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  1. I don’t want them to tie up my money only to put their ridiculous restrictions back on people over 70. They won’t be doing the Baltics in August either. I wish they would just cancel and get it over with. My extended final payment is coming up. I’m trying to keep my free nights, as are others. But some people have already canceled. Loyalty club has not been customer friendly.
  2. I think not. I would say if there is any over complicating, it is on Azamara’s part. A friend, Deirdre has gone to Viking Oceans. She was a very loyal Azamara cruiser. In my opinion this is a game...we make final payment and the rules change once again. What happens to our money? It seems to me they are holding perks and free nights hostage. As much as I love Azamara, I may have to walk away, as will others. Why did Larry Pimental suddenly leave?
  3. Oh, good Lord. I hope this is resolved very soon. I have final payment coming up which has been moved up. My early August cruise will not be happening. That I’m almost sure of.
  4. Ditto. But we are still debating Azamara. Our loyalty to them doesn’t seem to matter. Who wants to tie up thousands on a cruise that probably will not happen and only to possibly have them put the restrictions back on? I know in my heart our August Baltic cruise will be canceled.
  5. Insurance rates have always been based on age. Nothing new there. I use Allianz. I had to cancel a cruise last year for a covered reason and it worked great.
  6. I am in a pickle, Bonnie and would appreciate some help. I’ve tried explaining as has my travel agent to no avail. The sailing is a Baltic cruise on the Quest departing Stockholm on August 6. Final payment is due on May 14, 2020. As I’ve explained the FCC will be useless under the current restrictions. I’m not the person canceling...Azamara is and it’s unfair to tie up my money if I’m not going to be able to cruise. I had the same “chronic” condition in November when we sailed and I had no problems. I am less of a risk now than I was when we sailed our Dalmation Coast cruises. Nancy
  7. No, I’ve been in contact with loyalty ambassador. If I don’t make final paymet on a cruise I cannot go on, the free nights are not preserved.
  8. Because of their new guidelines I will lose my free days which I think is really unfair. I am not canceling my cruise....Azamara is telling me I cannot cruise but still want me to make final payment even though the policy is in place. That makes absolutely no sense to me.
  9. Catching up a bit because I’ve not been reading forums. Azamara is still firm on their restrictions while many younger than 70 are dying? I’m fighting to keep my free nights...I didn’t change my plans....Azamara did. I would say that’s discrimination
  10. I tried to complete it, but after question 20 it would not let me go any further and I had commented about the over 70 restrictions because I wanted my voice heard. It frustrates me that my opinion will not be seen.
  11. I know from experience this is true. I experienced it last summer....everything, including flights pre cruise hotels, etc., were refunded. People have to be savvy when purchasing travel insurance. Knowledgeable people shouldn’t have to check with their companies to see if a cancelation is covered. That should be crystal clear before any traveler purchases insurance.
  12. Did you purchase insurance? If yes, it will cover you.
  13. God Bless You! I didn’t consider your post as a rant. As a medical person, my heart goes out to all of you. I pray you all stay safe and free of this highly contagious virus. Your list of pre-existing conditions is spot on. If they really want to be picky they could add to the list if you are such and such blood type you cannot sail because you are more at risk. I’ve heard several healthcare experts say certain blood types are more at risk for some reason. Isn’t it strange Azamara will take our money any other time and allow us to sail. Believe me...I’ve been on ships when pax have died as I’m sure many of us have. Our Governor wants all retired healthcare professionals to come out of retirement. I have mixed emotions about this. I gave my all for many years and have no regrets and enjoyed everyday of my career. Now I cannot travel at leisure, but yet can be expected to expose myself and ultimately my husband to this virus? We have self isolated and haven’t even seen our children and grandchildren. Lottie....please rest as much as possible and eat as healthy as you can.
  14. I spoke to my physician’s office yesterday. Under those guidelines, he would not be able to sign a letter so I could sail. I am quite able to travel so this is maddening. There isn’t any sense making final payment because my insurance wouldn’t pay a claim because of Azamara’s guidelines.
  15. I knew it had changed but couldn’t remember what it was called. It’s urgent I contact them because final payment is coming up and with their guidelines I won’t be able to sail. There is no sense tying up my money only to have it returned for a FCC. That’s ridiculous. I am quite able to sail but not with their guidelines and my physician cannot honestly clear me for sailing.
  16. Who is the LeClubVoyage person and what email address or phone number would I use to contact her?
  17. That’s fine but I’m looking for an answer. Why would I make final payment if they won’t allow me to board? I’m healthy enough to cruise but do have some underlying conditions listed on their current guidelines. There are a large number of Azamara cruisers who wouldn’t be allowed to board with those restrictions.
  18. I thought I read somewhere that Azamara is now requesting letters for pax over 70 saying they do not have high risk conditions before they sail. Bonnie...if this is true and final payment is due, would that qualify for one being allowed to move those complimentary nights to another cruise? Also if it’s true they will not allow you to board, wouldn't that be Azamara actually canceling your cruise?j
  19. I read that last night when I was searching for cases in the countries we would potentially be visiting. Don’t worry...the only reason I mentioned Russia is because we know we can’t trust what they say. It just like the reports that China is telling us they have it under control. They don’t...I pray for the whistleblowers that are speaking the truth.
  20. Phil...I know the Baltic cruise is not just Russia. In the states, when we turn the cruise over to a TA, we have to go through our agent to cancel or make any changes. I have called cruise lines directly in the past and they won’t discuss it with you.
  21. Excuse me! My TA has always asked for final payment a tad sooner to ensure we have it there on time. Please don’t interject what questions I ask myself, or my intelligence prior to final payment. When I book a cruise my reservation is turned over to my TA so Azamara will not even speak with me. Please don’t offer up advice unless you know someone’s circumstances.
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