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  1. Reporting back that we have now received our refund . . . more than 60 days after we cancelled, 40-some days after SS acknowledged it, and right on the day we were scheduled to fly to Barcelona. (Oh the irony! At least it's a beautiful sunny morning in Ohio!)
  2. People have gone about their lives for many thousands of years with the threat of infectious disease. As a species we've been quite fortunate for the past several decades that no real threat to the mass populace has cropped up and that medical advances like antibiotics have made it possible for people to live largely without fear. That is a historical anomaly. And, frankly, for the wide majority of people this virus doesn't present that great a health risk. (Unfortunately for cruising its demographic doesn't necessarily line up with that wide majority.) Governments, individuals, and businesses including, yes, the travel industry, will come to find some kind of balance, vaccine or no.
  3. My assumption was that the 25% FCC bonus was intended to make it possible for folks who cancelled to opt into a similar booking for the following year without additional out-of-pocket costs and without SS needing to make significant adjustment to general pricing during times of great economic uncertainty. With the change out of the ship in the Galapagos it's a bit more of a quandary but the trip we canceled in the Med for this June, for example, could be essentially replicated next year for within 125% of the cost of our original booking. (Considering that our cash refund is still in limbo I may wage a household campaign to do just that, although I doubt I will win.)
  4. I wonder, have you actually contacted Silversea to discuss cancellation options? We have not received our refund yet for the June cruise we canceled but the offer our TA got from SS was not exactly what it is in the published policy for that timeframe. You may find that there is more flexibility than suggested.
  5. With great disappointment I have asked our TA to put in a cancellation for our June cruise. The state of Ohio's stay-at-home order has forced my husband's employer to close and thus laid him off until rescinded. Although I assume SS will be forced to cancel the cruise anyway, he wants to get ahead of it and we're well within the window for a cash refund. Is it 2022 yet?
  6. Agreed. My understanding from posts on the affected sailings on these boards is that in both cases a single passenger has been ill from the coronavirus. The fact that it hasn't rapidly spread to others on the ships seems like a huge testimony to Silversea's onboard practices.
  7. Agree. The number of cases in place like Australia is, I believe, relatively low in proportion to overall population, particularly in comparison to the rapid spread and higher rates of infection in Europe. Is it a result of the variance in temperature, population density, effectiveness of containment measures, or some other factor? Who knows (definitely not me). We were at a large all-inclusive beach resort in Mexico last month (more than 400 rooms) and it was full of people eating, drinking, and intermingling in a contained environment. I saw plenty of people not washing their hands. But you aren't hearing about outbreaks at places like that and Mexico has only a handful of cases. Temperature, luck, or just a matter of time?
  8. For me this decision would hinge on a piece of information that isn't yet available: whether rising spring and summer temperatures will decrease transmission of the coronavirus. The predictive models I've seen for the US suggest that mid-summer will be the time of peak infections if it's not a seasonal virus. In that case I think the decision will be made for you because the latter half of your trip would likely be impossible. On the other hand if the virus is seasonal this summer will probably be the safest time to travel for the next 12 months or so. If the cruise ran in that situation I personally would go. It's a very small ship after all. We are still in "wait and see" for our own June trip in the Mediterranean, although my husband is starting to lean toward canceling regardless of whether the situation gets better or worse due to work concerns. I lean toward hanging onto the reservation if we think Silversea may cancel the cruise because that gives us a better financial outcome. It's a trip we've been looking forward to immensely but at this point . . . I wouldn't be disappointed in the slightest if they just announced a full stoppage for the rest of the year while things run their course and took the decision out of our hands. I don't see how that leaves SS (or any cruise line) still financially viable though.
  9. I see over on the Celebrity board that they are now denying boarding to people over 70 without a doctor's note affirming no chronic conditions and clearing them for travel. It seems fair to speculate that that policy will roll across brands.
  10. Thanks for posting specifics of how the cancellations are working out. We remain in "wait and see" mode since June is a lifetime away in the timeline of this situation but it's good to know the financial hit appears to be moderate. Increasingly I wonder if SS will have whatever critical threshold of guests is needed to run any particular cruise over the next few months, though.
