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  1. Florida, when reporting their numbers, reports both confirmed and "probable" Covid deaths. New York's official reporting only lists confirmed deaths which is arguably more accurate although makes comparing against jurisdictions impossible and in doing so is another way that media continues to spin the facts to match their narrative. A great source is https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ See https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/us-data/ for an explanation on the different reporting methods. New York State Department of Health reports 24,814 deaths as of 6/26. This is the number accepted and reported on by the media. The website above, which uses the stricter and more widely followed CDC guidelines reports 31,421. New York and the media report 14 deaths on the 25th compared to 47 in Florida. Using the CDC's tougher guidelines Florida is showing 47 deaths (while being accused of shaving the numbers) while New York is showing 48 (while being championed as a model of getting the virus under control.) BTW there are more people in Florida than New York so per capita, New York is still consistently higher at per capita deaths due to Covid-19. Read the above links and see for yourself, I know it is hard to know who to believe and everyone on the internet claims to be an expert. I am no expert on anything, but I believe in reading all the facts available to me. New York is no safer whether 14 people died from Covid or 48 people died from Covid, but one official number being reported versus another official number sure changes people's perception of the situation doesn't it? And knowing that, maybe all states should be reporting only "confirmed" cases because it gives people a much better sense of security.
  2. I will reserve judgement until I have sailed, but from the videos and other research I've done on Mariner, I think you are right. I am really really looking forward to my trip 🙂
  3. You're Welcome! Thanks for reading and enjoy your cruise, this is a great itinerary. I have started my next review if anyone wants to read along
  4. Thank you! The next cruise was fantastic! Celebrity set the bar pretty high, hope I can readjust to Carnival and Royal. The Horizon is the only ship I have noticed empanadas on also. I love Jiji's and the only thing I would add to make the Dream class perfect would be a Jiji's. I am really surprised they are not being added to the Sunrise and Radiance during their refurb.
  5. Thank you! Liberty is my favorite ship for short cruises. Although that may change after my cruise on Mariner Of The Seas 🙂 Thanks for reading along.
  6. Piano Man, the piano bar. The Stage Bar. I am not sure what goes on here. The Victoria Lounge. This is where the comedy shows are held and is located at the far end of deck 5. I will pick up next time with the upper decks.
  7. Club 02, the teen club. The arcade. Hot & Cool, this is the nightclub. I have also seen them hold art auctions in here during the daytime. The view looking back towards the casino. Alchemy Bar. Very good drinks, and expensive so if you have Cheers! this is the best place to quickly get your money's worth! 🙂
  8. Casino Bar. I've only found this machine on Liberty. I finally found it on another ship but I can't remember which one, I think Glory which has since moved to Nola and now it is no longer on Liberty 😞 Promenade with a great seating area to people watch and listen to music in the evenings. Just past the casino, you will find the former future cruise desk. It was now used for something else, I think it was Dreams Studio but I could be wrong. The Jardin Cafe, which is the coffee shop.
  9. Very gorgeous decorations through this area. Absolutely mesmerizing. Looking down to the lobby. Cherry on Top candy store. Sports Bar. Casino.
  10. Passing through the dining room, you have Circle "C" which is the club for 12-14 year olds. Taken from a very bad angle because there were people inside. Next, you come to the area where they display the photos that they take of you around the ship. When they are open they will be displayed on those big empty boards. The library. Moving up to deck 5, the Promenade deck. This is the deck where most of the inside action is. Of course all the way forward is the top level of the theater. Then we move on to the shops. Lots of seating up here.
  11. Moving from back to front now, next we come to The Cabinet. I believe this used to be a cigar bar. It is now used as a karaoke bar. Stairs leading up to the Promenade deck. Tapestry Conference Room. I have seen crew training going on here before, but not sure what this would ever be used for for guests. Then we are at the upper level of the Golden Olympian dining room.
  12. Next was the Golden Olympian which is one of two MDRs. It is two levels with the bottom level for YTD and the top level being used for traditional dining. Right before you reach the MDR there are two small rooms off to each side. The Persian Room which I believe is where Chef's Table is held. Opposite it, was the Satin Room which is the Art Gallery. This is where things seem to get tricky. You cannot get from Deck 3 Mid to Deck 3 Aft. First you must go up a deck and then back down, or vice versa. This is because the Galley is located here and so you must use another deck. At the end of Deck 3 and 4 is the Silver Olympian Dining Room.
  13. The main lobby area. This is also where you board the ship at. There are some doors off to the side that lead to an outdoor promenade area that is excellent for taking in views and listening to the sounds of the oceans. Usually very few people around also. The view looking up.
  14. Ship Tour: Like I mentioned before, the Liberty is a gorgeous ship. The following are pictures I took of most of the ship's public spaces on my last two cruises on Liberty which I am going to share with you now. Starting at the bottom, Decks 1-2 are passenger cabins. We next move up to deck 3. All the way forward is the Venetian Palace which is the main show lounge on the ship. It spans decks 3, 4, and 5 fwd. Also located on this deck is the Shore Excursions Desk. Guest Services.
  15. After sail away I went to the coffee bar for a double chocolate frappe. I was deemed worthy of a straw but unfortunately it wasn't blended well and my sugar straw struggled with the large chunks of ice. Since I had cheers I got the Starbucks chilled coffees going forward. For dinner I grabbed a bite to eat at the Lido. I am bored to tears with Carnival's dinner menu so instead of going to the MDR I just made a quick stop at Lido. It was mostly the same foods but I was able to make a plate and move on with my night. Or so I thought. Unfortunately the seas were still pretty rocky just like my last cruise. Combined with an early morning and the drowsy motion sickness pills I took and I was just not feeling very good. I returned to the room where I had a towel animal. I laid in bed watching some TV for a little while but by 8:30 I was done and turned in for the night. Cheers was not off to a good start at all. Tomorrow we would be in Nassau and docked overnight so a better chance to be in the land of the living!
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