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  1. Well my comedy of errors continues. Back in July we gave up on our screwed up booking for the Meraviglia for late October and switched to a YC sailing from Barcelona for our 15th wedding anniversary in September 2022 on the Fantasia. Last week I checked to see if our FCC from our 2019 Meraviglia sailing had been re-applied yet by the Existing Reservations department and noticed something strange, we were no longer on the Fantasia... we were now booked from Barcelona on the say date/itinerary on the Opera. Our booking still said "Yacht Club Experience" but unfortunately the Opera isn't equipped with a Yacht Club. I called again and changed our booking to the Meraviglia leaving from Barcelona a few days earlier with a slightly different itinerary but that cruise is going to cost us an additional $1,000. The rep I spoke with was sympathetic but said I'd have to email the Existing Reservations department to try and have the price adjusted. I emailed Existing Reservations department again three days ago and got the typical automated response but haven't heard anything back from an actual person yet. I also copied some of their corporate contacts on the email to see to see if that might move things along a bit. This poor booking has gone from 14 days NYC to Miami on the Divina, to 14 days from Miami on the Meraviglia, to two seven day Miami to Miami cruises on the Meraviglia, to a 7 day itinerary from Barcelona on the Fantasia's YC, then to Opera's non-existent Yacht Club, and then back to Meraviglia in their Yacht Club. I had been trying to convince my parents to take a MSC Cruise with us but I'm not going to push that as an option anymore. They enjoy Princess and Celebrity and I can't imagine them (or their TA) dealing with this. I love the onboard experience with MSC but this has really gotten out of hand and we might abandon them after this... if this sailing actually ever happens.
  2. Great job everyone. Congrats Izena on reaching your goals! I weighed in yesterday and was down, weighed in today and I was down again. After almost a month of frustrating gains followed by minuscule losses I’m within .4 pounds of my lowest weigh-in from last month. Continuing with the Metamucil 14 day cleanse and have started drinking my breakfast and lunch then having a normal dinner. I’ve noticed myself being irritable which is probably hunger related lol. Going down to Cincinnati tomorrow, hoping to take in a Reds game and then we have concert Monday night. The concert is requiring proof of vaccination or a negative test plus masks so we’re hopefully going to be safe. Here’s a few shots from our twenty-four hour trip to Epcot/Magic Kingdom last week for our 14th wedding anniversary. Haven’t gone through all the photos yet, so I only have Epcot for you today.
  3. Might start weighing in on Friday instead of Saturday since it has been ruining my weekends a bit recently. Plus since I work from home it’s bit easier to weigh myself at a consistent time on Friday instead waiting by the scale on Saturday morning when I could be out doing something fun. My wife’s bosses’ younger brother passed away from Covid on Tuesday night at the age of 58. He was hesitant to get vaccinated but relented and got the first dose but then traveled to Florida before getting the second dose and caught it there. Not sure of how healthy he was prior to Covid but 58 is still a pretty young age to be dead from something he could have been vaccinated against six months ago.
  4. Hope everyone is having a great weekend, keep up the hard work. Up again this week, approximately 1.5 pounds. I started a two week Metamucil cleanse three days ago so I’m curious if that is partly responsible for the gain. Going to try not to be too hard on myself about my weight until I’m through the container of Metamucil. My new smart watch has a body composition function which is supposed to be pretty accurate. While my weight has climbed recently it says my skeletal muscle has increased and my body fat has decreased. Not sure if I can trust the results but I can cling to hope that it is and I’m making some progress even if the scale doesn’t necessarily show it. Managed to go for a photo hike last weekend, saw a few deer. For our 14th wedding anniversary we flew to Orlando for approximately 23 hours to visit Epcot and enjoy the after hours Boo Bash Party at Magic Kingdom. Made some questionable food choices while there but I also walked 17.5 miles starting around 4am until about 2am the next day. Sort of hoping the walking canceled out the ice cream cone, I’ve cream sandwich and Sake frozen shaved ice I had. I might post a couple photos if I get around to editing them this weekend. Have a terrific rest of your weekend everyone.
  5. “Light like a feather I’m not.” Belated birthday wishes Belle. Keep up the hard work everyone. I’m down slightly from last week but still up from my weigh-in on 08/14/21. What’s irritating is that yesterday when did my unofficial scale check I was 1.5 pounds lighter, then twenty-four hours later I go right back up. I biked hard this week, 99.95 miles to be exact, and I still barely lost. No soda, no alcohol, two espressos, two miniature French doughnuts, no pizza (since I gained last week), a lot of salad with a “healthy” dressing, four bite size KitKats spread out throughout the week, a banana for dessert to get rid of excess salt, one Happy Meal from McDonald’s, no chips or salty snacks. I don’t know how much strict I can be and still just tread water at the same general weight. Good luck in the coming week. Try and make good decisions at the cookouts, etc.
  6. The scale casts a long shadow… Despite hard work in the gym and making pretty good decisions food wise I gained 4.5 pounds this week. That not only means I wiped out all my losses since my July 24th weigh in, I also ended up gaining weight in August. This feels like a devastating setback.
  7. Great work everyone, keep it up. Only lost one pound this week but earlier in the week I was down more than three pounds on my unofficial weight checks. I’m hoping I actually lost more than a pound and my body is just playing tricks on me. More than half way to my initial goal weight, about 13.2 pounds to go. Then I plan on taking a day off a week from going to gym so I can get back to my photography hobby. Between work, 90-180 minutes a day at the gym and sleep I found that photography just doesn’t fit in terribly well. Been trying to get in a few shots when I can though.