  11. Assuming you are a US citizen the ban does not affect you, although you may undergo additional screening if you were within the Schengen area. It's currently limited to 30 days so I wouldn't automatically assume a May trip would necessarily be affected. What a baffling policy. I wasn't aware viruses knew what passport you carried.
  12. At the same time, Fauci said in a press conference yesterday evening that there's no reason for young, healthy people not to cruise--so talk about mixed messages. Q Would you recommend that anybody, even a healthy person, get onboard a cruise ship? DR. FAUCI: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think if you’re a healthy, young person, that there is no reason, if you want to go on a cruise ship, to go on a cruise ship. Personally, I would never go on a cruise ship because I don’t like cruises — (laughter) — but that’s another story. But the fact — the fact is that if you have — if you have the conditions that I’ve been speaking about over and over again to this group, namely an individual who has an underlying condition, particularly an elderly person that has an underlying condition, I would recommend strongly that they do not go on a cruise ship.
  13. I watched the Fauci interview on Meet the Press yesterday, and my sense from it in context was that cruising was a high risk activity for people we all already know are people at high risk--older people and especially older people with complicating conditions. He delivered that message as part of an array of measures people could/should take to protect their health, along with avoiding things like sporting events or air/train travel. It was also, if I recall correctly, in response to a direct question. It wasn't like he sat down and right off the bat said, "So Chuck Todd, the reason I am here today is to tell everyone about the dangers of cruising." I take the later State Dept/CDC to be more of a heads up that those who cruise do so at their own risk. The US government will not guarantee that it will be able to evacuate you from a foreign country if you are on a ship that is quarantined or stuck at sea. Those are, I'm sure, expensive and time consuming efforts on the part of the government, so I'm not surprised to see them seek to deter that eventuality. It also seems like a direct response to the Grand Princess situation. This is a shift in policy after the government arranged from the evacuation of U.S. citizens from Wuhan some weeks ago and from the Diamond Princess when it became obvious the quarantine was being mishandled there. What all these announcements seem to be lacking is a time frame--to be fair something that I doubt anyone can provide. It's apparent that the federal government thinks it's a bad plan for people to go on cruises, like, this week. But with as rapidly as the situation is evolving it's not clear at all whether they are suggesting people cancel their plans for six weeks or six months from now. It's also a blanket statement. There is a clear difference between a 300- or 500-passenger Silversea ship and 2500-6500 passenger liner on Princess or Royal Caribbean. More people=more risk of a negative outcome.
  14. Sounds quite similar to the cruise we are (hopefully!) taking this June. I haven't been to Sardinia before, but based on the research I've done into options our loose plan is to make Olbia a beach day; there doesn't seem to be much to do in town, although it may be worth a walk around. Assuming we actually make it I'll report back!
  15. As I've mentioned elsewhere our intention is to take the cruise we have booked for June. We booked air through SS so if our embarkation or disembarkation ports change it'll be their problem to figure out how to get us home. As scheduled our cruise has no sea days so having a port or two canceled is fine . . . and if it becomes a cruise to nowhere we'll just treat the ship like a resort. Obviously no one wants to be quarantined but we intend to overpack, take some activities, and make sure our dog is looked after no matter how long we're away. I work remotely anyway so I will break a personal rule and take my laptop in case I need to go back to work from 20 miles off shore somewhere. My husband would have to take unpaid time if we were detained but we'll survive. If the cruise goes ahead exactly as planned we anticipate a possible fringe benefit of being the weirdos who still travel . . . having otherwise extremely crowded destinations mostly to ourselves. If museums and attractions are closed we'll go hiking or something. Even with the new cancellation policy we'd be out a not insignificant cost because we took the business class upgrades and those are not included in any refund. So that's a consideration. Ultimately though we are in a low risk demographic and we are okay with the risks of travel. If the situation deteriorates we have time to change our minds. And if it's that bad I expect SS would be forced to cancel anyway which takes the decision out of our hands.
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