seem to offer tours in the Winter. For Rotterdam and Bergen we are planning not to do any tour, just walking and exploring on our own. But I really want to go to the troll road at Andalsnes and also the Atlantic road at Kristiansund, is the cruise excusrion our only option or is there an alternative (I'm not sure about hiring a car and driving in Norway). Any advice will be much appreciated :)
  6. Hi everyone This thread is great, thank you for all the information, especially you Lars :) We are going on a Northern Lights cruise with CMV in October. I'm just wondering if we are likely to see the lights from the ship or if we should book a Northern Lights land tour aswell. Any advice? Cheers, Susan
  7. I agree, we printed off Rick Steve's walking tour and used that,it took us to all the main attractions, it was really easy to follow and a very enjoyable day, don't waste your money on a guided tour. We had a traditional drink in the medieval pub Olde Hansa in the main square which was lovely!
  8. Hi Terry, thank you so much for the warm welcome! Yes we are booked for October 17, we had a few options but the cruise was advertised as a Northern Lights trip, which really appeal.led. I think we are expecting it to be pretty dark and cold and the sea to be choppy, haha. :) So far I have seen husky sledding and Northern Lights hunting in Alta, which look amazing. My travel agent has said that the best places to see the lights are Tromso and Trondheim, have you any experience of these places and the lights? I will check out your blogs Best wishes from Susan in Sunderland
  9. Hi everyone, Is it ok to join in this thread, please. We have just booked a 14 night cruise from Tilbury next October, it goes up to, Rotterdam, Olden, Kristiansund, Alta, Honningsvag, Tromso, Trondheim, Åndalsnes and Bergen, any hints or advice on things to do, what to pack, the weather etc would be greatly appreciated. The photos on here have been amazing, we can't wait to see Norway :) Thanks in advance Susan
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