  8. My goal weight was just a number that I wanted to get to, nothing medically significant about it otherwise. Saying I wanted to lose thirty plus pounds was like saying that I wanted to train to become an astronaut. Weight calculators suggest I should lose 35-40 more once I hit my initial goal. I doubt I'll ever be that thin since I honestly think I'd look sick if I lost that much weight. First things first... get to my goal weight, then re-evaluate and go from there lol.
  9. Down 2.1 pounds this week so I'm pretty happy for once lol. Went to pick up some new gym shorts at Nordstrom Rack and ended up trying on blazers and fit quite comfortably in a 46R (slim fit surprisingly) which is a size down from my normal 48R. Didn't buy a blazer since I'm months away from my next cruise so I'm hoping I can lose a bit more. Also tried on another shirt that I purchased for a cruise 3-4 years ago but was never able to button up. Well that finally changed in Saturday, it's still tight but it's close to being wearable in public. I'm finally within 15 pounds of the goal weight that I set for myself. It's weird to be closer to the goal weight than the starting weight. Great work everyone, keep it up!
  10. Sounds like a lot of people had bad weeks recently too. I did weigh in last week but didn’t post here because I was really down on myself. I gained, then weighed myself the next day and gained again, and gained the next two days as well. This was despite exercising with weights and cycling everyday since early June. The week of the bad weigh in I had cycled over sixty-five miles. I also ate responsibly so I’m still at a loss for why I gained over four pounds in less than a week. The good news is the weight did drop back off and this week I’m down another 1.1 pounds from my weight two weeks ago. It’s a set back since I was hoping to be down 3-5 pounds every week two weeks, not just one. Hopefully the next weigh in will be better though I doubt I’ll be able to break the 69.24 miles I cycled this week to do it lol. Good luck and great effort everyone!
  11. Good afternoon everyone. Hope everyone is having a good week (it's only Monday as I type this lol). I was down two pounds this week for my Saturday weigh which was nice to see. Still another 17.4 to reach my goal. I think I finally admitted to myself that losing that 17.4 pounds might be obtainable but my imagined result of being "gut free" probably would require a lot more weight loss. It has been nice seeing my stomach shrink some the past few months but I don't think I was really being honest with myself about how much weight I'd have to lose to have a flat stomach. With that all said, if I lose another 17.4 pounds I'm confident that I won't be confused with any sea life that has become beached on the shore during our next vacation. That next (cruise) vacation is also nearly six months away now instead of three so I've got more time to get rid of this flat tire looking thing around my midsection lol. Spent a lot of time in the gym this past week doing more cycling and weight training. Biked 49.24 miles which is a lot more than my norm. Already biked twenty plus miles over the weekend so I'm hoping to break the fifty mile barrier this week. Keep up the hard work everyone, if it was easy we'd all look like supermodels!
  12. I'd be open to a later sailing but the cost would have to be a lot cheaper to offset the $750+ FCC that MSC won't let us use beyond September 2022. When I called today I was trying to book for 10/29/22 and they wouldn't let me change the booking to that date and still apply the FCC. I'll check it out though, if the savings are good enough I'd let the FCC expire.
  13. Never received a call from MSC, something they wanted to do, and they haven't sent any additional emails to me. I finally gave up since our final payment was due in four days and I didn't want to shell out an extra $5,000 and hope that MSC gave it back to me (lol). I was chatting with my folks recently and mentioned our issues with our upcoming cruise and they mentioned that if we couldn't work it out they'd be happy to schedule a cruise with us (they prefer Princess and Celebrity). My Dad is finally retiring and they usually take us on a cruise every five years for our wedding anniversary so this seemed like a good option. We pretty quickly got organized and are cruising with them in late January, onboard the Enchanted Princess for nine nights for Fort Lauderdale. Today I called up MSC and changed our screwed up Meraviglia booking to the Fantasia out of Barcelona. Originally we were going to book for late October 2022 but MSC wouldn't let us use our FCC for that date and said we had to use it by the end of September 2022. It was slightly more expensive to sail in September but we're finally booked for seven nights in the Fantasia's YC. We were looking forward to another 14 nights on the Meraviglia but it will be our first time in YC and our first trip tp Spain. Hopefully the cruise industry will have stabilized a lot between now and then. Our 15th wedding anniversary will be during the voyage so hopefully Palermo is a nice place to celebrate another year of marriage lol.
  14. I was completely ready for a gain this week despite a lot of hard work which was going to be disheartening. After spending about fifteen hours in the gym this week cycling (47+ miles) and lifting weights I lost a whopping 1.4 pounds. I’m 19.4 pounds away from my goal, which is still a long way from a “healthy” weight but I honestly think I’d look unhealthy at that weight (another thirty pounds). In other news, we are canceling our October MSC cruise and rebooking for late 2022. I’ve been trying for more than a month to get our booking fixed after they screwed it up and am getting no where fast. With our final payment date coming up, MSC saying we owe them another $5,000 (we don’t, it’s their error), and my parents offering (out of the blue) to take us on a Princess cruise in January 2022 we decided to move on from our previous plans. Great work everyone, keep up the hard work!
  15. Only down 0.03 pounds this week sadly but it's still a loss. I didn't make it into the gym as much last week since work was a bit crazy and I wasn't as motivated as I should have been to go prior to work. Still hit the gym everyday but there were no morning and evening visits like in previous weeks. Goal this week will be to make at least nine visits to the gym in seven days. Possible moderate gains in my bicep circumference measured by my wife. We're not sure when we should be measuring that honestly. I feel more "muscles" right after a gym visit but I'm not sure if that stays or starts to fade in between gym visits. I could probably have her measure me more but it makes me feel weird and more vain lol.
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